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Virginia News Headlines: Labor Day 2013


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Labor Day 2013. Also check out the video, “A Look at Senator Tim Kaine’s First 7 Months in Office.”

*Syria Splits The Professional Left (And the grassroots “left,” broadly speaking, from what I can tell. Personally, I’m in the “use of chemical weapons against civilians needs to be an enforced red line” camp. Of course, the devil’s in the details, especially in a case like Syria, where the government’s horrible but the opposition is also horrible for the most part. The situation just sucks, let’s face it.)

*Kerry’s Syria Campaign Likely to Define His Legacy (I’d say right now it’s 50/50 at most that Congress authorizes the use of force in Syria. Of course, first Congress has to get its butts back to Washington, and you never know with Boehner/McConnell/Can’tor and Company!)

*A comeback for labor (“Could this Labor Day mark the comeback of movements for workers’ rights and a turn toward innovation and a new militancy on behalf of wage-earners?”)

*Americans’ lagging wages (And growing income inequality, I’d add, for which we need a much more progressive tax system, as well as better educational opportunities and other measures to enhance economic opportunity and mobility.)

*Gubernatorial campaigns court students (Any student who votes for science-denying nutjob Ken Cuccinelli should probably consider whether they’re wasting their money on an “education,” because it certainly isn’t working!)

*In Virginia governor’s race, it’s about motivating the base (The Post finally figures out what the rest of us have known for…well, forever?)

*McDonnell touts lower gas prices at Labor Day weekend (Utterly absurd in every way. Hello Bob? Ever hear of global warming, not to mention the national security harm our “oil addiction” does to us? It’s time to get off this crap, not make it easier to stay on it.)

*Why is Cuccinelli hiding his good deed? (Yet ANOTHER absurd opinion piece in the Kaplan/Bezos Post. As one commenter puts it: “Cooch does talk about schools…and his desire to put a bible on every desk and a science book in every trash can. No thanks. I want a sane governor.”)

*Shrinking car tax relief

*Arrests of illegal buyers at Va. gun shows trending up

*Third-party candidate for Va. governor vies for visibility (“Robert Sarvis wants Virginia voters to know they’ve got another option. The trouble is, the Libertarian candidate does not have a very big megaphone.”)

*Virginia Beach travels far to drum up business close to home

*Steamy with possible storms today; tranquil after Tuesday

*Werth delivers decisive blow as Nats rally

  • From Ken Cuccinelli’s Facebook page, this falls into two categories: 1) a candidate for governor of Virginia is commenting on a foreign policy situation WHY EXACTLY?!?; and 2) Cuccinelli criticizing President Obama over the failure of CONGRESS to get is sorry butts back to Washington proves that he is suffering from severe Obama Derangement Syndrome and/or pandering to those who are afflicted with said condition (if Obama cured the common cold, Cooch would criticize him for not doing it sooner, and what about other disease – why hasn’t he cured THEM yet?!?).

    I was encouraged by the President saying he’d go to Congress to make his case for the use of force in Syria. But then what he described as a national security situation was so critical that he’s…waiting until Congress comes back from vacation next week!? So, doesn’t that demonstrate that it’s not particularly critical? Oh, and what a nice ‘heads up’ to the Syrian military. – KTC

  • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring released the following statement on Labor Day.

    “Today, as we prepare to celebrate our working brothers and sisters across the Commonwealth at parades, picnics, and events large and small the Democratic Party urges every Virginian to take a moment and reflect on the service and sacrifice of so many that have helped build our great Commonwealth and country. From the steel workers at the shipyards in Norfolk, coal workers in Southwest Virginia, to educators preparing to go back to school tomorrow to educate Virginia’s children, working families are the backbone of our economy and the engine that drives us forward together.

    “I am honored today to have the opportunity to travel our state with our Democratic ticket and continue the conversation we are having with Virginians about strengthening our economy and standing up for working families. At a time when too many Americans are still seeking employment, it is important that we join together as Virginians and advocate for continued job creation and making Virginia’s workforce the most innovative and creative in the world.”

  • Wow.

  • Rep. Connolly expresses my views on this subject exactly.

    I think [skepticism about supporting authorization to use force in Syria is] a combination of war weariness and skepticism based on the Iraq experience…you cannot overstate that. And I think the president’s got to really work hard at separating what we’re talking about in Syria from what happened in Iraq. Noone is talking about boots on the ground in Syria. Noone is talking about invading Syria. Noone is talking about intervening in the civil war in Syria. What we are talking about is a limited strike, a retaliatory strike, as a deterrent to insure that the use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is not repeated…

    The question before us is, is it in U.S. interests to let [Syria’s use of chemical weapons against civilians] go, or is it in our interests, on a limited basis, on a targeted basis to respond to insure that the message is loud and clear, that that is indeed a red line?