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Shutdown Severely Harming GOP Incumbents; Frank Wolf in Danger of Being Ousted?!?


It’s really amazing; House Republicans are so hell bent on stopping the EVIL EVIL EVIL “Obamacare” (note: the Afffordable Care Act is actually based heavily on conservative, Republican ideas like the “individual mandate,” but whatever…roll with it Republicans!) that they’re willing to destroy the country AND their own party in the process. Latest case in point? Rep. Frank Wolf (VA-10), who masquerades as a “moderate” when he’s voted for just about every Teahadist bill the past few years. That includes, yes, shutting down the government. What has this accomplished, other than hurting a lot of people in his district? Check out this new PPP poll to see how Wolf’s faring politically.

*Wolf’s approval/disapproval rating is not good, at just 42% approve vs. 38% disapprove. That’s seriously bad news for a long-time incumbent like Wolf.

*If the election were held today, Wolf is TIED with a generic Democratic opponent, 45%-45%.

*Actually, it’s even worse than that: once voters know that Wolf supported the government shutdown, he TRAILS a generic Democratic opponent by 4 points (42%-46%). Ouch!

*Voters in Wolf’s district are not fans of the Tea Party, to put it mildly, with just 32% viewing the Tea Party favorably vs. 58% who view it unfavorably.

*Voters in Wolf’s district also overwhelmingly (2:1 margins) OPPOSE shutting down the government and/or threatening to not increase the nation’s debt ceiling.

What’s really amazing to me, as someone who’s tried to inform people of Wolf’s districts for years about what a wingnut he’s become, is that voters’ eyes now FINALLY seem to be opening to what Wolf has morphed into. Previously, it was just about impossible to convince 10th CD voters that Wolf wasn’t the “good guy”/”moderate” they thought he was (and that he used to be, long long ago). Now, though, that may have all changed. Nice job, Republicans – in addition to trashing the United States, you’re also hell bent on losing control of the House of Representatives next November (not to mention having no chance of winning the White House in 2016).

P.S. The Republican self-immolation strategy could  claim its first victims in just over 3 weeks, right here in Virginia, if the “extreme team” of Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain go down to defeat. Let’s make it happen!

  • loudoun independent

    If they believe these results, then best of luck to Democrats to recruit a candidate and pour millions of dollars into this seat. We’ll see if that materializes.

  • demomatic

    We gotta make sure to knock off Comstock before she can take the reigns of Wolf! Kathleen Murphy’s close, but she needs $$$ and help-

  • blue_heron

    I will never vote for him again.  Where is he?  Hiding, I guess.  Peter King is all over the media calling out Cruz for what he is, and I bet he has a fraction of the federal worker constituents that Wolf has.  Wolf voted against the interest of his constituents to shut the government down.  And he’s writing letters to NASA to complain about a Chinese scientist not being invited to a conference.  It’s insulting.

  • Lori Haas

    Just rec’d an email fr Kathleen Murphy which says the campaign’s tracking poll has Kathleen up by 3 pts!  

    Comstock is hiding from her voting record – she’s cancelled her last two “Candidate Forum” appearances – doesn’t want to answer any questions !  Let’s hope the Murphy campaign pounces on Comstock’s ties to the Tea Party (Karl Rove & Koch Bro’s have donated to Comstock per VPAP).

    This could be a very notable win for Dems – Comstock is being groomed by the national party for Wolfe’s seat – and would be a great pick-up.

    Murphy needs our support:  $$, phone banking, canvassing – please help !

  • FreeDem

    I was talking to a top-tier candidate about running against Wolf yesterday, and even with this polling he seemed like a strong no. Part of it was for personal reasons, but he argued that this polling is always the case with Wolf. Both in 2006 and 2008 there were reasons, in the generic ballot, to look at going against Wolf. But the Democratic Party is in such disarray in the district that it’s hard to find a strong candidate who can successfully fundraiser.

    The GOP drew it to be a narrow 50-50 district even in good Democratic turnout like 2012. It will be interesting to see how the 10th goes this year.

    Also, consider the difficulties in candidate recruitment if we also put all of our chips into getting a strong candidate to replace Herring after he wins AG.

  • bluedem25

    I think the national dems have already recruited a candidate… A while ago.  A lawyer in fairfax has a web video ad out and aired radio ads against wolf and the shutdown.   It’s about time to leave it up to the DCCC… Obviously the 10cd dems don’t know what they are doing or how to recruit because they’ve lost 17 times..