Video: Theocrat E.W. Jackson Says Supporters of Church-State Separation Agents of “Demonic Power”


    Remember, the Republican Party of Virginia nominated this theocratic extremist as its Lieutenant Governor candidate in 2013. Also remember, State Senator Mark Obenshain, who almost became Virginia Attorney General (and could very well run again in 2017), is the guy who “votes like E.W. Jackson talks.” This, my friends, is today’s Virginia Republican Party – not the party of your parents or grandparents; not the party of Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln; but bunch of people who don’t “believe in” science and who fundamentally have no respect for almost any part of the Constitution, with a few exceptions such as (their own reading of) the 2nd Amendment. The question is, who the heck ARE these people and why would anyone in their right mind ever vote for them?!?

    • It’s interesting, when E.W. Jackson talks about fundamentally transforming the nature of this nation, of course he’s psychologically “projecting,” since it’s actually people like HIM who want to change America into a fundamentalist theocracy. They are kooks, true, but they are also dangerous.

    • pol

      I’m a United Methodist. The Social Principles of the UMC say we believe in a strong separation of church and state. I guess us Methodists have been threatening America from within since before the Revolutionary War.