John Fredericks: “The coronation of Ed Gillespie…is not happening” [UPDATE: Actually, it is!]


    I just tuned in to the John Fredericks Show, which is broadcasting live from the 2014 Virginia Republican convention. I just heard Fredericks talk about the low turnout of delegates (around 2,600, and a lot of those with yellow t-shirts representing Shak Hill), and how this means that “the coronation of Ed Gillespie at this convention is not happening.” Fredericks added that Mark Warner will be REALLY happy if Shak Hill is the nominee later this afternoon.

    P.S. Here’s a photo of Ed Gillespie courting bigoted, extremist nutjob E.W. Jackson. That really says it all.

    UPDATE 2:33 pm: @jameshohmann tweets, “VA-4 (represented by Forbes) returns: Hill, 367; Gillespie, 957.”  @Rick_Sincere tweets, “First District Hill 491.98 Gillespie 826.08.” @Rick_Sincere tweets, “10th District Hill 322.03 Gillespie 372.83” ‏@Rick_Sincere tweets, “8th District Hill 40.63 Gillespie 287.33.” 6th CD: Hill 551.46 Gillespie 644.70. Looking like Gillespie has this thing.

    UPDATE 2:08 pm: ‏@MSchmidtRTD tweets, “First results from 3rd district: Gillespie 309, Hill 165, DeTora 0, Moss 0.”

    UPDATE 1:56 pm: According to Lynn R. Mitchell, who is live blogging the convention, the total number of delegates around noon was 2,657, with 32 delegates having showed up out of 56 from Augusta County; 6 out of 12 from Staunton City; 367 out of 691 from Fairfax County; and 9 of 14 from Waynesboro. @RTDSchapiro tweets, “And the balloting for GOP Senate nominee begins — about 2,600 delegates voting. Light turnout at #rpv14 could make for close finish.”

    UPDATE 1:51 pm: Voting going on now; John Fredericks says again that what should have been a “coronation” has turned into a “dog fight,” as Gillespie’s supporters didn’t turn out in the numbers he had hoped. That means that just 2,600 people will determine the Virginia GOP’s U.S. Senate nominee. #FAIL

    UPDATE 1:20 pm: Gillespie now pouring on the litany of Republican Big Lies, such as that President Obama raised taxes (in fact, he cut them repeatedly for the middle class); that sticking with filthy/dirty/climate-destroying coal is the right course of action, you name it. For reality-based people, it’s almost un-listenable, especially coming from a complete phony like Gillespie. John Fredericks says the speech was “ok,” that his son would probably call it “lame and boring,” that Gillespie isn’t a good speaker and didn’t gain anything from the speech.

    UPDATE 12:53 pm: John Fredericks is saying Shak Hill really helped himself with his speech. The Bull Elephant reports: “Wild reception for E.W. Jackson! Extended cheers and applause greets him as he takes the stage for Shak…E.W. Jackson calls the situation a “national emergency” requiring the nomination of Shak Hill. Hints strongly at Gillespie being a “crony capitalist.” Mixed reaction when Shak takes the stage…wow. Some booing. Not cool.” Also, Shak Hill says: “‘How are we better off being governed by fundraisers?’ Says he is the only candidate in this race who can defeat Mark Warner, because Warner doesn’t know how to run against him.”

    UPDATE 12:23 pm: @MSchmidtRTD tweets, “Neither Jim Gilmore, nor Ken Cuccinelli endorsed a candidate before voting begins.” “Candidates are about to speak, in order they appear on ballot. Chuck Moss is first.”

    UPDATE 11:48 am: According to The Bull Elephant, “Cuccinelli greeted with wild, raucous applause! Ken is still beloved by this crowd.” Also: “Panic time among some Gillespie supporters. I haven’t heard directly from those close to Ed, but among many of my fellow members of the State Central Committee who are Ed supporters, the realization of potential defeat is finally dawning.” Also: “We’re hearing reports of Gillespie buses showing up from NoVa with only a small portion of the seats filled (and a number of those passengers making a beeline to volunteers handing out Shak Hill stickers). It’s looking pretty good for Shak Hill.”

