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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, June 26. Also check out President Obama’s speech to the League of Conservation Voters.

*Dana Milbank: John Boehner wants to sue President Obama (May I just take this moment to remind everyone that today’s Republican Party is an extremist organization of radical nutjobs? Yes, I think I will. Heh.)

*Conservative Freakout Blames ‘Uncle Tom’ And Voter Fraud For McDaniel Loss

*Scott Walker Supporter Charged With Major Voter Fraud Claims Amnesia (Note that it’s a REPUBLICAN actually committing voter fraud?)

*Conservatives Don’t Deny Climate Science Because They’re Ignorant. They Deny It Because of Who They Are (In the end, it’s a disgrace either way, although actually worse if they aren’t ignorant but “deny” the science for economic and ideological reasons.)

*How the Iraq War Launched the Modern Era of Political BS (“Factual divides over whether Iraq had WMD, and whether Saddam was working with Osama, set the stage for today’s battles over reality.”)

*3 reasons not to freak out about -2.9% GDP

*In Virginia, budget delivery spat reveals level of spite (I don’t even have to read the article to know that it’s going to be all “both sides” and “he said/she said.”)

*Howell hires former Bush solicitor general in Medicaid fight (That kind of says it all right there.)

*‘It’s been a whirlwind,’ Brat says of days since primary win (What, a whirlwind of frantically trying to figure out how to hide all his extreme views? Heh.)

*“UNACCEPTABLE”: Gov’s office, House, quarrel over office breach

*Kaine says President needs to ask Congress for Iraq combat OK (Actually, my understanding is that the President, whether we like it or not, already has full authority for that.)

*The Medicaid mess in Richmond is far from Virginia’s finest hour (“Clearly, McAuliffe has the more noble cause, one that should improve the lives of Virginians. His efforts could provide medical coverage for the poor, including folks who work but can’t afford health care.”)

*Sen. Charles Colgan, 87, expects to retire after current term (Democrats had better have a plan to hold this seat, that’s all I have to say.)

*Virginians in Congress fight Chesapeake Bay cleanup (Disgraceful: “Among the signatories are U.S. Reps. Robert Goodlatte, Morgan Griffith and Robert Hurt, who all call Virginia home when they’re not in Washington. None of them represent people who actually live near the Chesapeake.”)

*New River Valley lawmaker sees hemp as state’s new tobacco

*Fairfax County Schools were open this week, but many students skipped out

*VA medicaid battle affecting local healthcare providers

*GOP hired legal gun: Gov. McAuliffe can’t expand Medicaid (Shocker that a “GOP hired legal gun” would come to such a conclusion!)

*Judge dismisses recall effort against Loudoun supervisor (Foaming-at-the-mouth homophobe Eugene Delgaudio survives politically yet again. Ugh.)

*Stephen Strasburg stumbles in Nationals’ 9-2 loss to Brewers

*Drier air takes bite out of heat today (“June is going out on a high note thanks to a drop in humidity through the weekend.”)

  • See Del. Surovell’s letter here. This is in regard to the crusade by Senator Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain against Virginia voting rights, specifically his latest effort to bully the State Board of Elections into reversing their decision to allow expired IDs for voting purposes. Note that this is a standard practice, as many forms of ID don’t even HAVE expiration dates (e.g., look at your employee badge or whatever).  A few more points by Del. Surovell.

    *”The expiration date has to do with issues that are entirely extrinsic and unrelated to the person’s qualification to vote.”

    *”The General Assembly has dealt with similar matters in other areas,” and when it has, it’s explicitly differentiated between “unexpired” and “valid,” which Obenshain’s legislation DOES NOT DO. As Surovell puts it: “Plainly, if the General Assembly intended to erect a higher burden for voting than signing deeds or for the present legal status of the identification to be an issue to be considered by election officials…they could have used clearer language…”

    *Also, amending it in this way is a “slippery slope that could lead to thousands of hours in canvasses and election disputes.”

    *Constructing the voter ID requirement in the way Sen. Obenshain is now claiming could violate the Voting Rights Act, and also “would endanger the entire picture identification voter verification system.”  

  • According to Hannity, who is a huge Barbara Comstock fan and endorser: “Thad Cochran, seeing his power slipping away after many decades as a senator in Washington, you know, knew that his career was on the line here. And rather than run with dignity and honor and integrity and honor and decency, what did he do? He did just the opposite. And he was appealing to Democratic voters.” So I’m wondering what Barbara Comstock thinks of that, given that she was all about “Operation Chaos” (Limbaugh’s effort to get Republicans to cross over and vote in the 2008 Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton) back in 2008, even though she totally got her chronology and facts wrong. Was it right for (mostly white) Republicans to do it in 2008, but wrong for (mostly African American) Democrats to do it in 2014? We’re all ears, Del. Comstock.

  • Planned Parenthood pledges to protect patients after Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law overturned

    Supreme Court decision affects patient health and safety

    RICHMOND, Va. – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia condemns today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in McCullen v. Coakley, a case challenging a 2007 Massachusetts law, the Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act. In an effort to protect patient and public safety while balancing free speech rights, the law established a 35-foot zone in which neither protests nor demonstrations are permitted during health center operating hours.

