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Ken Cuccinelli’s A-Paul-ing Pal Rand


There’s a lot more Rand Paul insanity where this video came from. For instance, see Rand Paul’s Muslim-Bashing Speech and Rand Paul’s Crazy BP Oil Spill Comments. As if that’s not bad enough, see Rand Paul Mocks Drowning Polar Bears, Rising Sea Levels And White House ‘Extremists’. Paul also opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest and a “personhood” amendment which would ban many forms of contraception, in vitro fertilization, and embryonic stem cell research. has stated that Medicare is “failing” for the same reason the Soviet Union failed – “socialism doesn’t work.” And he mused that the government had no right to prohibit racial discrimination by “private entities.” In other words, if Hobby Lobby or Chik-fil-A or whoever doesn’t want to let African Americans or Muslims or Latinos or LGBT people in its restaurants, that’s fine in Rand Paul’s view.  Just keep all that in mind when you see Cuccinelli campaigning with this “wacko bird” (to quote Sen. John McCain).

P.S. Oh, and yesterday evening, Paul voted to keep the government shut down indefinitely and to have the United States default on its debt, thereby ruining its credit rating and the economy. Reporters should definitely ask Ken Cuccinelli if he agrees with all that.

  • Here’s climate scientist Michael Mann on that subject, and how Ken Cuccinelli has been “doing the bidding of the fossil fuel interests that fund his campaign in trying to attack the science of climate change by attacking me.” Disgusting.

  • WTF? As DPVA spokesman Brian Coy puts it:

    Cuccinelli has yet to condemn these dangerous and offensive remarks, which Duggar made while campaigning on his behalf.  

    Virginia can’t afford a Governor who welcomes extremists like these to our Commonwealth and then ducks accountability for what they say on his behalf. Ken Cuccinelli should condemn this rhetoric and explain why he welcomed Duggar here in the first place.