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Straw Poll at 7th CD GOP Convention Shows Cantor Losing Badly to Dave Brat


I’m not sure how much validity to give this straw poll of 7th CD Republican convention delegates by The Bull Elephant, but the conclusion is intriguing: “a large and unexpected lead by Dave Brat over Eric Cantor, and Shak Hill as a continuing but distant threat to frontrunner Ed Gillespie.” One more conclusion that should give the Can’tor folks significant heartburn: his “opposition isn’t just among fire-breathing Tea Party-types, but also among a significant portion of the GOP base in the 7th who prefer the “mainstream” candidate for Senate.” Thoughts? Time for yet more popcorn? 🙂

P.S. Click here for my original story about the stunning defeat this weekend of Eric Cantor’s close ally as 7th CD GOP Chair.

  • campaignman

    Can anyone do the research?  It would be great to see just how threatened he feels he is.

  • frisbee

    It has been suggested by several posters on the Daily KOS that Democrats in the 7th CD do two things; first, mobilize Democrats to get out and vote for Brat in the June 20th primary, with the goal of primarying Cantor out of office.

    Second,nominate a Democratic candidate before the deadline.

    Given Brat’s lack of funding and the divided support he will likely be getting from the 7th CD Republicans he stands a better chance of losing in a general election against a Democratic candidate than Eric Cantor would.

    Admittedly this is a serious long shot, and while I’m in the 7th CD, I’m far removed from the movers and shakers who could make this happen.

    I’ve hear that over the past few election cycles that the 7th CD Democrats have had  great difficulties in finding viable candidates, let alone presenting one in very a short time frame.

    I have no idea if this could even fly, but anything is better than letting Eric run unopposed … again.

  • wolfrunner

    As of March 31st, Mr. Brat had about $42,000 in the bank (raised $90K spent $47K).

    As of that same date, Mr. Cantor had more than $2,000,000 in hand (for the cycle, raised $5M, spent $3.8M, carried in $1.2M).  

    Unless Cantor goes to sleep or commits a major crime, this is much less of a contest than the media wants to make it appear.