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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, August 29. Also check out Anderson Cooper’s sarcastic slam of top Virginia GOP donor Pat Robertson about his “gay AIDS ring” fever dream.

*U.S. calls Assad effort to extend inspections a delaying tactic

*Britain to release intelligence on Syrian chemical weapon attack

*House members, led by Rigell, urge consent on Syria (These guys – the Republican House, particularly – are never even at work, how are they supposed to be taken seriously?)

*King’s call for justice is celebrated, renewed

*Boehner, Cantor declined invitation to speak at MLK event (That speaks volumes right there…so much for the “Party of Lincoln.”)

*Democratic statewide candidates win backing from Realtors (The question is, how could ANYONE in their right mind support the wacko Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain ticket?)

*A day for crossing lines with endorsements (“Bell, a supporter of Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli in 2009, said he was backing McAuliffe…”)

*Cuccinelli’s Response to Abortion Questions: Anthony Weiner! (What on earth?!? Cuccinelli’s beyond a joke at this point.)

*Study highlights check-splitting by lobbyists in Virginia gift reporting

*Cuccinelli should restrict representation of elections board, Democrats say

*An independent  voice on ethics (“Bolling says gifts scandal hurts the GOP this fall.  Both parties will look bad if they fail  to fix flimsy laws.”)

*Cuccinelli’s family law stance won him support of fathers’ rights movement (“A National Organization for Women advisory committee on family law wrote last year that fathers’ rights groups’ ‘true objectives are to discriminate against, control and punish women by gaining custody of children and to denigrate the personal and economic sacrifices made by mothers for their children.’ Nationally, fathers’ rights groups also have opposed the federal Violence Against Women Act, partly because they think it has fueled false abuse allegations.” Yikes.)

*The high toll  for ‘tough on crime’ (“Most states have enacted sentencing reforms since 2007, but Virginia has been slow to join the effort.”)

*Lobbyist reports say $15.9 million spent in Virginia (Absolutely crazy.)

*Cuccinelli, McAuliffe to meet today at energy forum (This should be…interesting, I guess.)

*Henrico police investigating Morrissey’s ties to teen girl (Ugh.)

*Marion Barry’s son arrested in Hampton on drug, driving charges (“Like father, like son” in this case.)

*Humidity sticks around, but rain moves on – until later in the weekend

*Nats drop Marlins after rain delay (“Ian Desmond drives in the deciding run in the seventh to lift Washington in a rain-soaked affair at Nationals Park.”)

  • From the DPVA:

    This morning The Washington Post broke a story about Ken Cuccinelli’s relationship with “Fathers’ Rights” advocates and his record of support for their legislative priorities.

    As he appears in public today, Cuccinelli should explain his association with activists who seek to convince the public that “men are frequently victimized by false allegations of domestic abuse.”

    He should explain why he introduced legislation backed by Fathers’ Rights groups that would have made penalized Virginia women seeking to divorce their husbands.

    He should explain why he was the only Virginia Senator to vote against legislation (opposed by Fathers’ Rights groups) seeking to increase child support payments to keep pace with inflation.

    He should explain whether Fathers’ Rights advocates and their opposition to the Violence Against Women Act led him to become one of just 3 state attorneys general in the entire nation to refuse to sign a letter to congress urging them to reauthorize the act.

    Finally, Ken Cuccinelli should explain today what message he thinks it sends to Virginians for their Attorney General to have devoted so much attention to an agenda that seeks to stack the deck against women in divorce proceedings, custody battles and even efforts to reducedomestic violence.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Consumer Energy Alliance is the voice of the energy consumer. We promote an all-of-the-above energy policy, focused on increasing production of U.S. domestic energy to create jobs, lower energy prices and expand our economy.

    Look for your advocate among the Consumer Energy Alliance Board of Directors. Can’t find mine.

    This event is stacked and will pander to the business as usual lobby with possibly one nuance. We just haven’t done enough environmental damage without extracting uranium.

    If Terry can spin an upside to his participation in this gathering without ceding the future this will be a big win.

  • From the DPVA:

    Today the Washington Post revealed Ken Cuccinelli’s pattern of association with and support for Fathers’ Rights advocates whose agenda includes opposing domestic violence protections, reducing child support payments and making it harder for married couples to get divorced.

    “Ken Cuccinelli’s relationship with Fathers’ Rights advocates and his repeated support for their agenda raises serious questions about the priorities he would bring with him to the Governor’s mansion,” said Delegate Jennifer McClellan. “Virginia needs leaders who will fight to reduce domestic violence, protect women’s rights and keep families safe and healthy. We can’t afford a Governor who refuses to support the Violence Against Women Act, wants to punish those trying to escape bad marriages in custody disputes, and stands alone in opposing keeping child support payments even with inflation.”

    As the Post reports, Cuccinelli has personal relationships with leaders in a movement that “contends that men are frequently victimized by false allegations of domestic abuse.”

    As a legislator and Attorney General he has also acted in line with the group’s agenda on multiple issues. As the Post reports, In 2005 “Cuccinelli offered a bill that would have made it so parents initiating a no-fault divorce could have that action counted against them ‘when deciding custody and visitation.'”

    The next year he was the lone vote in the Virginia Senate against legislation that would have increased child support payments by tying them to inflation. And as Attorney General Cuccinelli was one of just 3 state attorneys general in the country to refuse to sign a letter urging congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a vital piece of anti-domestic violence legislation that Fathers’ Rights groups oppose.

    “Virginia women cannot trust Ken Cuccinelli,” said Virginia Senator Barbara Favola. “From injecting his extreme agenda into decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor, to standing on the sidelines in the fight against domestic violence and pushing other ‘Fathers’ Rights’ priorities, Cuccinelli always seems to come down on whichever side means less freedom, opportunity and security for Virginia women. He should explain these damaging new revelations right away.”