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National Humane Society Legislative Fund Endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General


Great news from the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign,especially if you're an animal lover like me. 


Tea Party AG candidate Obenshain’s egregious record on humane treatment of animals exposed


Today, the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign highlighted an endorsement from the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the nation’s leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, for his support of legislation in the Virginia General Assembly to advance the humane treatment of animals, while exposing Mark Obenshain’s egregious record on animal welfare.


Mark Herring is the only candidate in Virginia to receive an endorsement by the national Humane Society Legislative Fund. The full announcement by can be found here.


“The Attorney General has an important role to play in enforcing the Commonwealth’s animal protection laws, and sending a message to the General Assembly and the public when gaps in the legal framework need to be addressed,” said Sara Amundson, executive director of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. “We urge Virginia voters who care about animal protection to reject Mark Obenshain’s extreme record, and to support Mark Herring for Attorney General.”

Mark Obenshain’s voting record includes:

  • Being one of three Senators to vote against regulating puppy mills

  • Voting against a bill to end competitive fox penning, an action so heinous that opponents call it “barbaric"

  • Being one of two Senators who voted against increasing penalties for cockfighting

  • Voting against requiring veterinarians and shelter employees to notify law enforcement officials if a dog showed signs of being forced into a fight


Humane Dominion, a nonpartisan group that endorsed Republicans and Democrats who advocate for the humane treatment of Virginia’s animals, previously endorsed Herring and noted the clear differences between Herring and Obenshain when it comes to animal welfare.


“Anyone who has a pet or believes that common sense precautions should be taken to keep animals safe should vote for Mark Herring. It’s that simple,” said Laura Donahue, Secretary of the Board with Humane Dominion. “Mark Herring has been a friend of pet owners and Mark Obenshain has a record that is simply indefensible. It really makes you wonder what motivated Mark Obenshain to vote this way so consistently. He may tell voters one thing, but the truth is Mark Obenshain has long record of voting in a way that puts animals, including dogs and other pets, in serious danger.”

Humane Dominion has been holding events with pet owners, animal lovers and proponents of animal welfare across the state to highlight the differences between Herring's and Obenshain's records when it comes to the humane treatment of animals.

“Mark Obenshain’s record on the treatment of animals is dismal and reflects a total lack of concern for their well being,” said Robin Starr, a noted advocate for the humane treatment of animals. “His voting record has been consistent in its opposition to any measure that would save animal lives or reduce their suffering. Time and time again, Obenshain not only voted against reasonable measures to protect animals, such as a bill that would have regulated the abuses of horrific puppy mills, but he also urged other legislators to do so as well. He even voted against the law that made animal fighting a felony in Virginia and helped to defeat the bill to limit fox penning. His record should appall any animal lover.” 


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