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Video: Del. Scott Surovell Gives 4 Reasons to Support Sue Langley for FCDC Chair


State Delegate Scott Surovell and former FCDC Chair 2008-9 is also the House Democratic Caucus Campaign Chairman in charge of candidate recruitment, targeting, and strategy. Scott knows Sue well, and strongly recommends Sue for FCDC Chair to help elect Democrats and build a stronger committee for these four reasons: 1) Sue is strong and knowledgeable in precinct operations, 2) she was a driving force in the creation and implementation of Election Protection for FCDC and knows the importance of it, 3) FCDC could not have been named 2008 Committee of the Year by the Democratic Party of Virginia without Sue’s efforts, and 4) Sue has effective relationships with elected officials all across Northern Virginia (and the state) that is reflected in her endorsements, because it is critical that they need a Party leader who they know, can trust, and can work with to elect Democrats. Scott can’t think of better person than Sue to be FCDC Chair for 2014-15.

  • GBrandon

    Scott Surovell may not be able to think of a better person for FCDC Chair, but I can:  Cesar Del Aguila!  Certainly Sue has had success in the relatively distant past – in politics five years is the distant past – but Cesar has had success in the recent past.  More membership, more diverse membership, more new donors and more money and proven products for precinct captains.  

    The 2013 Voters Guide is a case in point. It reached about 100,000 targeted voters.  Our precinct captains finally had enough sample ballots for Election Day that they didn’t have to rush out and make more copies.  This may sound trivial, but from a precinct operations standpoint, it is major.

    Voters in McLean and Great Falls finally have a chance to choose a congressman who reflects their political values.  I believe that choice will be John Foust.  As the Chair of the Dranesville District Democratic Committee, I do not want to risk changing horses in mid-stream.  I want a proven leader – Cesar – backing me up as we propel John to victory come November 4. 2014.

    Furthermore, I think the overwhelming success of the last two general elections speaks volumes for Cesar’s ability to work with campaigns.  

    Finally, Scott speaks of Sue’s creation of Election Protection in the distant past.  As Not Larry Sabato argues in “The Importance of Voter Protection” . . .

    [The FCDC] litigation dealt with a number of issues with Fairfax voting, including party access to provisional voter lists, election judges and other issues.  In 2012, despite rules that say the elections office should have an equal number of Democratic and Republican election officials, the office assigned some polls with 8-1 GOP officials.  This shouldn’t be an issue that requires a lawsuit as the electoral board office never should have allowed this to happen- but with a judge now overseeing Fairfax elections via the lawsuit, it is certain not to happen again.

    See “Fundamentals Plus Innovation: Rick Bochner Endorses Cesar For Chair” and “Fundraising . . . Why Cesar?” for more perspectives about Cesar’s leadership.  

  • Dear xxxx,

    I know how difficult it is to run for office in non-presidential and non-gubernatorial elections, and I’m confident that Sue Langley knows how to get it done. As a consensus building party leader, and decade long organizer, Sue has proven her ability to elect Democrats at all levels of government from President of the United States to County Supervisors, many of whom have personally endorsed her campaign for FCDC Chair.

    This leadership race is important, because the winner will lead our party through my re-election and the campaigns to elect and re-elect more Democrats to work with me on the Board of Supervisors. In typically low-turnout races like ours, grassroots organizing is even more critical to our success than it usually is.

    We need someone who has proven leadership skills to motivate volunteers to turn out our Democratic voters. The precincts Sue organized this year across Hunter Mill and Providence districts were all significantly above the county and district averages in turnout and had a much lower drop off rate in the Sheriff Race. Sue’s volunteer team has been rock solid for me, for Terry McAuliffe, and for every other Democrat who has had the pleasure of running for office in Fairfax for the last decade.

    I sincerely hope you’ll join me in continuing the work of making Fairfax a better place by supporting Sue Langley on January 7th. I’m going to be there and I plan to proudly cast my vote for the one candidate who has the leadership skills, temperament, and know-how to elect Democrats up and down the ballot – me included.I need Sue Langley as FCDC Chair.

    Sharon Bulova

    Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

  • LarryCohen

    “There is no way to success in our art but to take off your coat, grind paint, and work like a digger on the railroad, all day and every day.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    One may or may not be amazed by the strong qualifications listed by various supporters for the election of Sue Langley as chair for FCDC.  She is no doubt a good and active FCDC member.  But at every turn, her campaign flogs a message, unambiguous in the extreme, that the Committee requires saving.  It must be on its last legs.  Heavens, without Sue at the helm, one may fear the end of the Democratic Party in Fairfax County is nigh!

    No doubt the next step will be for Sue to walk on water, or at the very least assure the Party’s electoral success at every turn, in every corner of the County.  

    But the record is clear. Cesar’s accomplishments as FCDC chair during the last two years have been extraordinary.  All the attributes Sue’s campaign highlights ring like a bell for Cesar’s own successes: his leadership, increased FCDC membership, outreach to minority communities, significant fund-raising, expanded messaging including social media, voter-protection and the beating back of efforts to limit the franchise.   Work like a digger, and help win elections.

    It is one thing to claim a mantle of leadership.  It is quite another to demonstrate leadership.  I’ll go with the second any time.