    “Planned Parenthood’s number one priority is the safety and privacy of our patients and staff,” said Cianti Stewart-Reid, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “After three decades of exhausting multiple approaches, we championed the Massachusetts buffer zone law as an effective and balanced solution to address the problems of harassment, intimidation, and violence from protesters.”

    Women should be able to make carefully considered, private medical decisions without judgment from strangers and abusive and physically threatening protesters. According to a recent survey by the National Network of Abortion Funds, nearly 90 percent of abortion providers have recently reported that a patient entering their facility expressed concerns about their personal safety, and more than 80 percent of clinics have called law enforcement because of safety, access, or criminal activity concerns.

    Although we are extremely disappointed that the Supreme Court failed to uphold this essential public safety measure, Planned Parenthood patients and staff can count on us to ensure their health and well-being are protected today and every day.

  • Let me remind everyone for the gazillionth time, Pat Robertson is one of the top donors ever to Virginia Republicans, and as far as I’m aware none have ever denounced him for his extremist, bigoted ravings…

  • From the DPVA. Profiles in Cowardice and/or Ignorance for Ed Gillespie.

    Ed Gillespie today released his “energy plan.”  While the plan mentions President Obama (who is not on the ballot in Virginia this fall) no less than nine times, he fails to make any mention of climate change. As Hampton Roads is one of the areas most heavily impacted by rising seas, we thought this important issue at least deserved a mention. However, this has become par for the course for Ed. Throughout the campaign, he continued to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge on whether he believes that climate change is man made.

    Don’t Virginians deserve an answer on whether he agrees with nearly every scientist in the world that humans are contributing to climate change?

    Read his attempts to skirt around the issue for yourself:


    In WMRA Interview, Leweke Asked If Gillespie Accepted That Climate Change Is A Problem, Humans Are At Least Partially Responsible. Leweke asked Gillespie, “Do you accept that climate change is a problem, and that human activity is at least partially causing that? Do you see that as a problem that needs to be dealt with at least in some way, and if so how?” [WMRA, 6/23/14]

    Gillespie Said The Evidence Suggests Humans Contribute To Concerning Climate Change, But Warner’s Policies Won’t Help. Gillespie said, “Well there’s certainly evidence that supports that, but the policies that this administration’s talking about and that Mark Warner supports would have a negligible impact because of the global impact that I’m talking about of pushing coal fire plants overseas to where there’s less stringent environmental standards. And I think the trade off in terms of the job loss and the higher cost relative to the benefit is not worth it.” [WMRA, 6/23/14]


    The National Journal Wrote That When It Came To Energy & Science, Gillespie Opted Not To Say Anything At All. The National Journal wrote, “And that’s when Republicans talk about the science at all: Many, such as Ed Gillespie in Virginia or Cory Gardner in Colorado, opt against saying anything all, instead keeping their focus trained squarely on the effect regulations will have on jobs and electricity bills.” [National Journal, 6/18/14]


    Gillespie Again “Avoided Answering” Question About Climate Change. Fredericks: “Do you believe climate change is real and is a problem or its just man-made?” Gillespie: “Well, there’s evidence that suggests that its real but my point, John, is that regardless of that, what is the effect of these policies that the administration is putting forward on global warming and what is the impact that they have? When you look at the potential beneficial impact over the next century, it is negligible at best and I believe if we push the production of coal and coal-fired energy to countries like China and India and Indonesia, which these policies would do – where they have less stringent air quality standards, we can have a damaging impact on air quality and on the environment.” [John Fredericks, 6/9/14]


    “Ed Gillespie Ducked A Question About Climate Change.” “Two days before he hopes to snag the GOP nomination in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race, Ed Gillespie ducked a question about climate change and unfurled his plan for trying to unseat Sen. Mark R. Warner (D).” [Washington Post, 6/5/14]

    Gillespie “Avoided Answering” Question About Climate Change. “Gillespie took questions from reporters after describing his plan but avoided answering one about climate change. He was asked whether he believes that the climate is changing and, if so, whether he thinks that is the result of man-made carbon emissions.” [Washington Post, 6/5/14]

    Times-Dispatch: “Gillespie Did Not Say Whether He Backs The Scientific Consensus That Carbon Emissions Contribute To Climate Change.” “Gillespie did not say whether he backs the scientific consensus that carbon emissions contribute to climate change. ‘Regardless of whether or not human activity contributes to climate change, the policy that has been put forward by this administration is not one that I believe has beneficial effects,’ he said.” [Times-Dispatch, 6/5/14]

    Gillespie “Sidestepped A Question About Whether Climate Change Was Man Made,” Criticized Obama’s Policies. “Gillespie sidestepped a question about whether climate change was man made, instead saying the Obama administration’s policies will lead to greater pollution from less developed countries. ‘Regardless of your views in terms of whether or not human activity contributes to climate change, the policy that’s been put forward to by this administration is not one, I believe, that would have a very beneficial effect in terms of air quality or climate change,’ Gillespie said.” [AP, 6/5/14]