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“Conservative Republican” Dave Foster Bragged He Opposed Bilingual Education, “Racial Preferences”


Yet more evidence that 48th House of Delegates Republican nominee Dave Foster is not in any way, shape or form a “moderate” Republican, despite his relatively “moderate” language and demeanor. To the contrary, when he was running for Attorney General in 2009, he bragged about his opposition to bilingual education and “racial preferences” (dog whistles anyone?!?), and also about his record as a “Lifelong Conservative Republican.” In addition, as we’ve discussed previously, Foster says that the concerns of pro-gun absolutists are his concerns, and that he’s all about “rooting out voter fraud wherever it may occur” (note: “voter fraud” is a myth, no evidence whatsoever for it being a problem, and is simply a smokescreen for Republicans to suppress the votes of minorities, young people, etc.; that Foster buys into the loony-tunes garbage is VERY telling!). No thanks. On August 19, make sure you vote for Rip Sullivan as the 48th House of Delegates district’s next delegate.

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    Keep our Elections Clean

    The success of our democracy depends on honest elections. Everyone legally entitled to vote should be able to do so, but no one should be able to register or vote illegally. Our Attorney General should be authorized to investigate allegations of voter fraud anywhere in the Commonwealth. He should be able to work with other states to eliminate dual registrations. And the brave men and women wearing our nation’s uniform should never have their absentee ballots disqualified because of technical problems they did not create.

  • Bingo.

    *”Dave Foster…said in his 2009 attorney general’s race for the Republican nomination that the gun show loophole is not a loophole.”

    *”Dave has said he wants to eliminate the ban on carrying firearms in national parks.”

    *”Dave has said he opposes abortion and that Roe v. Wade was a case of ‘judges imposing their will.'”

    *”Dave Foster resisted SOL reform that would have made common sense adjustments to state testing requirements.”

    *”Dave has called Ken Cuccinelli a ‘great legislator,’ and supported Cuccinelli for attorney general in 2009 and governor in 2013. He has endorsed and financially supported Virginia Tea Party leaders and is former chair of GOPAC-Virginia, a fundraising arm of the Republican National Committee.”