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Rosalyn Dance Wins VA-16 Democratic Firehouse Primary


UPDATE 7:57 pm: @gmoomaw tweets, “3800 ballots cast + 156 provisionals. Higher turnout than expected.”

UPDATE 7:26 pm: Graham Moomaw tweets, “Dance had 45.4 percent. McQuinn = 36.2 percent. McCollum = 15.6 percent. Rawlinson = 2.8 percent”

UPDATE 7:15 pm: According to Graham Moomaw, “Still waiting on final counts in #SD16 from @vademocrats, but Dance won by a comfortable margin…Dance/Petersburg victory is big shift in local Senate representation. Marsh, a Richmonder, held seat for 22 years”

Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Graham Moomaw appears to be the only reporter covering (at least on social media) the 16th Senate District Democratic “firehouse primary” today (the election is to choose a nominee to replace former State Senator Henry Marsh, who resigned/retired). Polls closed at 3 pm, and it’s now nearly four hours later, yet there are no results that have been publicly announced. In fact, according to Graham Moomaw, “The last ballot box is stuck in traffic somewhere on I-95.” Gotta love the fact that we’re in the year 2014 and everything’s gone to super-fast digital, right? LOL

  • The Richmonder

    While I can’t speak to the problems in Chesterfield, I did work at the Richmond voting site in Church Hill. I thought our volunteers did a great job. Many of have worked in politics professionally, so we knew what we were doing. There were problems, but I don’t believe they were caused by poll volunteers.

    Here’s a few of the things that caused difficulties:

    1) Extremely short timeline. Marsh announced that he was leaving on July 1, 2014. The date of the election wasn’t set until the middle of July.

    2) Poor targeting by the campaigns. Marsh hasn’t had a real challenger in years, so I think the campaigns used a “shotgun” approach to bring out voters. There wasn’t time to build and use good mailing lists.

    3) Voter ignorance. Many times we had to ask voters to read their own voter registration cards and explain that they did not in fact live in the 16th Senate District. There were a LOT of provisional votes that will probably won’t count because the voters don’t live in the 16th. Some people thought they got to vote because they lived in the 3rd Congressional District. Some thought everyone in Richmond got to vote.

  • From the DPVA:

    Results from Today’s Unassembled Caucus to Decide the Democratic Nominee in Senate District 16

    RICHMOND — The Democratic Party of Virginia held an unassembled caucus today to determine its candidate for the special election to be held on November 4, 2014 to fill the remaining term of former Senator Henry Marsh. According to an unofficial canvass of results conducted by the party, Delegate Rosalyn R. Dance held an advantage over her competitors Delegate Delores L. McQuinn, former Richmond Mayor R.C. “Rudy” McCollum, Jr., and Gerry J. Rawlinson. The results will be certified in an official canvass of results to be conducted on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Nomination papers for candidates need to be filed with the Virginia Department of Elections by 5:00 pm on Friday, August 15, 2014.

    The unofficial results are as follows: 1,725 for Roslyn Dance; 1,375 for Delores McQuinn; 592 for Rudy McCollum; 108 for Gerry Rawlinson; and 156 uncounted provisional ballots for a total of 3,956 voters.

    After the unofficial results were tabulated, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Dwight Jones released the following statement:

    “We’d like to congratulate all the candidates on a well-run election. We’d also like to thank all the Democratic Party members, activists, volunteers, and most importantly voters for participating in today’s caucus. We completed this step of the process with minimal incident and we will continue to take the utmost precautions as we conduct an official canvass of the results. While we still have a ways to go in certifying the results, we’d like to congratulate Delegate Dance and look forward to electing another Democrat to continue the legacy of Senator Henry Marsh in the State Senate.”

  • Henrico – Senator A. Donald McEachin, chair of the Virginia Senate Democratic caucus, today congratulated Delegate Rosalyn  Dance on her victory in today’s firehouse primary and said he looks forward to welcoming her to the Senate and to the Democratic caucus. Senator McEachin said, “I want to offer my sincere congratulations to Delegate Dance on an impressive victory in today’s firehouse primary. I also want to congratulate the other candidates on their hard-fought races. Now, as good Democrats all, we come together to defeat any challengers and opposition and to ensure our Democratic nominee fills the seat of former Senator Marsh. Those are big shoes to fill, but I am confident Delegate Dance can carry his legacy.

    “Let me also take this opportunity to thank the countless volunteers who gave up a Saturday to work in the firehouse primary and the ever-dedicated Democratic voters who sometimes drove considerable distance to cast their votes and have their voices heard. Together, we can all accomplish great things and, together, we will prevail this November, ” Senator McEachin concluded.

  • FreeDem

    I know I’ve given up on Virginia and I’m just lurking here, but this just is a helpful reminder of why I’ve abandoned hope.

  • pvogel

    though  sometimes    hope  gets streched  way thin.

  • frisbee

    what happens to her house seat should she win?

  • Innnnteresting:

          The Mayor, Delegate McQuinn, and the Jones Political Machine will have a hard time pretending the upset win by Delegate Roz Dance, fueled in good measure by a backlash to Mayor Jones’ attempt to strong-arm 16th Senate Democrats into nominating McQuinn on Saturday, isn’t a huge blow to the proposed Shockoe Bottom Stadium boondoggle.

                   Look at the numbers: it shows not only a backlash to Jones’ unprecedented interference in this type of non-primary nomination process, but clear evidence that McQuinn lost a lot of votes due to her pro-Shockoe Stadium position.

                    There is no other way to read it.

                    Did it cost her the election?

                    This is the big question city politicians will have to answer.

                    The bottom line though is not in dispute:

                     More and more, support for the Shockoe Bottom Baseball stadium boondoggle is becoming an increasing albatross with the voting public.