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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, March 25.

*Paul Ryan’s culture attack is an excuse to do nothing about poverty (Agreed, it’s insidiously evil.)

*When long-term unemployment becomes self-perpetuating (“Say it with me: The long-term unemployed are not lazy. Nor are they coddled, hammocked or enjoying a coordinated, taxpayer-funded vacation.” Got that Lyin’ Ryan?)

*Barack Obama poised to end NSA phone sweep

*Is Liberalism Good for Your Health? (“A new study finds that politically liberal states tend to have healthier populations.”)

*Ruling Could Have Reach Beyond Issue of Contraception

*Russia Is Ousted From Group of 8 by U.S. and Allies

*Mark Levin: The Go-To Radio Host For GOP Lawmakers Despite Inflammatory Rhetoric (Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli in 2013 and Barbara Comstock in 2014.)

*Kaine: my volunteer work shows the need to expand health coverage in Virgina

*Va.’s 8th Congressional District Democrats to debate (Actually, my understanding is that it’s not a debate, but a forum in which each candidate can make their case for a few minutes.)

*McAuliffe offers new budget, but House lawmakers aren’t buying

*Seeking solution on Medicaid in Virginia (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe offered a budget proposal Monday that painted the clearest picture yet of what’s at stake in the debate over whether to expand Medicaid in Virginia during the next two years.”)

*Similar budget refrain: McAuliffe makes move- GOP turns him down

*There’s sunshine and darkness in Virginia’s open-government laws

*Farmers along Dan River worry about livelihood

*Route 460 project: Take the off-ramp

*Sailor, civilian die in shooting at Norfolk Naval Station

*Native Americans Blast ***skins Gambit To Defuse Name Controversy With Financial Contributions (Typical Dan Snyder – thinks money can solve all problems, when it fact it often creates MORE problems.)

*D.C. region will see snow Tuesday (“Temperatures should warm enough to keep most treated roads snow-free.”)

  • Dan Sullivan

    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    Paul Ryan does not know life in all its fullness, though I’d bet he believes he does. Failing those who suffer the vagaries of life at the moment that can turn their lives is moral dereliction.

    Yes, some of the money directed to social programs is spilled. But we can’t be certain who will fail to respond. The likes of Ryan are oh so willing to support unjustified wars and obligate national treasure to military expenditures that are programmed to be wasted. Does anyone really vote to spend billions on nuclear weapons with the desire they achieve their full capacity?

  • I don’t know what to do about schools or poverty or unemployment or healthcare or crime.  I don’t even know what to call it; this combination of symptoms that indicate a pervasive and (if history is any guide at all) generally fatal disease of the body politic.

    Can we call it The Cycle of Shitty?

    How ’bout Disintegrating Empire Syndrome due to Electoral Dysfunction?  Quick – somebody call Pfizer and threaten to give them billions of tax dollars if they don’t develop a new pill to take our minds off our troubles.

    more at http://evilletimes.blogspot.com/

    Mike Roberts

    Earlysville VA


  • RICHMOND — Yesterday marked the start of the General Assembly Special Session aimed at finding compromise on the budget while closing the health care coverage gap for 400,000 Virginians, but true to form, Virginia House Republicans continue to hold the budget hostage while costing Virginia taxpayers thousands of dollars a day.

    “House Republicans continue to prove that they would rather shut down the government than close the coverage gap,” said DPVA Spokesperson Ashley Bauman. “Instead of working across the aisle to pass a budget that closes the gap, Speaker Howell, Kirk Cox and Chris Jones are content to twiddle their thumbs while 400,000 Virginians go without health care that is critical to a healthy and productive life.

    “House Republicans would rather throw away $5 million a day than compromise on a budget that works for all Virginians. It’s time for House Republicans to drop this Tea Party tirade and pass a budget that closes the coverage gap.”


    In Republican-dominated committee, budget fails too quickly to receive fair hearing

    RICHMOND – Earlier today, the Republican-dominated House Appropriations Committee effectively voted to kill Governor McAuliffe’s introduced budget – just hours after seeing it for the first time. The governor’s biennial budget, which is hundreds of pages long, appropriates tens of billions of dollars – meaning that neither lawmakers nor members of the public had time to fully and fairly consider the proposal.

    Senate Democrats pointed to the vote as additional proof that House Republicans are too bound by their rigid ideological agenda to give any other views or ideas a fair hearing.

    The governor’s budget differed substantially from the House budget. In addition to a two-year pilot program that would close the health care coverage gap, the bill funded a two percent salary increase for teachers and other public employees, made large investments in the Virginia Retirement System and the Virginia Health Reform and Innovation Fund, and allocated millions in new funding to priorities like mental health, conservation, and pre-K education.

    Said Caucus Chair Sen. Donald McEachin (D – Henrico), “Democracy only works when the public is informed – but the public had no time to learn about the governor’s budget, or to make their views known. The House killed a bill that’s hundreds of pages long just hours after seeing it for the first time. Every bill deserves a full and fair hearing, but this budget didn’t get one. Today, House Republicans again let down Virginians by refusing to consider any ideas other than their own – and they should be ashamed.”

    Said Majority Leader Sen. Dick Saslaw (D – Fairfax), “It comes as no surprise that House Republicans chose to kill the governor’s amendments without a fair hearing. They think hardworking public employees, school teachers, and first responders don’t deserve a raise or have the right to take care of their families. It’s clear their distaste for health care reform trumps the needs of Virginians from all walks of life.”

  • totallynext

    You are correct the format is not a debate, but a forum – we have made that clear in our press release, it is a forum with a moderator and direct Q&A to the candidates from the audience.

    Since this area (Richmond Hwy-North VA corridor) now makes up a large percentage of the 8th CD – it is important that the CD primary candidates reach out to this region…

    Hope you will join us.


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement today as oral arguments began at the Supreme Court in the cases of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Store, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius:

    “The issue before the Supreme Court today is whether requiring for-profit companies to provide access to contraception coverage for employees is unconstitutional. I do not believe it is, and I hope the Supreme Court rules in favor of a woman’s right to make her own health care choices, rather than making this the decision of a for-profit company’s leadership. This is not just a women’s issue, it’s a family and an economic issue. Corporate leadership just shouldn’t be making these decisions.

    “Expanded access to all preventive medical services for women, including contraception coverage, is a key benefit of the Affordable Care Act and has already benefitted more than 700,000 women in Virginia. The Obama administration has also provided an accommodation that balances the goal of providing women with coverage for recommended preventive care while respecting the concerns of churches and other non-profit religious organizations.”

  • I believe that turnout this year in the special election will be between 35,000 and 37,000 voters.  This not only dwarfs the prior record of 21,624 set in 2003, it could exceed the turnout of 35,356 in the 2011 general and even the record Constitutional year turnout of 37,078 set in 1999.  As evidence of this, I project that about 2,750 absentee votes will be cast versus 2,248 in the 2011 general. The natives are clearly restless!

    This fervor may reflect disgruntled voters responding to Mr. Vihstadt’s energetic efforts to torpedo the aquatic center and derail the street car.  Similarly, it may arise from the equally energetic efforts of the newly-minted ACDC Chairman – Kip Malinosky (who cannot afford to lose his maiden effort) and a determined Democratic candidate – Alan Howze – who has rapped his knuckles on thousands of voters’ doors.  Note also that the Democratic faithful have been similarly motivated by the defection of a number of notable Democrats to the Vihstadt camp.

    Turnout resulting from this tempestuous mix will be further enhanced by the later than usual voting date of April 8, coupled with an extra hour of sunlight at day’s end.  Stay tuned for further developments.