    • At the First Congressional District Democratic Convention today, Democrats nominated Norm Mosher for Congress.

      Norm Mosher is a resident of Irvington, VA and previously served on the Town Council of Irvington.

      “I’m running because I’m seeing how Congress is dysfunctional — it’s not working at all. Our families, our communities and our Commonwealth are paying the price. People need to be able to look forward to the future. This means economic security for all — good jobs, good roads and good schools,” said Mosher.  

      “When folks look up at Congress and see all the partisan wrangling and dirt throwing they lose faith. Why should people have any trust in our government if it’s not accountable? I want to restore people’s faith in America and the American Dream. Our challenges can be our opportunities to do things in new ways, in better ways — but first we have to learn to work together again — and that’s why I am standing here today. Through my life I’ve gained experience, knowledge and know-how on leading teams to meet overwhelming challenges. I’ve answered my country’s call for service before, and I’m answering it now.”

      Norm retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain, after a 26 year career. During his career, he commanded ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific, and a squadron of destroyers in the Pacific. Mosher was an early volunteer to serve in Vietnam. Even before the arrival of American combat troops, he was sailing the Vietnam coasts and mouth of the Mekong River in wooden junks as an advisor to a paramilitary group. Later, the first ship he commanded was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation for its performance in the coastal waters of Vietnam. For his service in this period, he was awarded the Legion of Merit with Combat Distinguishing Device, the Bronze Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device, and the Air Medal.

      Following retirement from the Navy, he became a Professional Staff Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee chaired by the highly respected Senator Sam Nunn.  Norm was responsible for analytical oversight of $25 billion of the Department of Defense budget for Research and Development, and Procurement for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Operations forces.

      “I’m delighted to endorse Norm Mosher for Congress,” said Ted Hontz. “As a former Naval officer and businessman, and as a long term resident of the First Congressional District, he’s the right person at the right time. But more importantly, Norm Mosher has the know-how and  understands the diverse needs of our citizens, so he won’t need a ramp-up period to be effective on Capitol Hill. As a entrepreneur and businessman, Norm understands the issues important to the business community. You won’t see Norm voting to shut down the government and denying pay to the large government and contractor workforce in the district.  And for many small businesses, those losses were never regained. I’m excited about the potential to have a congressman who votes for the best interests of his constituents. Norm Mosher is the leader we’ve been looking for to represent us in Congress.”

      In 1990, Mosher started his own consulting company specializing in ocean research, shipbuilding, ship propulsion systems, and related areas. Mosher’s clients included shipbuilding companies, marine propulsion companies, and the world’s leading ocean research institution where he developed an interest in the science underlying global warming and climate change.

      Norm and his wife, Jan, moved to Irvington, VA in 1996 and sailed their ketch to the Caribbean for the 1996 and 1997 seasons.  Mosher founded Crosswater Cats LLC in 2001 to develop and build large power catamarans. In 2005 he sailed the prototype catamaran to Bermuda in a West Marine power boat rally. The 600 odd miles from Thimble Shoals Light in Chesapeake Bay to the Bermuda Spit Buoy was covered in 51 hours. The second boat came in 26 hours later.

      Currently, Norm serves as a board member of LJI, INC, a young nonprofit organization developing programs for at-risk girls in India who have been rescued from human trafficking. LJI is building a publishing platform to address policy and practice in this area.

      “Norm Mosher is a fighter. We need someone who is going to fight for us. During the government shutdown, the current Congressman didn’t do anything to bring the impasse to an end because he didn’t want to rock the boat. Even when people in our district were hurting, he couldn’t bring himself to challenge his partisan handlers. We need more than a yes man who just follows his partisan leaders. Norm Mosher understands the needs of our diverse district and he knows how to sail in rough waters. He’s not afraid, he won’t back down. This is the kind of leadership we need and deserve,” said Marc Broklawski, Chair, Virginia’s First Congressional District Democratic Committee.

    • RICHMOND – DPVA Chair Mayor Dwight Jones’ statement on nomination of Republican Ed Gillespie for Senate.

