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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, January 29. Also, check out the “enhanced” video of President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night. Personally, I liked parts of it, didn’t like other parts (e.g., the glaring contradiction between his “all of the above” energy strategy and the urgency he professed to do something about climate change); overall, I’d say it was kinda…meh. And, of course, Republicans are an almost completely obstructionist, reactionary force at this time, so good luck getting anything even half decent through Congress. Sigh.

*GOP is melting down: The real SOTU story (“The president’s speech was a conciliatory, modest affair. But with enemies like these, it’s hard not to be a winner”)

*Obama: I won’t stand still (“He pledges to push economic agenda that Congress has failed to support”)

*Obama’s muted call (“If his proposals for executive action did not live up to the hype, they also did not justify GOP fear-mongering.”)

*In the State of the Union, Obama pledges strong action on climate (“A century from now, climate policy will be about the only thing anybody remembers about this political era. Legislation from Congress is still needed, badly, but at least somebody in the government is doing something about our most urgent long-term problem.”)

*Republicans and the media flub their lines to women

*Jekyll And Hyde: The Two Sides Of Obama’s Energy Strategy

*GOP Congressman Threatens to Kill Reporter After SOTU (Video)

*Democrats take control of Va. Senate, bolstering sway in divided Capitol (“Democrats intend to use their new power to advance prospects of Medicaid expansion.”)

*Assembly Democrats flex newfound muscle

*Herring: On authority and obligation to act (“One cannot help but notice that the loudest critics are a handful of strident partisans and social conservatives who have been most vehemently opposed to treating gays and lesbians as equal Virginians.”)

*Can McDonnell talk to relatives during his case? His lawyers want to know.

*Democrats urge boost in minimum wage (“While a debate over income equality stirs at the national level, efforts are under way in Virginia to hike the minimum wage and make the state’s earned income tax credit refundable.”)

*Jeff E. Schapiro: Corruption case could be McDonnell vs. McDonnell (“You don’t have to be Nancy Grace, Greta van Susteren or Jeffrey Toobin to know that federal prosecutors are more interested in sending former Gov. Bob McDonnell to prison than his wife, Maureen.”)

*Estimated cost of Medicaid expansion lowered

*Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio ordered to appear in court (“Judge’s order follows petition by Sterling residents requesting Delgaudio’s removal from office.”)

*His cancer is under control, and so is the message of a Washington flack (“Jesse Ferguson’s political job may personify what people hate about D.C., but it’s what he lives for.”)

*First Silver Line test run complete, but no results yet

*Loudoun man hopes gift of land for state park is just the beginning (“The 600 acres in western Loudoun County are close to the Appalachian Trail and near Harpers Ferry.”)

*Weather-related closings and delays for Wednesday in the D.C. area (From a dusting of snow? Alrighty…)

*Fairfax approves $1.4 billion for roads, sidewalks

*Three Democrats line up for caucus on County Board seat (“An IBM consultant, a restaurateur and a former Planning Commission member are seeking to serve.” Sounds like the start of a “walk into a bar” joke. Seriously, though vote Howze #1 and Fallon #2 tomorrow evening or Saturday.)

*Our view: Doing a number on schools

*Snow blankets Hampton Roads, North Carolina

*Ban against Sunday hunting may soon be shot down

*D.C. area forecast: Doggone cold again today, then defrosting slowly but surely (“One day at a time we emerge from this latest bout with brutal cold. Highs should manage the 40s by Friday through the weekend, but still with a chance of mixed precipitation.”)


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