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Barbara Comstock Voted To Slash $620m from Public Schools For the Sake of Her Right-Wing Agenda


From the John Foust for Congress campaign:


FAIRFAX, Va. — Barbara Comstock is out with a new deceptive ad today in which she claims to be an advocate for public education, but here’s the truth:  


In Richmond, Comstock voted to slash $620 million to support K-12 education, jeopardizing school children and teachers for the sake of her right-wing agenda.


From Shaun Daniels, John Foust for Congress Campaign Manager: “While Barbara Comstock was pushing a right-wing agenda in Richmond that slashed support for schools and teachers, John Foust was bringing people together in Fairfax to support public education and expand full-day-kindergarten – all while balancing seven budgets and cutting millions in wasteful spending. Just like the partisan political operative that she is, Comstock is trying to say one thing after doing the opposite – and hoping to distract from her own right-wing record that is totally out of touch with Northern Virginia’s values.”  

John Foust has been endorsed by the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.




•        Comstock Voted To Cut $620 Million To Support K-12 Education. In 2010, Comstock voted for a budget that cut $620 million from K-12 education funding[HB 30, 2/25/10; Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/28/10]

•         Comstock Voted Against Funding Salary Increase for Virginia Teachers. In 2013, Comstock voted against a budget that included $70 million to fund the state’s share of a 2 percent salary increase for teachers and support personnel. [HR 1500, 2/23/13; Martinsville Bulletin, 2/24/13]

•         Comstock Voted Against Funding for Financial Aid for Virginia Students. In 2013, Comstock voted against a budget that included $8.6 million for in-state undergraduate financial aid, along with $3 million to increase Tuition Assistance Grants from $2,000 to $3,100. [HR 1500, 2/23/13; Martinsville Bulletin, 2/24/13]



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