      “Mark Warner has spent two decades working in the sensible center to create jobs, chart a more fiscally responsible future, and ensure everyone has a fair shot at success. Senator Warner’s proven, bipartisan approach is exactly the kind of representation Virginians need in the U.S. Senate.”

      “Ed Gillespie calls himself a ‘partisan warrior,’ and has spent his life whipping up gridlock or lobbying for special interests willing to pay the right price. Virginians want a problem solver not a partisan warrior.”

    • To:      Interested Parties

      From:  Robert Dempsey, Executive Director, The Democratic Party of Virginia

      Date:   June 7, 2014

      Meet Ed Gillespie, a consummate Washington insider who is the Tea Party’s newly appointed candidate to be Virginia’s U.S. Senator.  Ed Gillespie’s never been an elected official before but as a million-dollar lobbyist he’s had plenty of opportunities to influence DC decision-makers. If you line his pockets, he’ll be in your pocket.  Gillespie’s record has had far-reaching negative consequences for Virginians. Gillespie helped Enron manipulate the energy market, and helped numerous other clients get special treatment. As a “political strategist” Gillespie worked to move dark campaign money around the United States to help the GOP control the redistricting process, leading to one of the most gridlocked and partisan Congresses in our nation’s history. Ed Gillespie is proud of his partisanship, calling himself “a partisan warrior.” He has celebrated the Tea Party, said he would shut down the government with his friend Ted Cruz, and defended bank bailouts and soaring deficits under President Bush.


      Ed Gillespie is one of the “pioneers of modern lobbying.” He is best known for his work on behalf of clients like Enron.


      POLITICO On Gillespie: “He’s A Pioneer Of Modern Lobbying”. “He’s a pioneer of modern lobbying: The opposition research binders will be thick, and general election ads write themselves. Gillespie co-founded the bipartisan lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie & Associates in 2000. Enron, the energy company that collapsed in scandal, was among his clients. He has not been a registered lobbyist since entering the Bush administration in 2007, but he continues to have corporate clients at his private firm. The Democratic Party of Virginia has been pressing for him to disclose his current clients and who paid him speaking fees in recent years.” [Politico, 1/13/14]

      Gillespie Was Named DC’s #8 Most Influential Lobbyist: “This Former RNC Chair Has Turned His Relationship With President Bush Into An $18 Million Business.”  Number 8. Edward Gillespie, Quinn Gillespie & Associates. The Democrats may have won Congress, but the White House is still in Republican hands, and this former RNC chair has turned his relationship with President Bush into an $18-million business. A onetime aide to Republican House majority leader Richard Armey, Gillespie helped draft the “Contract With America” that accompanied the GOP victory in 1994.” [Washingtonian, 6/1/07]


      Gillespie: “It Dawned On Me That I Could Make More Money Knowing Ed Gillespie Than I Was Making Being Ed Gillespie.”  “After one meeting it occurred to me that the person urging me to look favorably on a certain bill probably made twice what I was making. It dawned on me that I could make more money knowing Ed Gillespie than I was making being Ed Gillespie. [Gillespie, Ed (2006-09-05). Winning Right: Campaign Politics and Conservative Policies (p. 176)]

      Gillespie Said In His Book That A Public Servant’s Salary Was No Longer Appealing To Him. “I didn’t go to Washington in hopes of becoming a lobbyist, and I don’t actually know anyone who did. But after thirteen years of long hours and low pay on Capitol Hill and in campaigns, and after Mollie Brigid came along behind John Patrick and Carrie, the prospect of leaving a long hours-less money job for a less hours-long money job got more appealing. [Gillespie, Ed (2006-09-05). Winning Right: Campaign Politics and Conservative Policies (p. 176)]

      Political Strategist Ed Gillespie Cashed In On The Big Money Politics Industry. ” ‘The biggest shift in Washington,’ suggests [mark] Leibovich [in his book, This Town], ‘over the last forty or so years has been the arrival of Big Money and politics as an industry.’ … There’s the Democratic lobbyist Jack Quinn, who paired up with Republican Ed Gillespie, a political strategist. They worked in President Clinton’s administration and capitalized on their contacts to create a ‘one-stop’ consulting shop for Democrats, Republicans, and their brethren. When the two men cashed in on their lobbying business, their total earnings were some $40 million.” [Huffington Post,10/30/2013]      

