BREAKING: Bob McDonnell guilty on 11 counts; Maureen McDonnell on 8 counts


    The verdict is in, and… (note: photo to the right is by 13 News Now)

    3:48 pm: @AmyEGardner of the WaPo tweets, “Bob McDonnell defense attorney Hank Asbill said he ‘didn’t expect’ the verdict. I’m obviously very disappointed. We will appeal.”

    3:39 pm: @juliantwalker1 tweets, “.@SpeakerHowell statement on #mcdonnelltrial verdict: sad day for Virginia. Won’t 2nd guess jury, but ‘proud’ to call @BobMcDonnell ‘friend'”

    3:34 pm: @juliantwalker1 tweets, “#mcdonnelltrial verdict statement from @GovernorVA: “deeply saddened” by trial and impact on VA. @FirstLadyVA & governor pray for McDonnells”

    3:33 pm: Former Virginia Dem blogger @KentonNgo tweets, “Phil Hamilton, Bob McDonnell….are Terry Kilgore and Phil Puckett next?” Good question!

    3:27 pm: @MoElleithee of the DNC tweets, “Glad courts showed no one above the law. But still, no one wants to see a Gov guilty of corruption. Sad end to a sad chapter of VA history.”

    3:23 pm: So, Bob McDonnell, who spent his life telling everyone else what NOT to do with their bodies/in their bedrooms, also how to have the perfect marriage (not to mention the evils of feminism and so many other idiocies) is shown to be just ANOTHER example of right-wing, theocratic, moralistic hypocricy. Should Bob’s mentor, Pat Robertson, get any credit for inculcating such fine moral values in his former student? Heh. Bottom line: Why are none of us surprised, given the long line of these types of people?

    3:21 pm: U.S. Attorney EDVA ‏(@EDVAnews) tweets, “#McDonnellTrial Verdict: Former Gov. Robert McDonnell found guilty on counts 1-11; Maureen McDonnell guilty on counts 1-3, 5-8, 10, 14.”

    3:17 pm: @shearm of the NY Times tweets, “Back in Aug of 2012, Bob McDonnell told Huff Post that he had been on VP short list for Romney.”

    3:15 pm: @omeola of the RTD tweets, “Bob #McDonnell found guilty on 11 of the 14 counts, Maureen McDonnell found guilty on 9 counts. Sentencing set for Jan. 6 at 10 am”

    3:14 pm: So, Bill Howell, Dick Saslaw et al, can we FINALLY get some freakin’ serious ethics laws in this state?!?

    3:13 pm: Attorney and blogger @dmataconis tweets, “Attn Law Students: The “My Wife Is A Crazy B**tch” Defense does not work (See McDonnell, Bob)”

    3:11 pm: @ryanjreilly of HuffPo tweets, “Holder says McDonnell case was ‘well tried’ and appropriate.”

    3:08 pm: @shearm of the NY Times tweets, “If I remember @PostRoz’s reporting right, McDonnell could have pleaded guilty to one felony charge with no jail time and turned it down.”

    3:07 pm: @AmyEGardner tweets, “The family is sobbing in court, per @postroz”

    3:06 pm: @AmyEGardner tweets, “Bob McDonnell and Maureen McDonnell are not guilty of bank fraud.” Weird, if anything I’d have thought they’d be found guilty on that one.

    3:05 pm: As @Lis_Smith tweets, “Why you take the plea deal…” Amazing they didn’t.

    3:02 pm: Roz Helderman of the Post tweets: “Bob McDonnell guilty of 11 counts–all corruption counts” and “Maureen McDonnell guilty on 8 corruption counts and obstruction of justice.”

    3:01 pm: Marcus Schmidt of the RTD tweets, “Bob and Maureen #McDonnell guilty on at least the first three charges”

    3:00 pm: Rachel Weiner of the Wash Post tweets: “Bob and Maureen McDonnell found guilty on at least one corruption charge”

    • Dan Sullivan

      So maybe they figured there were no unreported loans.

