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Joe Morrissey Soap Opera Continues…Morrissey is “not going to be part of that process”


This soap opera never seems to end. Also see the “flip” for highlights from a fun discussion about all this a bunch of us (reporters, bloggers, politicos) had earlier on Twitter.

@CBS6 reporter @JoeStGeorge  ·  6m 6 minutes ago

Joe Morrissey will not run for Democratic nomination but does not say if he will run as an Independent in January special election

@JoeStGeorge  ·  7m 7 minutes ago

“I am not going to be part of that process” – Joe Morrissey on why he is not running in Dem primary.

@JoeStGeorge  ·  10m 10 minutes ago

“I am shocked that 100 party bosses have shut the door on thousands of African American voters” – Joe Morrissey

@JoeStGeorge  ·  12m 12 minutes ago

Breaking: Joe Morrissey will not participate/run in Monday’s Democratic nomination process

@JoeStGeorge  ·  2h 2 hours ago

Breaking: Paul Goldman, Joe Morrissey’s law partner, advices Morrisey drop bid for nomination


.  @MSchmidtRTD THAT is the story here.  I don’t agree with @GarrenShipley often, but this is massive disenfranchisement

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

. @MSchmidtRTD This is the first election I can ever remember in my lifetime where a fee was required to vote (e.g. committee membership).

@lowkell  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @notlarrysabato “Please don’t make things up, Garren” – that line could apply to so many situations! LOL

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@MSchmidtRTD @notlarrysabato But you’re accepting Dem talking points at face value, giving them cover for disenfranchisement.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @notlarrysabato At no point did I excuse Dems. Please don’t make things up, Garren.

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@MSchmidtRTD @notlarrysabato You are comparing two distinct processes to create false equivalence, excuse Dems. That’s taking sides.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@notlarrysabato @GarrenShipley I don’t even understand what that has to do with taking sides, but if that’s your interpretation …

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD Well you are a reporter, so now you know to get better sources who know difference in law between two situations.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@notlarrysabato @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Well, I’ve talked to members of BOTH parties who’ve also used the same example.

@TravisFain  2h2 hours ago

@lowkell @notlarrysabato @MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Virginia is needlessly confusing.

@lowkell  2h2 hours ago

@notlarrysabato @MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Doesn’t incumbent get to choose method of nomination? Isn’t Morrissey the incumbent?

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Probably getting that idea b/c you are using an example of an entirely different situation.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@notlarrysabato @GarrenShipley @ssurovell I’m not defending the process, I don’t know where you get that idea from.

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@MSchmidtRTD @TravisFain If you really think it’s the same thing, you are very poorly informed.

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley Sounded like taking sides to me when you conflated two different process with two different deadlines 2 make pt.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @ssurovell Nice try. I’m not taking sides. I said both parties are doing it.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @TravisFain @ssurovell Semantics. In both cases, a candidate dropped out, a small group hand picked a new nominee

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@TravisFain @MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Travis, you nailed it.  There should be time for primaries in all special elections.

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@MSchmidtRTD @ssurovell Nice to see you taking sides, Markus.

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell “So what”?  The deadlines are different.  You are a reporter, gather the facts before looking dumb.

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@TravisFain @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Both parties are doing it when it suits their interests.

@lowkell  2h2 hours ago

@MSchmidtRTD @GarrenShipley @ssurovell Even better, those four Republicans chose the son of Dominion’s CEO! Ah, democracy! LOL

@MSchmidtRTD  2h2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @ssurovell So what? Still a closed nomination, with an even smaller group of “chosen few” to pick the nominee.

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@MSchmidtRTD @ssurovell Dems nominating candidate by primary of 100 voters. No GOP equivalent process. Media outrage would be palpable.

RTD reporter @MSchmidtRTD  ·  2h 2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @ssurovell How did the GOP hand Peter Farrell his seat 3 years ago? Hmmm … http://bit.ly/16DkhDj

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@ssurovell @notlarrysabato I know a lot of folks who lost at mass meetings who would disagree. Huge difference

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

@ssurovell @GarrenShipley big practical difference.  Nominating gives you automatic right to ballot, endorsing does not.

@ssurovell  2h2 hours ago

@GarrenShipley @notlarrysabato Distinction without a practical difference

@GarrenShipley  2h2 hours ago

.@ssurovell @notlarrysabato You’re not endorsing. You’re nominating. Conflation again. Well played, sir.

@notlarrysabato  2h2 hours ago

.@ssurovell @FairfaxDems @GarrenShipley I already have talked 2 Sue about having caucuses for those positions as @arlingtondems do actually.

@ssurovell  2h2 hours ago

@notlarrysabato Then I assume you’ll be leading the fight against @FairfaxDems endorsing 12 school bd candidates next year?

@notlarrysabato @ssurovell @GarrenShipley Don’t even try to defend this Scott.  I hope Goldman’s lawsuit prevails and blocks the poll tax established.


@GarrenShipley I was responding to the comment that said Brat received 1000s of votes. But thanks, hope to be as smart as you one day.

@GarrenShipley  3h3 hours ago

.@JNagurka Which was to replace a candidate who dropped out. Google before you Tweet. You’ll be happier.

Dem political operative Jarrod Nagurka @JNagurka  3h3 hours ago

@KateGaziano @ssurovell @GarrenShipley He’s talking about when 4 GOPers picked Farrell over Brat for HoD seat

@ssurovell  4h4 hours ago

@GarrenShipley exact same way we’ve been endorsed at least 30 candidates in Fairfax County for at least the last 10 years

@GarrenShipley  4h4 hours ago

.@ssurovell Just 100 voters allowed to participate? Doesn’t seem very democratic. Or Democratic, if the usual rhetoric is to be believed.

@ssurovell  4h4 hours ago

@GarrenShipley Really?  I’ll check with Peter Farrell and Dave Brat so see if they agree with you about that

Del. @ssurovell  4h4 hours ago

@GarrenShipley Only vote suppression is by Morrissey & Goldman by demanding a special election that forced a nomination 2 days before Xmas

VA GOP Comms guy @GarrenShipley  5h5 hours ago

If what I’m  reading about @vademocrats process in the 74th is accurate, wow. Just 100 qualified voters? #inclusive

  • Jim W

    I read Firehouse Primary open to all Democrats.  Is someone pulling a Republicans vote Tuesday, Democrats vote Wednesday stunt?

  • cliff

    A fundamental role of local political party committees is to nominate candidates to run under the party banner in the general election.

    A Firehouse Primary combines elements of convention and primary methods for parties to nominate candidates.

    As for a convention, voting is restricted to Dems (ie local committee members) who live in the district. In a convention, local committee members elect delegates to represent them at the convention.

    However, voting is like a primary, but like voting for convention delegates, is restricted to party members who live in the district.

    Everyone votes in the general election after parties nominate candidates, or independents qualify for the ballot.

    Morrissey is using race, as he has everything else. Why be his pawn?