“Minchew’s Mistakes” #1: Wasting Money on a Study of Alternate Currency


    I’m proud to introduce our new series, “Minchew’s Mistakes,” an initiative to educate Virginians about my opponent’s irresponsible voting record. Today, we’re starting with his vote for the ludicrous alternate currency bill. HJ 590, approved by the General Assembly earlier this year but rejected by the State Senate, would have allocated state funds to investigate the development of a Virginian alternative to the dollar.

    For someone who claims to advocate fiscal responsibility, Randy Minchew is quick to abandon it. We count on our public officials to spend our tax dollars wisely on schools and roads and to save what they don’t need for the times when they do need it. They shouldn’t have misused our time and money on this absurd, possibly illegal idea. As Delegate from the 10th District, I’ll oppose these wasteful pet projects and make sure we’re only spending on projects we absolutely need.

    • This diary begins, “I’m proud to introduce…” Who is “I” exactly? Is it the candidate himself (whoever that is, as it doesn’t say, other than the screen name “JohnsonForDelegate,” which 99.9% of Blue Virginia readers have never heard of). Is this a statement by the candidate? If so, it should say so. Also, why no links to the candidate’s website? Why no link to HJ 590? Again, I’m really confused.

      P.S. I’d also recommend fleshing this out a lot. Two paragraphs with no links, etc., is barely even a “diary.”