    • “We have a long way to go to restore the public’s trust after this embarrassing and difficult period for the Commonwealth of Virginia. If there was somehow still any doubt, it should be crystal clear that the people of Virginia deserve real ethics reform that will turn off the spigot of gifts, tickets, and trips that opens the door to abuse and undermines public confidence in our government. That’s why on the day I was sworn in I implemented a strict gift ban and ethics policy for the Office of the Attorney General. It applies to me, my family, and employees and it says no gifts worth $25 or more, no more than $100 from any person in a year, and it doesn’t distinguish between tangible and intangible gifts. In the upcoming legislative session, I hope the General Assembly will move much closer to the gift bans that Governor McAuliffe and I have implemented.”

    • Dan Sullivan

      There’s your Republican family values.

    • ir003436

      The Devil made him do it and the b***h set him up.

    • va_lady2008

      Earlier I wrote in the diary that juries take these cases very seriously.  The “not guilty” counts show how:

      Count 4 (wire fraud for transfer of dough to MoBo.)  Guv Rolex guilty, but since Mrs. McDonnell wasn’t a partner, she wasn’t involved.  I rate this as a fair finding.

      Count 9: (golf and caddie fees) Guv Rolex guilty, Mrs. Rolex acquitted (she doesn’t play golf.) I rate this as a fair finding.

      Count 11:  Check to MoBo:  Guv Rolex guilty, Mrs. Rolex acquitted.  She wasn’t a partner.  I rate this as a fair finding.

      Count 12:  Failure to disclose debts on loan.  Guv Rolex only charged and acquitted.  I can see how an honest ordinary citizen would think:  how many times have I screwed up something on a piece of paper? I rate this as a fair finding.  Incidentally, I think this was the proffer that Guv Rolex turned his nose up.  He had a point:  he was acquitted on this one.  But look at what it cost him.

      Count 13:  Both charged with failure to disclose debts on loan (they both signed), this time to the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.  See explanation and rating on count 12.

      They have the right of appeal, of course, and this will run on until the rubes stop giving them money to contest it.  Their high price lawyers (who completely muffed the defense) will desert the two of them the minute the money stops coming.  These two grifters really don’t have anything to sell (everything they accepted is automatically forfeited) and from everything I’ve read, don’t have two thin dimes between them to rub together.  That, and greed, are what caused this mess.

    • “Today is a sad day for our Commonwealth. The jury has spoken after hearing twenty-four days’ worth of evidence. The best thing we in the legislature can do is to move forward, turning our attention to the future – and to the issues that Virginians elect us to address. We should all keep the McDonnells in our thoughts and prayers, particularly their children.”

    • True Blue

      Pols need to pay attention to “what they do for donors versus what they do for taxpayers,” Prof. Stephen Farnsworth on msnbc. Chris Cillissa (sp.?) asks will GOP break from McDonnell in Gillespie/Warner and future races?

      Years and years.  Virginia Way?

      And j. martin on bulleleph feels sorry because they won’t see grandbaby born.

    • “The jury has spoken. This is a sad day for Virginia. I have known and worked with Bob McDonnell for more than 20 years, and my thoughts today are with Bob, Maureen, and their children. I urge all Virginians to keep the McDonnell family in their prayers.”

    • Whatever one thinks about the actions of the former Governor and First Lady, you cannot help but be saddened by what has happened to them and to our Commonwealth. The decision today closes a depressing chapter in Virginia history. The jury carefully considered the evidence and has now spoken. With its verdict, it sends a clear message that public officials are not above the law and that those of us who have the honor to serve have a special responsibility to keep the public trust.

      I hope this verdict will improve the prospects of enacting further ethics and campaign finance reform in the Commonwealth.

    • pvogel

      We are so polarized as  a  nation   the  lawyers  could have   strived to put in    some robogops   to   hang the jury.  Unless, everybody   was reasonable  and the evidence  was overwhelming.

    • totallynext

      saying “our” thoughts and prayers are with the McDonnells??????

      NEWS FLASH – McEachin, Warner, Toscano, and whoever else wants to pipe up…

      THEY ARE CROOKS AND NOW CONVICTED FELONS… in fact should be stating very clearly that this is unacceptable behavior regardless of how long you have known them..

      What BS!