      Richmond Times Dispatch: Gillespie “Made His Fortune” At Lobbying Firm That Worked For Enron And Other Big Name Clients.“Gillespie made his fortune as a partner with Democrat Jack Quinn in a lobbying firm that they reportedly sold for $40 million in 2004. Among the company’s clients were Enron, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, Tyson Foods, Viacom, PricewaterhouseCoopers and DaimlerChrysler, according to the watchdog group Public Citizen.”  [Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/17/14]

      Gillespie Told Armey “I Make More Money By Knowing You Than You Make By Being You.” “It was a lucrative decision. As a lobbyist, Gillespie is said to have joked to his former boss Rep. Dick Armey, ‘Dick, I make more money by knowing you than you make by being you.’  (The remark has evolved in Washington lore, and it is a matter of dispute whether Gillespie made the point about himself or someone else.)” [Washington Examiner, 1/24/14]


      Enron Employee: “It Was Eddie [Gillespie], Not Ken Lay, Who Got Us To People In The White House And Congress.” “Hoping to return to the GOP’s good graces, the company in April 2001 hired the Washington lobbying firm of Quinn & Gillespie. Its senior partner, Ed Gillespie, had been a top campaign adviser to the new president, Bush. For the first half of the year, the firm collected $525,000 in fees from Enron, a hefty sum but well worth it, according to a former Enron employee. ‘It was Eddie [Gillespie], not Ken Lay, who got us to people in the White House and Congress,’ the employee said.” [, 12/31/13]

      Washington Post: Gillespie Was Enron’s “Key Conduit To The White House” And Lobbied For “Economic Stimulus” For Enron. “As the economy faltered last fall and Congress and the administration began working on stimulus legislation, Enron called on Gillespie to promote a tax relief package that would include scrapping the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). Sources said that Gillespie contacted House leadership officials as well as the White House staff. Enron was one of dozens of companies lobbying for repeal of the AMT, which was part of Bush’s proposal.” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]

      Washington Post: “Former Enron Officials Said Their Key Link To The White House And Republicans On Capitol Hill Was Gillespie.” “New information about former Bush communication aide Gillespie’s ties to the Cheney task force indicated another level of ties between Enron and the administration. Former Enron officials said their key link to the White House and Republicans on Capitol Hill was Gillespie, a former aide to House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.)” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]

      Washington Post: “Gillespie Served…At The Commerce Department… Then Turned To Representing Enron Before The Administration And Congress On Energy Policy.” “Gillespie ‘was our hired gun,’ recalled one former Enron employee. ‘Whenever we had to get in to see a Republican, the first call was to Gillespie.’ After the Bush victory, Gillespie served briefly as acting director of public affairs at the Commerce Department. He then turned to representing Enron before the administration and Congress on energy policy and repeal of the corporate alternative minimum tax. Gillespie was in touch with staffers on the energy task force in 2001. He also met with officials at the Energy Department, and helped set up meetings on energy policy for Enron representatives with key lawmakers.” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]


      Enron Only Paid Taxes Once In Five Years Before Its Collapse, According To The Financial Statements To Shareholders. “According to Robert McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice, a labor-backed tax research group which was examining Enron’s financial reports, “In the year 2000, Enron got a tax refund of $278 million.” Of the five years examined by the group, “only in 1997 did Enron pay taxes, the records showing a payment of $17 million, McIntire said. Altogether, the tax refunds over the five years added up to $381 million, he said.” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]

