Atif Qarni Statement from House District 13 Candidate Forum at Heritage Hunt


    GAINESVILLE, VA – On Wednesday night teacher and former Marine Atif Qarni, squared off against incumbent Delegate Bob Marshall in a candidate forum sponsored by the Heritage Hunt Homeowners Association.

    Qarni and Marshall spoke on a broad range of issues, including transportation, education, healthcare and social issues, as well as their overall philosophy on representing the district.

    “I want to take our district in a new direction. Since my time in the Marine Corps, my philosophy has been to work together with others to get things done and that is the approach I will take if I am elected,” said Qarni.  “Our district’s delegate should not be focused on their own agenda, but instead working together with constituents and members of both parties to improve traffic congestion and make our schools better.”

    Delegate Marshall has a long record of advocating for divisive and extreme stands on social issues. Delegate Marshall is the author of the Personhood Bill which would ban contraception [HB 1, 2012]. He also opposes abortions in all circumstances, including in cases of rape and incest, and even when the life of the mother is at risk [Arlington Catholic Herald, 4/4/13] [Washington Times, 3/30/08].

    In contrast, Qarni said in his closing statement, “I have been focused on the issues affecting our district like reducing traffic congestion, supporting our schools, and supporting our local businesses since day one.”


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