VA House Dem Leader Toscano: “Entire Medicaid special session was a charade” by GOP


    Did anyone ever expect anything else from Virginia House and Senate Republicans? The bottom line is that they: a) control both chambers; b) are absolutely terrified of being primaried by a Tea Partier; and c) are for the wealthy and well-connected, not the types of people (working class, poor) who desperately need Medicaid expansion. The answer? Vote them out of office in November 2015.

    House Democrats Statement on rejection of Rust proposal to expand Medicaid  

    Richmond, VA – Democratic Leader David J. Toscano released the following statement regarding the rejection of Delegate Tom Rust’s proposal to expand Medicaid.

    “The decision on this bill was made before we arrived in Richmond; the debate was mere window dressing. House Republicans have again shown that they have no plan to close the coverage gap,”  said Democratic Leader David J. Toscano.  “The rejection of this legislation is further proof that this entire medicaid special session was a charade.  Despite this setback, we will continue to fight to bring our taxpayer dollars back to Virginia to help our citizens and to find a way to close the coverage gap.”

    • Dan Sullivan

      and don’t pretend anything can be accomplished.

    • From DPVA:

      Despite hopes across the Commonwealth for a special session miracle, House Republicans proved that they were never serious about coming to the table and finding a way to insure 400,000 Virginians. Rather than work towards a compromise, Speaker Howell and nearly all House Republicans chose partisan posturing to kill the only bill under consideration, wasting time and taxpayer dollars.

      Governor McAuliffe and Democratic legislators have put forward multiple proposals and compromises over the past year to ensure these uninsured citizens have access to the health care and economic security they deserve. As House Democrats pointed out today, Virginians are already paying for Medicaid expansion. We’re just paying for it in other states, watching on the sidelines as closing the gap lowers the number of uninsured people across the country.

      “It’s sad to see that Speaker Howell and Republican leadership failed once again to take any kind of action to insure 400,000 hard-working Virginians,” said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “The party of no has really outdone itself tonight — they prioritized wasting taxpayer dollars on a charade session instead of doing virtually anything to help hundreds of thousands of their own constituents.”

      House Republicans proved this Medicaid debate a farce by summarily rejecting the bill put forward by one of their own, Delegate Tom Rust (R-Fairfax). Unfortunately they chose to stand in the way of progress, leaving the lives of hundreds of thousands of uninsured Virginians in the balance.

    • I’m posting this for the record, just so you can see the bull**** Republicans spew out about Medicaid expansion in Virginia. Oh, and Del. Cox? Yes it IS that Democrats want to do better for Virginians and Republicans do NOT want to do better for Virginians. And no, it’s not just a “philosophical difference” – as much as you try to hide it, we all know you guys are terrified of being primaried by Tea Partiers if you are seen as voting for “Obamacare” in wany way/shape/form, so actually you’re just terrified politically (not “philosophically”) of the extreme right in your own party.