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Video: Rip Sullivan Strong, Dave Foster Evasive in 48th House of Delegates District Debate


The second and final debate for the 48th House of Delegates district was held this evening at George Mason University’ Arlington campus. It was a short debate, about an hour long, with lengthy moderator “background” to the questions, interminably long (like 5 minutes each!) opening and closing statements, several topics that came up repeatedly (for no apparent reason), and a whole bunch of topics (LGBT equality, a woman’s right to choose, personhood, education, guns, mental health, voter ID, the DREAM Act/immigration, transportation – other than Foster’s laughable attempt to make this election all about the Columbia Pike streetcar, which the House of Delegates is extremely unlikely to do anything about and which isn’t even located in the 48th House of Delegates district, etc, etc.). So, bottom line: not a very useful or interesting (or entertaining for that matter) debate. Yawwwwwwwn. With that exciting intro, enjoy the video! In all seriousness, Democratic candidate Rip Sullivan did an excellent job and will make a fine delegate, while Cuccinelli-and-Obenshain-supporting Republican Dave Foster was slippery, evasive, and just lame when it comes down to it. Bottom line: turnout will be low in the middle of August, so just make sure you vote next Tuesday – for Rip Sullivan!

P.S. Rip Sullivan’s openings statement is just below; for more video, see the comments section of this diary. Thanks.

  • Rip Sullivan did well on all the questions tonight, but in my view he REALLY nailed it on cleantech and energy innovation. In contrast, Dave Foster was awful…totally doesn’t “get it” on energy (or the environment, clearly). I’ll post that video below this one, just for the record of how pathetic Foster is on this issue.

  • Rip Sullivan: the way districts are drawn now is embarrassing. So true. We desperately need nonpartisan redistricting reform.

  • Rip also rebuts Foster’s b.s. about how only a Republican can talk to other Republicans by making a joke about how by that “logic,” we should just have a House of Delegates with 100 Republicans. LOL

  • Rip: “This is not just a moral issue, this is an economic issue.”

  • This sounds like something Sarah Palin would say. And no, obviously, that’s not a compliment. Unless you like nonsensical ramblings and incoherence, of course. So let’s get this straight: Republicans are arguing that Rip Sullivan should reject the Washington Post endorsement because its owner is a “libertarian billionaire” and because it’s a “corporate entity”/”mult-million-dollar corporation?” Confusing: are these guys Republicans or members of the “Occupy” movement? LOL

    Young Republican Chair Calls on Democrat Rip Sullivan to Reject Corporate Endorsement

    Arlington, VA — On Monday, August 11, Arlington Falls Church Young Republican Chairman Matthew Hurtt called on the Democrat candidate for the special election in Virginia’s 48th District — Rip Sullivan — to reject an endorsement from a corporation owned by a libertarian billionaire.

    “Rip Sullivan has no problem with the influence of corporate money in politics when it benefits him personally, as he himself has said. This follows a national trend and scare campaign led by Democrat Senator Harry Reid,” Hurtt said.

    Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.com and well-known libertarian, is worth in excess of $32 billion dollars. He purchased The Washington Post for $250 million cash in August of 2013. The corporate entity endorsed Sullivan over the weekend.

    “National Democrats, under the leadership of Senator Reid, are attempting to enact legislation that would radically curtail the freedom of speech of many Arlingtonians,” Hurtt continued. “How dare Rip Sullivan act hypocritically by accepting the endorsement of a corporate entity owned by libertarian billionaire, Jeff Bezos.”

    On a July 3 post on liberal blog “Blue Virginia,” Sullivan indicated his opposition to receiving corporate financial support from certain corporations.*

    “Democrats like Sullivan who support curtailing the freedom of speech should put their money where their mouth is and reject such an endorsement from a multi-million dollar corporation,” Hurtt concluded.


    * – Question 9:

    …For instance, would you support campaign finance reform that sharply curtails the power of corporations, lobbyists, and special interests?

    Richmond is broken, and the ethics reform we passed last session was simply insufficient. That’s why I have pledged to never accept campaign contributions from Dominion Power.

    I think that instead of complying to “go along, get along,” we need to change the norm. I can do that by leading the way and holding to strict ethical values and refusing contributions from specific lobbies.

  • Bad answers by both candidates on this one. So silly.

  • At least decriminalize it, as Rip Sullivan suggested.

  • frankwhalen35

    Wow, poor choice for moderator. He seemed to slow down the whole process and there was only an hour for the show.

    Mr. Foster will be played by former SNL cast member Chris Parnell, who’s wheel-well is the slippery grandiose white guy in a suit.

    And sorry Mr. Foster but fighting gun violence IS important, just like a lot of the other issues you wish to take off the table.