      Gillespie Lobbied For Policies That Helped Enron Manipulate Energy Prices. Enron paid Quinn Gillespie $700,000 in 2001 “to lobby on behalf of Enron on issues including the California energy crisis it helped cause” and to “thwart efforts to re-regulate the Western electricity market through price controls. Before its collapse, the company also funneled money to a Gillespie-run group to buy national television ads promoting the president’s industry-friendly energy plan.” The California electricity crisis, or the Western U.S. Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001, was a manufactured shortage of electricity supply in California caused by market manipulations such as illegal shutdowns of pipelines by companies like Enron. Enron, which was found guilty of energy market manipulation, “exercised tremendous influence over the Bush Administration’s hands-off policy towards the California energy crisis.” Gillespie lobbied the ‘Executive Office of the President’ on the energy crisis. [, June 2003;, January 16, 2014;, accessed March 21, 2014]

      2002: As Dick Cheney’s Task Force Was Drafting The National Energy Policy, Gillespie Was Secretly Recommending Its Use As a Political Weapon.  “Gillespie’s simultaneous lobbying and campaign strategizing underscore Enron’s influence in Washington before its collapse last year, as well as the way politics and policy often blur under the loophole-filled laws governing their combination.”[“Enron Lobbyist Plotted Strategy Against Democrats,” The Los Angeles Times, 2/11/2002]

      Enron’s Bankruptcy Led To Loss of 20,000 Jobs; Retirees Lost $2 Billion; Quinn Gillespie Associates Got $700,000 Paycheck.Enron’s Wreckage: 20,000 Enron employees lost their jobs and medical insurance. The average severance payment was $4,500. Employees lost $1.2 billion in retirement funds, and retirees lost $2 billion in pension funds. Top Enron executives cashed-in $116 million in stock and shared $55 million in bonuses. [Sources: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2007 documentary); ABC News,5/25/2006, Accountancy Age, 12/6/2001; Bloomberg News, 11/30/2001; OpenSecrets, accessed 5/26/14]


      Ed Gillespie pioneered shadowy spending. From co-founding Crossroads GPS with Karl Rove to funneling money around the country with the RLSC, Ed Gillespie has significantly contributed to the partisanship and gridlock in Washington.

      2002: Gillespie’s Innovative Way To Skirt Corporate Campaign Contribution Limits “May Become A Widely Copied Example Of A Way To Keep The Dollars Flowing.” “When Gillespie started calling the leaders of conservative interest groups last spring, asking them to join the group, they figured Gillespie was discreetly doing the White House’s bidding, reports Isikoff. ‘Administration officials generally don’t ask for support directly,’ says American Conservative Union President David Keene. ‘It’s more a wink and a nod.’ At the time, the Project didn’t get much notice. But now, with lawyers and lobbyists in the capital scrambling to find ways around tough new restrictions on corporate campaign contributions, Gillespie’s innovative Project may become a widely copied example of a way to keep the dollars flowing.” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]

      Gillespie, Rove Founded American Crossroads, Toured Country Securing Donations From Billionaires. “As lavish spending on private jets, limousines, and strip clubs continues to hound Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, two GOP grown-ups have stepped up efforts to fill the political and fundraising vacuum. Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove, the political brain trust for George W. Bush, have been making personal appeals for big dollars for a new soft-money “527” group, American Crossroads, which will target battleground Senate and House races in the fall. Crossroads has secured $30 million in pledges, sources say, and has a $60 million goal. Rove and Gillespie toured Texas, for example, and secured a major pledge from Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons. “Ed’s got the better rap, and Karl’s got the better Rolodex,” quipped a GOP lobbyist familiar with the new venture.” [National Journal, 4/3/10]

      Under Gillespie, The RSLC Allowed Candidates “Distance From The Source Of Money Benefiting Them” By Sending Money To Affiliates, Pooling Nationwide Money In Central Fund. “The leadership committee’s nationwide base of donors lent candidates distance from the source of the money benefiting them, and allowed the committee to maneuver around varying rules that apply to campaign spending in different states. Instead of spending money where it was raised, the Republican State Leadership Committee could allocate checks to affiliates in other states. Other checks could be pooled into a central fund in Washington and then distributed in large chunks to state Republican Parties, to candidates or to campaigns by independent groups.” [New York Times, 1/12/14]


