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BREAKING: Criminal Investigation Launched in Dan River Spill


For those who wonder where the enforcement, if any, for environmental law is at this point, take heart. For those particularly aggrieved and deprived of clean water in Danville, VA, take heart too. And finally, for those of us in NC, West Virginia, PA and other sites of recent environmental degradation, here is some hope… It isn’t huge, but it’s a start.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation into North Carolina’s environmental agency following a massive coal ash spill on the Dan River.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Raleigh issued a grand jury subpoena demanding records from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. They include emails, memos and reports from 2010 through the Feb. 2 spill.

There’s more here.

DENR has been hammered into the ground by the extreme environmental nihilists who have taken over the state. Finally, we have help standing up to them.

I’d like to see a federal investigation of the gutting of the Jordan lake rules and the complete sell-out of those relying on the reservoir for “clean” water as well.

  • Bumble Bee

    I believe what has happened in NC and other states as well (VA) is called regulatory capture.  Special Interests through money, political influence and public apathy take over the regulatory agencies who are supposed to guard the public interest and instead have those agencies serve the special interests.  Those administrators and legislators who facilitate this belong in prison.

  • See here:

    The massive coal ash spill upriver from Danville has provided ample evidence why it’s such an awful idea to put doctrinaire anti-environmentalists in charge of a state’s government.


    North Carolina’s incompetent and impotent reaction to the Dan River disaster is consistent with the state’s horrendous environmental stewardship in recent years, part of Gov. Pat McCrory’s ideological hostility to even the most basic regulation.


    McCrory’s nearly 30 years as an employee of Duke Energy might provide an explanation for why his administration has proved so hostile to environmental initiatives in its 13 months. Perhaps it was the $1.1 million that Duke-connected entities and people spent to get him elected in 2012.


    According to reporting by The Associated Press, environmental groups tried three times in just the past year to use the Clean Water Act to force Duke to clean leaky coal ash dumps. The groups sought help from federal courts only after North Carolina regulators refused to act despite evidence of massive groundwater contamination.

    “Each time, the state agency blocked the citizen lawsuits by intervening at the last minute to assert its own authority under the act to take enforcement action in state court,” the AP reported. “After negotiating with the company behind closed doors, the state proposed settlements many regard as highly favorable to the company.”

    Pat McCrory is evil, no other word for it. North Carolina needs to vote him and his far-right-wing/Koch/ALEC pals out of office as soon as is humanly possible!

  • kindler

    …ain’t that great of an idea after all!