Results Thread: 33rd State Senate District Special Election


    Polls closed at 7 pm in the 33rd State Senate district special election contest. As usual, I’ll be following returns on VPAP and the State Board of Elections sites.

    UPDATE 6:45 am Wednesday: The final results are Wexton 11,427 (52.71%)-Whitbeck 8,128 (37.50%)-May 2,119 (9.78%). Another powerful sign of Virginia turning blue (a special election win in the once-“red” outer suburbs)! 🙂

    UPDATE 8:37 pm: Getting close to the final results with 46 of 51 precincts reporting — Wexton 53%-Whitbeck 37%-May 10%.

    UPDATE 8:20 pm: I hear that John Whitbeck called to concede to Senator-elect Jennifer Wexton. Give Whitbeck credit; @KenCuccinelli STILL hasn’t called @TerryMcAuliffe Heh. Also, congratulations to Senator-elect Wexton and to our soon-to-be-highly-relevant-again LG Ralph Northam 🙂

    UPDATE 8:02 pm: With 36 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s Wexton 9,402 (53%)-Whitbeck 6,615 (37%)-May 1,834 (10%). Of those 36 precincts, Wexton has carried 34, with Whitbeck carrying 2 (one of which – River Bend – he carried by just 1 vote). #GOPFAIL

    UPDATE 7:48 pm: With 27 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s now Wexton 6,653 (54%)-Whitbeck 4,462 (36%)-May 1,215 (10%). I’d point out that, unlike the Lynwood Lewis race, in the 33rd Senate district, Democrats went right for the “base” vote in a “base” election. And guess what? Yep, it appears to have worked. Shocking, eh?

    UPDATE 7:44 pm: Per Brian Schoeneman — 324 Herndon #3 – 361 Wexton, 185 Whitbeck, 60 May; 320 Herndon #2 – 522 Wexton, 241 Whitbeck, 51 May, 1 Write-In; 905 Franklin – 155 Wexton, 113 Whitbeck, 14 May; 237 McNair – 265 Wexton, 92 Whitbeck, 19 May; 931 Carson – 237 Wexton, 167 Whitbeck, 52 May, 1 provisional.

    UPDATE 7:42 pm: NLS adds, “There is no path for Whitbeck, Wexton is winning everything she needs. Could end up at or over 60%.”

    UPDATE 7:37 pm: Just gotta remind everyone that one of the main arguments in the Dem primary last spring against Mark Herring was that it would (supposedly) be SO hard to keep his seat (even though it’s a 59% Obama/Kaine district). Uh huh. Oh, and those same geniuses were also arguing that Ralph Northam’s seat would be much easier to hold onto. Wrong. Wrong. And let’s just add another “Wrong” for good measure. 🙂

    UPDATE 7:36 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “Got some more of Loudoun in. We can call this one at 733 pm- @WextonForSenate wins and Democrats take the Virginia Senate!!” 🙂

    UPDATE 7:34 pm: With 8 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s now Wexton 1,910 (55.8%)-Whitbeck 1,250 (36.5%)-May 265 (7.7%). Whitbeck hasn’t won a precinct yet. 🙂

    UPDATE 7:33 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “Wow! Wexton crushes Herring numbers in Frying Pan as well. 382-128 Wexton, Herring won here n 2011 331-229. #WextonWhiteout”

    UPDATE 7:22 pm: With 2 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s Democrat Jennifer Wexton 158 (69%)-Republican John Whitbeck 65 (28%)-Independent Joe May 6 (3%). Yes, Joe May only has 6 votes – wow!  

    • RossPatterson
    • FreeDem

      I thought weather reduced Democratic turnout? That’s what we were told in the 6th District and Lewis’s campaign?

      Is it possible that a good campaign run by a strong, appealing candidate can overcome the challenge of weather?

