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Jennifer Boysko Statement on Del. Tom Rust’s Retirement


The following press release is from Jennifer Boysko, who hopefully will be the next delegate from the 86th House district!

HERNDON- This morning Del. Tom Rust announced his retirement on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates.  Jennifer Boysko, the Democratic Candidate for the 86th House District, made the following statement regarding Del. Rust’s announcement:

“I want to thank Tom Rust for his many years of service to our community as a Delegate and as Mayor of Herndon.  When Tom first ran for Delegate, I volunteered for his campaign because I had so much respect for him as Mayor.  While we have disagreed on several issues over the years, he has always been committed to serving his constituents and our community to the best of his ability, working in the harsh political environment, which has become more and more divisive over the years.  His accomplishments especially on transportation and fiscal responsibility are to be celebrated and will be appreciated for decades to come.”

“It is always difficult to run against someone you personally respect.  I challenged him because I have been troubled by the Republicans in Richmond who have made it more difficult to govern in a moderate, common-sense manner, as Tom Rust so capably did as our mayor.”

“I wish him well in whatever endeavor he pursues next and thank him again for his public service.”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Very fine response by Jennifer Boysko. Smart move on Rust’s part.

  • Constable Fraser

    I certainly didn’t expect this!  But on reflection, Rust is what, 72 years old? I expect the idea of another hard season’s campaigning was most unappetizing. After all, this last time he actually had to put forth some effort to secure a victory, didn’t he? And Boysko still almost won. She forced him into a recount, which I’m sure no one else ever has.

    This makes the task a little easier. I do wish this time our candidate would enlist the help of dailykos.com down the road. That site has a remarkable ability to shower candidates with cash when its adherents’ enthusiasm is aroused.

    We need Jennifer Boysko. BIG TIME! And this time I think we’ll get her. I’ve never seen a candidate work as hard as she does.