      Ed Gillespie Boasted Said That American Crossroads Will Be The Place Where The Real Money Goes To ‘Play. “The group is intended, Gillespie tells Rolling Stone, to become a fixture in GOP politics for 2010 and beyond: ‘The idea is that there needs to be an institutional entity – a transparent, professionally run Republican operation – that will be there every cycle.’ …American Crossroads, he boasts, will be the place where the real money goes to ‘play.'” [Rolling Stone, 5/12/10]

      September 2010: Gillespie Said American Crossroads “Is A Group That I’ve Helped To Launch Along With Karl Rove”  “And then the American Crossroads and American Crossroads GPS is a group that I’ve helped to launch along with Karl Rove to offset much of the activity on the left side” [Google and Politico Interview with Ed Gillespie, Citizentube, 9/27/10]

      January 2012: “I Was An Informal Adviser; I Was Never A Consultant, Never An Officer, Never, You Know, Had A Formal Capacity With American Crossroads.” “Now, just to be clear, I was an informal adviser; I was never a consultant, never an officer, never, you know, had a formal capacity with American Crossroads. And now, you know, I have an official capacity with the campaign so, you know, I’m fenced off from that activity.” [Federal News Service Press Conference, 7/17/12]


      Ed Gillespie has supported partisan politics, shutting down the government, and Tea Party divisiveness.

      Gillespie: “I’m Happy To Be A Partisan Warrior.” “And when you’re doing that for clients, for corporate clients of trade associations and others, you need to take into account both points of view when I’m in campaign, so it’s, it’s not a bi-partisan matter. I’m happy to be a partisan warrior.” [ABC Politics Live, 9/22/06]

      Gillespie: “A Partisan Lobbyist Like Me.” “The rules of politics apply to lobbying as well. Any lobbyist who provides bad information to a member of Congress or administration official will burn an important bridge. A partisan lobbyist like me would never urge a member of Congress of my own party to take a position that would hurt him or her with constituents back home or make it harder to get re-elected. {Gillespie, Ed (2006-09-05). Winning Right: Campaign Politics and Conservative Policies (p. 178).

      Gillespie: “There’s Going To Be A Lot Of Blood On The Floor At The End Of The Day, And It’s Not Going To Be Republican Blood.”Gillespie said: “I think passing this bill is going to result not only in a Republican takeover of the House in November, I think we could possibly take over the Senate at this point, which I have not said before and not felt before. But if they jam this through the Senate and through the House, I think we can. There’s going to be a lot of blood on the floor at the end of the day, and it’s not going to be Republican blood.” [NBC News Transcripts, 3/21/10]

      Gillespie Said He Would Have Joined Ted Cruz To Vote “No” In Debt Ceiling Vote And Would Have Supported Government Shutdown. “According to a survey by The Hill, among the dozens of GOP candidates running in competitive Senate races, opposition to a clean debt-ceiling increase was nearly unanimous…Others who don’t have a vote now also say they would have opposed such a move. ‘Any future debt limit increase should include provisions that address the underlying problem of the out-of-control national debt. I would have voted ‘no’ on the clean debt limit increase and as part of a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, I will help set priorities that will bring down our national debt,’ Virginia Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie told The Hill in an emailed statement. ” [The Hill,2/21/14]

      Gillespie: “I Was Tea Party Before There Was A Tea Party.” “‘I was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party,’ Republican candidate for U.S. Senate tells The Bull Elephant, hearkening back to his work with Dick Armey in helping to draft the Contract with America-widely regarded as the blueprint for the GOP regaining a majority in the U.S House of Representatives in 1994, after four decades in the minority. Armey now runs founded FreedomWorks, putting national organizational muscle behind Tea Party causes around the country.” [Bull Elephant, 2/14/14]

      Where Gillespie Goes, Nasty Campaigns Follow. [Roanoke Times, Editorial, 12/1/06]

      Editorial: Gillespie Had Record Of “Caustic Elections” That Embraced Dirty Tricks, Ignored “Honor And Propriety.” “Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, is all but a shoo-in to head the GOP in Virginia. Unfortunately for everyone but the party faithful, his record augurs caustic elections to come that will deny the commonwealth informed debate. Under Gillespie’s watch from 2003 to 2005, the national Republican Party embraced unrestrained campaigning. No dirty trick was off limits. No attack was too low. No annoyance to voters was too intrusive. He made sure President Bush won re-election by ignoring honor and propriety.” [Roanoke Times, Editorial, 12/1/06]