    • RossPatterson

      … it could still go as a tie during the canvass 🙂

    • Democrat Jennifer Wexton’s victory in 33rd District flips control of the chamber, marks continuation of Democrats’ 2012 effort that turned eight state legislative chambers blue

      Washington, DC (January 21st, 2014) –  Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director Michael Sargeant has released the following statement on today’s win by Democrat Jennifer Wexton in the special election for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District:

      “I want to congratulate Senator-Elect Jennifer Wexton on her victory in tonight’s special election for the Virginia Senate,” said Sargeant.  “Wexton’s victory marks not only the continuation of Democrats’ 2012 effort that won majorities in eight state legislative chambers, but also the beginning of a 2014 election cycle about which the DLCC feels strongly optimistic.”

      “I also wish to recognize the team effort – including the Wexton Campaign, Governor McAuliffe, the Virginia Senate Democrats, and the DLCC – that made this victory possible,” Sargeant continued.

      “Tonight’s victory shows Virginians’ eagerness for pragmatic, Democratic leadership after watching the Tea Party run amok in their state.  Senator-Elect Wexton is a dedicated public servant, and we wish her well in the state Senate.”

    • After hard-fought campaign, pro-choice Wexton will replace AG Mark Herring in the Virginia Senate

      Alexandria, VA – Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, congratulated Senator-elect Jennifer Wexton on her successful bid to represent the 33rd district. With her victory this evening, Wexton will officially fill the senate seat vacated by newly-elected Attorney General Mark Herring.

      “I am absolutely thrilled to congratulate Jennifer Wexton on her resounding victory,” said Keene. “Her win tonight is yet another sign that Virginians are fed up with their elected officials interfering in women’s personal health care decisions. Unlike her two opponents Wexton has been a champion for women’s health her entire life, and I know we can count on Jennifer to protect and defend the reproductive freedom of women and families.  NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is proud to have supported Jennifer throughout her campaign, and we look forward to working with her in the Virginia Senate for many years to come.”

      NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC endorsed Jennifer Wexton in mid-December and contacted over 2,300 pro-choice voters in the 33rd Senate District to support her candidacy. During the 2013 election cycle, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and NARAL Pro-Choice America worked with our institutional partners to bring a pro-choice message to over 15,000 doors in Prince William and Loudoun Counties in support of Mark Herring and the rest of the statewide ticket. In addition, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC made over 7,500 phone calls and sent over 90,000 pieces of mail to pro-choice drop-off women voters across the Commonwealth.


      Richmond – Attorney General Mark Herring issued this statement following Jennifer Wexton’s victory in the Special Election to fill the vacant Senate seat in the 33rd Senate District:

      “I want to congratulate my good friend Jennifer Wexton on her hard-fought and well-earned victory.  I could not be more proud to know that the citizens of Virginia’s 33rd Senate District will continue to be represented by someone who will always put problem solving over partisan politics and who will work tirelessly to strengthen our economy, improve our transportation system and who will support our public schools.”

    • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement on the results of the 33rd Senate District election:

      “I’d like to congratulate Jennifer Wexton on her victory in the 33rd Senate District election, and I look forward to working with her and the entire General Assembly to find common ground on issues that will grow Virginia’s economy and create more opportunities for all Virginians.

      “I would also like to thank John Whitbeck and Delegate Joe May for participating in this process and for putting their ideas forth before Virginia voters. I am glad that we now have filled the seat vacated by Attorney General Mark Herring and am confident that we can come together to make Virginia a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

    • Tom Greeson

      Virginia State Board of Elections report that with 51 of 51 precincts reporting, Jennifer Wexton has won with 52.71% of the vote

    • hrprogressive

      McAullife and Wexton – Unashamedly liberal campaigns, solid wins at the polls.

      Lynnwood Lewis – Ran a fraidy-cat, try-to-offend-nobody campaign, may end up the victor by single digits after a recount, if he’s lucky.

      Stop being afraid of your principles! Otherwise, people will (possibly rightly) assume you don’t have any!

    • rg3_10gold

      …Murphy still hasn’t called to concede to Comstock yet