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Video: Satirical “One Percent News” Reports from CPAC Conference


Gotta love these “One Percent News” guys (Will Rice and Eric Byler), great satire. Of course, the people at CPAC they’re interviewing don’t understand it’s satire, which makes it even funnier. I love the old guy talking about Ted Cruz being the “next Ronald Reagan,” and also about how “we won’t stand for” “the bastards” shoving Jeb Bush “down our throats.”

  • Enki

    Do any of these staunch “conservatives” remember how Reagan let 300-marines die at Beirut because they weren’t allowed to have ammunition?  Or how the entire nation came to a transportation stand still because of the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers?  I think the Video goes beyond satire.  It peels back the lunacy of the right-wing-nuts that want to run the nation.  My real concern is that Hillary won’t stand the intense scrutiny the media will put on her and her actions as Secty of State.  Just very disheartened right now about the 2016 race.  How I wish Elizabeth Warren would run!