Big Coal Boss Forces Employees to Donate to Ed Gillespie


    If you really want to understand the for-profit scam that is today’s GOP, this story is a good place to start.

    It seems the infamous coal boss Robert Murray has been forcing his subordinates to give to specific Republican candidates, including our very own Ed Gillespie.  Murray is known for many things, none of them good, like the Crandall County Mine Disaster, which exposed his company’s lax safety record, coal slurry spills into nearby creeks, and over-the-top, self-serving climate change denial statements as in his 2007 hissy fit to Congress:

    “It is time that common sense be introduced into this hysterical, out of control climate change debate, which alleged phenomenon, to our Nation’s best scientists, is based on faulty science.”

    And Murray puts millions of dollars of his money where his mouth is – and then forces his subordinates to do the same, as he was also caught doing in 2012 too.  

    You have to ask: Why is almost the entire Republican party in the climate change denial, do-nothing camp?  Why does Ed Gillespie in particular continue to “dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge” the whole issue?

    Because fossil fuel barons like Murray pay them to take the stands of most value to their corporate bottom line.  It may not be as blatant as directly helping your donor after he gives you a Rolex and takes your wife on a Manhattan shopping spree.  But it’s no less appalling.

    • From the Warner campaign:

      Gillespie Again Goes Negative With Ad, Still Unwilling to Offer Any Solutions

      Today, Ed Gillespie released another negative television attack ad, cementing him as the only candidate thus far to go negative on television in Virginia’s senate race. Gillespie’s ad attempts to distract from the fact that nine months after entering the race, Gillespie has not been able or willing to say what he would do beyond repealing the Affordable Care Act.

      Gillespie’s reliance on negative campaigning long precedes this election. As a self proclaimed “partisan warrior,” Gillespie worked with Karl Rove to found big-money Super PAC American Crossroads, which spent more than $170 million on negative ads for the 2012 elections alone.

      “It should come as no surprise that partisan DC lobbyist Ed Gillespie responded to a new poll showing him down by double digits with a negative attack ad. Just weeks from election day, Gillespie still has not said how he would fix health care. Instead he would take us back to the days when families were denied health care because of pre-existing conditions and women were charged more than men for the same coverage.  Senator Warner is working to fix the law, with commonsense solutions to provide families more affordable options and ease the regulations on businesses. Virginians want a problem solver, not a partisan operative, ” said David Turner a spokesman for the campaign.