      Editorial: “Don’t Bet On It” That Gillespie Would Leave Dirty Tricks Behind In VA. “Maybe he will turn a new leaf back in the state that has been his home for 13 years. Maybe he will leave behind the dirty tricks and promote Republican campaigns that focus on the issues. Don’t bet on it.” [Roanoke Times, Editorial, 12/1/06]


      Candidate Ed Gillespie has tried to cover up his support for unpopular policies.


      THEN: “The President Said The Other Night, I Believe Rightly, That Had We Not Acted Boldly And Had We Not Put This Money Into The Financial Markets, We Would Have Seen A Lot Worse Of A Financial Strain.” Gillespie: “The injection that the Treasury has put into the capital markets has helped ease those. Again, this is a difficult time. But the president said the other night, I believe rightly, that had we not acted boldly and had we not put this money into the financial markets, we would have seen a lot worse of a financial strain on the American people today than what we’re already witnessing.” [CNN: State of the Union, 1/18/09]

      NOW: Gillespie Said He Was “Not In Favor Of Government Intervention In The Economy” And “Not In Favor Of Bailing Out Private Companies.” “I appreciate that, but anyway, others had talked about this and noted in the book about all of the TARP and the financial crisis and the auto bailout, that in the internal deliberations, I argued against the auto bailout. So, I’m comfortable talking about my views. I am not in favor of government intervention in our economy and I am not in favor of bailing out private companies. I think it’s best for the marketplace to work, at the same time, I’m not going to second guess the man that I respect and work for in the White House.” [WMAL: Mornings on the Mall, 1/17/14]


      THEN: Gillespie Was Enron’s “Key Conduit To The White House” And Lobbied For “Economic Stimulus” For Enron. “Former Enron executives disclosed yesterday that a top Bush campaign adviser, Edward Gillespie, served as the company’s key conduit to the White House and House leaders. Gillespie’s firm received $ 525,000 over nine months last year from Enron  for lobbying that included the energy task force and economic stimulus legislation with tax provisions that would have helped Enron… As the economy faltered last fall and Congress and the administration began working on stimulus legislation, Enron called on Gillespie to promote a tax relief package that would include scrapping the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). Sources said that Gillespie contacted House leadership officials as well as the White House staff. Enron was one of dozens of companies lobbying for repeal of the AMT, which was part of Bush’s proposal.” [Washington Post, 1/26/02]

      NOW: Gillespie Said Stimulus Shoveled “Borrowed Money Out The Door.” On the Janine Turner Show, Gillespie said, “[Mark Warner] voted for that failed stimulus bill. Remember it was supposed to be shovel ready, but it ended up just shoveling tax payer dollars out the door. Actually, shoveling borrowed money out the door since we borrowed it from China.” [Janine Turner Show, 2/10/14]


      THEN: “The No Child Left Behind Act has helped to improve our public schools… There`s more we can do yet in terms of improving our public schools.” Gillespie said: “The No Child Left Behind Act has helped to improve our public schools. We`re seeing rising test scores as a result of those policies. There`s more we can do yet in terms of improving our public schools.” [CNN, 9/2/04]

      NOW: In response to a question about his stance on NCLB, Gillespie ignored his past support and said education should be left up to the states. Question: “People have accepted federal control over their schools, so I wonder obviously where you stand on that and if there is anything that can be done to… Just like Obamacare, get rid of “No Child Left Behind” would be the next possible…” Gillespie responded: “I believe education rightly is the purview of state and local governments.” [VA Beach, 5/20/14] (Video)


      Gillespie Reversed Position On Senate Immigration Bill, Said He Now Opposed It. “Many of the former Bush officials running for office are appealing to the party’s base in Republican primaries. Even though Gillespie praised the Senate’s bipartisan immigration bill last year as the ‘right approach,’ he opposes it now. ‘It’s unlikely that it’s going to occur in an election year and, frankly, I don’t think it should at this point,’ Gillespie said last week at a lunch with reporters in Virginia.” [Bloomberg, 4/28/14]