    • Jury Finds Former Governor McDonnell, Wife Guilty

      Richmond, VA – Today, after a nearly month long trial, a jury found former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell guilty on all 11 charges filed against him. His wife, Maureen, was also found guilty on nine of those same 11 charges. In response to the verdict, Robert Dempsey, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia, released the following statement:

      “We need to hold our elected leaders to the highest possible ethical standards in order for the people of Virginia to trust in the administration of our Commonwealth’s government. We are truly saddened by this outcome, but it is our sincere hope we can put this episode behind us and move the Old Dominion State forward.”

    • This is a sad day in the history of our Commonwealth. Today’s verdict will require Congress to clarify the exact meaning of ‘honest services’ and will encourage state legislatures to adopt meaningful gift bans.

      My thoughts and prayers are with Bob and Maureen McDonnell and their children.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Dick Saslaw. LOL

    • what about Ken Cuccinelli?

      Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II announced Friday that he had received more gifts from Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr. than he had previously reported and that he had asked the Richmond commonwealth’s attorney to review his disclosure filings.

      Cuccinelli, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor, said he failed to report two stays that he and his family made at Williams’s Smith Mountain Lake vacation house: one over Thanksgiving in 2010, when Williams also supplied a catered turkey dinner, and the other last summer. Cuccinelli valued those gifts at a combined $4,500.

      He also failed to report a $628 flight to New York, paid for by Williams, to attend a Jewish community center event in 2009. Those gifts were on top of others worth nearly $13,000 that Cuccinelli had previously reported receiving from Williams and his company, including another stay at the lake house near Roanoke in 2011.

    • kindler

      …is this:  McDonnell was convicted of Federal bribery laws despite not breaking any Virginia ethics laws.

      Because there aren’t any Virginia ethics laws to speak of.

      Hey General Assembly members, DO YOU GET THE HINT YET????

    • Eileen Levandoski

      What folks think could possibly be the grounds for their appeal? Inadequate counsel?  

    • ericd

      Some great quotes from VA Republicans.  They just don’t get it!  From

      Aldo:  “Before this trial I never would have thought that setting up a meeting would be an official act for the purposes of this statute. …No one is condoning a $15,000 gift for a wedding, [but] prior to today, I wouldn’t have thought it was illegal. ”

      Griffith:  “All of us have done those things we ought not to do.”

    • ir003436

      Meanwhile, over on Fox it’s ISIS, Benghazi, Obama Plays Golf!!

    • True Blue

      Just looked at bullelephant, bearingdrift, and virginiavirtucon (out of curiosity); very little coverage on the result of this trial.  One had an article “Who cares about the McDonnell trial?” No links.  

      False equivalencies and just plain, forget it and it will go away?

    • ir003436

      Back during the 2009 campaign that elected Governor Rolex, I read bits and pieces of his “master’s thesis” at Pat Robertson’s Regents University.

      I just went back and read the whole thing.  THIS IS SCARY!!

      At first, I couldn’t understand how this paper, which is nothing but a statement of Republican propaganda, was approved by a thesis committee.  Then I remembered:  This is Pat Robertson U. where none of the students are very smart and where, I suspect, the faculty represents the intellectual level of the founder, Pat Robertson.

      If you read no other part of his “thesis,” read pages 12 through 17.

    • blue bronc

      It is important to go back and review this guy’s history as governor by reading through the archives of Blue Virginia.  From the start he schemed to give his funders and friends chucks of Virginia.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Rep. Griffith: Griffith:  “All of us have done those things we ought not to do.”

      That’s the point of the trial, Morgan. You were elected to office to represent the people of your district, not to enrich your family by taking bribes that Virginia law (or lack thereof) makes legal. (Of course, the revolving door that just allowed Eric Cantor to accept a plush $3.5 million per year job is still functional, so Griffith’s job after Congress will still be legal.) A higher law got the McDonnells. Now, will we see further vigorous enforcement of the Hobbs Act? I won’t hold my breath.

      And, as for the Albo’s comment, setting up a meeting wasn’t a crime. Taking $177,000 in bribes to set up a meeting was the crime.