BREAKING: Bob McDonnell guilty on 11 counts; Maureen McDonnell on 8 counts


    The verdict is in, and… (note: photo to the right is by 13 News Now)

    3:48 pm: @AmyEGardner of the WaPo tweets, “Bob McDonnell defense attorney Hank Asbill said he ‘didn’t expect’ the verdict. I’m obviously very disappointed. We will appeal.”

    3:39 pm: @juliantwalker1 tweets, “.@SpeakerHowell statement on #mcdonnelltrial verdict: sad day for Virginia. Won’t 2nd guess jury, but ‘proud’ to call @BobMcDonnell ‘friend'”

    3:34 pm: @juliantwalker1 tweets, “#mcdonnelltrial verdict statement from @GovernorVA: “deeply saddened” by trial and impact on VA. @FirstLadyVA & governor pray for McDonnells”

    3:33 pm: Former Virginia Dem blogger @KentonNgo tweets, “Phil Hamilton, Bob McDonnell….are Terry Kilgore and Phil Puckett next?” Good question!

    3:27 pm: @MoElleithee of the DNC tweets, “Glad courts showed no one above the law. But still, no one wants to see a Gov guilty of corruption. Sad end to a sad chapter of VA history.”

    3:23 pm: So, Bob McDonnell, who spent his life telling everyone else what NOT to do with their bodies/in their bedrooms, also how to have the perfect marriage (not to mention the evils of feminism and so many other idiocies) is shown to be just ANOTHER example of right-wing, theocratic, moralistic hypocricy. Should Bob’s mentor, Pat Robertson, get any credit for inculcating such fine moral values in his former student? Heh. Bottom line: Why are none of us surprised, given the long line of these types of people?

    3:21 pm: U.S. Attorney EDVA ‏(@EDVAnews) tweets, “#McDonnellTrial Verdict: Former Gov. Robert McDonnell found guilty on counts 1-11; Maureen McDonnell guilty on counts 1-3, 5-8, 10, 14.”

    3:17 pm: @shearm of the NY Times tweets, “Back in Aug of 2012, Bob McDonnell told Huff Post that he had been on VP short list for Romney.”

    3:15 pm: @omeola of the RTD tweets, “Bob #McDonnell found guilty on 11 of the 14 counts, Maureen McDonnell found guilty on 9 counts. Sentencing set for Jan. 6 at 10 am”

    3:14 pm: So, Bill Howell, Dick Saslaw et al, can we FINALLY get some freakin’ serious ethics laws in this state?!?

    3:13 pm: Attorney and blogger @dmataconis tweets, “Attn Law Students: The “My Wife Is A Crazy B**tch” Defense does not work (See McDonnell, Bob)”

    3:11 pm: @ryanjreilly of HuffPo tweets, “Holder says McDonnell case was ‘well tried’ and appropriate.”

    3:08 pm: @shearm of the NY Times tweets, “If I remember @PostRoz’s reporting right, McDonnell could have pleaded guilty to one felony charge with no jail time and turned it down.”

    3:07 pm: @AmyEGardner tweets, “The family is sobbing in court, per @postroz”

    3:06 pm: @AmyEGardner tweets, “Bob McDonnell and Maureen McDonnell are not guilty of bank fraud.” Weird, if anything I’d have thought they’d be found guilty on that one.

    3:05 pm: As @Lis_Smith tweets, “Why you take the plea deal…” Amazing they didn’t.

    3:02 pm: Roz Helderman of the Post tweets: “Bob McDonnell guilty of 11 counts–all corruption counts” and “Maureen McDonnell guilty on 8 corruption counts and obstruction of justice.”

    3:01 pm: Marcus Schmidt of the RTD tweets, “Bob and Maureen #McDonnell guilty on at least the first three charges”

    3:00 pm: Rachel Weiner of the Wash Post tweets: “Bob and Maureen McDonnell found guilty on at least one corruption charge”