      Gillespie Told Editorial Board GOP Was No Longer For “Railings Against The Expansion Of Federal.” “HAD THERE been any doubts about the direction the Republican Party is headed, they vanished last week when Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie visited New Hampshire. During a cheerful and pleasant meeting (that’s the kind of guy Gillespie is) at The Union Leader offices, the party’s new chairman, energetic and full of vigor, said in no uncertain terms that the days of Reaganesque Republican railings against the expansion of federal government are over.” [Union Leader, 8/31/03]

      Gillespie Told Editorial Board GOP Would Be For Whatever The Latest Polls Said. “No longer does the Republican Party stand for shrinking the federal government, for scaling back its encroachment into the lives of Americans, or for carrying the banner of federalism into the political battles of the day. No, today the Republican Party stands for giving the American people whatever the latest polls say they want. The people want the federal government to tell states how to run local schools? Then that’s what the Republican Party wants, too. The people want expanded entitlement programs and a federal government that attends to their every desire, no matter how frivolous? Then that’s what the Republican Party wants, too.” [Union Leader, 8/31/03]

      Editorial Board: The Message Was Clear – Republicans Had No Other Option Than To Stick With The GOP. “The party’s unofficial but clear message to conservatives is: Where else are you going to go? To the Democrats? To the Libertarians? They don’t think so.” [Union Leader, 8/31/03]

      Editorial Board: Gillespie “Defines ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ As Increasing The Federal Budget At ‘A Slower Rate Of Growth’ Than The Democrats (His Words).” “Over the course of an hour-long meeting with Ed Gillespie, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, we took great care to give him every opportunity to explain himself fully so that nothing could be misunderstood. The result was a surprisingly frank admission that the Republican Party defines ‘fiscal responsibility’ as increasing the federal budget at ‘a slower rate of growth’ than the Democrats (his words). We asked him three times to explain why President Bush and the Republican Congress have increased discretionary non-defense spending at such an alarming rate, and why the party has embraced the expansion of the federal government’s roles in education, agriculture and Great Society-era entitlement programs. ‘Those questions have been decided,’ was his response.” [Union Leader, 9/3/03]


      THEN: Gillespie Defended The Bush Administration Adding Nearly 5 Trillion To The Deficit. BLITZER: “And our children and grandchildren are going to be saddled with that debt decades to come. How could the president let that happen? GILLESPIE: Well, Wolf, as you know, on September 11, 2001, the country was struck in the worst attack on our homeland — a terrorist attack. And it led to, you know, billions of dollars in destruction to the economy…BLITZER: But, you know, he… BLITZER: …all that on domestic spending. He didn’t veto anything for the first six years when the Republicans were in control of Congress. And there was this huge bloated domestic spending that had nothing to do with the war, nothing to do with 9/11. GILLESPIE: Well, non-defense, non-homeland security discretionary spending, Wolf, not — so not Social Security and Medicare — was actually kept to about 1 percent a year. And the Republican Congress did respond to veto threats by the president and recalibrated their bills and brought them down.” [CNN: Situation Room, 11/8/07]

      Washington Post: Bush Policies Added $5.1 Trillion To Deficit, Obama Policies Added Less Than $1 Billlion. “Since President Obama became chief executive, the national debt has risen almost $5 trillion. But how much of that was because of policies passed by Obama, and how much was caused by the ?nancial crisis, the continuation of past policies and other effects? For this analysis, we worked with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to attach a price tag to the legislation passed by Obama and his predecessor. George W. Bush’s major policies increased the debt by more than $5 trillion during his presidency. Obama has increased the debt by less than $1 trillion.” [WaPo, 1/31/12]

      NOW: Gillespie Said He Would Oppose Policies That Increase Federal Spending And Debt. “If elected U.S. senator from Virginia this November, former GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie vows he will oppose any policies that expand welfare, federal spending and the national debt – even if proposed by a Republican president. ” [Washington Times, 1/26/14]

    • #FAIL on all levels.