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Video: Rip Sullivan Strong, Dave Foster Evasive in 48th House of Delegates District Debate


The second and final debate for the 48th House of Delegates district was held this evening at George Mason University’ Arlington campus. It was a short debate, about an hour long, with lengthy moderator “background” to the questions, interminably long (like 5 minutes each!) opening and closing statements, several topics that came up repeatedly (for no apparent reason), and a whole bunch of topics (LGBT equality, a woman’s right to choose, personhood, education, guns, mental health, voter ID, the DREAM Act/immigration, transportation – other than Foster’s laughable attempt to make this election all about the Columbia Pike streetcar, which the House of Delegates is extremely unlikely to do anything about and which isn’t even located in the 48th House of Delegates district, etc, etc.). So, bottom line: not a very useful or interesting (or entertaining for that matter) debate. Yawwwwwwwn. With that exciting intro, enjoy the video! In all seriousness, Democratic candidate Rip Sullivan did an excellent job and will make a fine delegate, while Cuccinelli-and-Obenshain-supporting Republican Dave Foster was slippery, evasive, and just lame when it comes down to it. Bottom line: turnout will be low in the middle of August, so just make sure you vote next Tuesday – for Rip Sullivan!

P.S. Rip Sullivan’s openings statement is just below; for more video, see the comments section of this diary. Thanks.


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