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Bruce Shuttleworth Dropping Out of 8th CD Democratic Primary. And Then There Were 7….


I’m hearing strong rumors from multiple sources that Bruce Shuttleworth is dropping out of the 8th CD Democratic primary, just trying to 100% confirm with the candidate himself. Meanwhile, I just saw this tweet:

RT @DranesvilleDems: @BruceShuttle sends regrets that he won’t be attending May 15 #dddcforum at @mcleanvacenter .  “Tough” scheduling…

So…if Bruce Shuttleworth is dropping out of the 8th CD Democratic primary, that will leave 7 candidates – 6 from Alexandria, 1 from Arlington County, none from Fairfax County (and no, Nancy Najarian still isn’t on the ballot, nor is she likely to be, despite her claims of being a candidate and her showing up earlier today at a candidates’ event in Arlington). Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Bruce Shuttleworth’s statement is in the comments section.



    I decided to run for Congress because we have a real problem with priorities in America – and we need leaders who are willing to ask the hard questions without being called soft on anything.

    I keenly saw the value of a Naval Academy graduate questioning our massive military-industrial complex when we have so many needs right here, right now.

    I saw the power of a Fighter Pilot for gun sense – and gay rights.

    I understand the value of a Harvard Business School graduate knowing that greed is not good, and that Main Street is more important than Wall Street.

    And I know that there are millions of lives that hang in the balance for want of adequate funding for cancer, disease, TBI and PTS research – my parents being just two of them.  Improving and saving lives is the kind of shock and awe that America can bring to bear – and that I want to bring to bear.

    Alas, I can’t be soft on our hard polling data that shows too little runway to accomplish the mission.  I am only alive today because I try to think with my head and not with my heart, so, as difficult as this is, I’ve decided to end our campaign for Congress today.

    I want to thank the thousands of people, supporters and non-supporters alike, who have been so kind and generous on the campaign trail.  It is an honor to run for Congress because of you.  And it has been an honor to share the stage with so many highly qualified candidates – I wish them all well in June, November and beyond.

    After catching up on my thank you notes, I look forward to continuing to serve.

  • I want to publicly congratulate my friend Bruce Shuttleworth on a well run campaign. Bruce is the third candidate this week to announce the end of his campaign, and brings us to seven candidates left in this primary. I learned so much from listening to Bruce on foreign policy issues during the debates. Bruce left a mark on this campaign as man of great character and with a strong ethical compass. I hope we will see his name on a ballot again soon for public office.

  • Bruce Shuttleworth (we, his friends, call him “Shuttle”) is an American patriot. Both his service as a Navy Pilot and his drive to continue to serve the public as an elected official are admirable. I want to work with Shuttle to tackle issues important to veterans: mental and physical health care, and job training and placement.

    Shuttle’s heart-breaking story of losing both of his parents to lung cancer teaches us an important lesson: while the Affordable Care Act has made great strides in improving health care in America, we are still a long way from universal care. We must make Medicare available for all, regardless of age.

    I was honored to get to know Shuttle over the course of this campaign. I consider him a friend, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

  • “I thank Bruce Shuttleworth for his years of tireless service to our nation and community and the focus he brought to this campaign. Shuttle brought much needed emphasis for cancer research and a unique perspective how best to allocate our defense budget. I am confident his voice will be part of the dialogue in Northern Virginia for years to come.”