Results Thread: 33rd State Senate District Special Election


    Polls closed at 7 pm in the 33rd State Senate district special election contest. As usual, I’ll be following returns on VPAP and the State Board of Elections sites.

    UPDATE 6:45 am Wednesday: The final results are Wexton 11,427 (52.71%)-Whitbeck 8,128 (37.50%)-May 2,119 (9.78%). Another powerful sign of Virginia turning blue (a special election win in the once-“red” outer suburbs)! 🙂

    UPDATE 8:37 pm: Getting close to the final results with 46 of 51 precincts reporting — Wexton 53%-Whitbeck 37%-May 10%.

    UPDATE 8:20 pm: I hear that John Whitbeck called to concede to Senator-elect Jennifer Wexton. Give Whitbeck credit; @KenCuccinelli STILL hasn’t called @TerryMcAuliffe Heh. Also, congratulations to Senator-elect Wexton and to our soon-to-be-highly-relevant-again LG Ralph Northam 🙂

    UPDATE 8:02 pm: With 36 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s Wexton 9,402 (53%)-Whitbeck 6,615 (37%)-May 1,834 (10%). Of those 36 precincts, Wexton has carried 34, with Whitbeck carrying 2 (one of which – River Bend – he carried by just 1 vote). #GOPFAIL

    UPDATE 7:48 pm: With 27 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s now Wexton 6,653 (54%)-Whitbeck 4,462 (36%)-May 1,215 (10%). I’d point out that, unlike the Lynwood Lewis race, in the 33rd Senate district, Democrats went right for the “base” vote in a “base” election. And guess what? Yep, it appears to have worked. Shocking, eh?

    UPDATE 7:44 pm: Per Brian Schoeneman — 324 Herndon #3 – 361 Wexton, 185 Whitbeck, 60 May; 320 Herndon #2 – 522 Wexton, 241 Whitbeck, 51 May, 1 Write-In; 905 Franklin – 155 Wexton, 113 Whitbeck, 14 May; 237 McNair – 265 Wexton, 92 Whitbeck, 19 May; 931 Carson – 237 Wexton, 167 Whitbeck, 52 May, 1 provisional.

    UPDATE 7:42 pm: NLS adds, “There is no path for Whitbeck, Wexton is winning everything she needs. Could end up at or over 60%.”

    UPDATE 7:37 pm: Just gotta remind everyone that one of the main arguments in the Dem primary last spring against Mark Herring was that it would (supposedly) be SO hard to keep his seat (even though it’s a 59% Obama/Kaine district). Uh huh. Oh, and those same geniuses were also arguing that Ralph Northam’s seat would be much easier to hold onto. Wrong. Wrong. And let’s just add another “Wrong” for good measure. 🙂

    UPDATE 7:36 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “Got some more of Loudoun in. We can call this one at 733 pm- @WextonForSenate wins and Democrats take the Virginia Senate!!” 🙂

    UPDATE 7:34 pm: With 8 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s now Wexton 1,910 (55.8%)-Whitbeck 1,250 (36.5%)-May 265 (7.7%). Whitbeck hasn’t won a precinct yet. 🙂

    UPDATE 7:33 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “Wow! Wexton crushes Herring numbers in Frying Pan as well. 382-128 Wexton, Herring won here n 2011 331-229. #WextonWhiteout”

    UPDATE 7:22 pm: With 2 of 51 precincts reporting, it’s Democrat Jennifer Wexton 158 (69%)-Republican John Whitbeck 65 (28%)-Independent Joe May 6 (3%). Yes, Joe May only has 6 votes – wow!  

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