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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, March 28. Also, check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which he “highlighted the progress made protecting American consumers since he signed Wall Street reform into law five years ago, including an important new step taken by the independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau earlier this week toward preventing abuses in payday lending.”

*Elon Musk: Burning Fossil Fuels Is the ‘Dumbest Experiment in History, By Far’ (It is particularly dumb, not to mention nuts, now that we have clean energy — efficiency, of course, plus wind and solar – at plummeting cost.)

*In Yemen crisis, risk of wider war between rivals

*Co-pilot in jet crash said to have had depression

*An Obamacare checkup (“The law has lived up to many of its promises.”)

*Harry Reid Goes Down Fighting (“With the bruised-and-battered Democratic leader’s resignation, the Senate loses one of its toughest and most fascinating characters.”)

*Inside Chuck Schumer’s 24-hour campaign for leader (“The New York senator got emotional over Harry Reid’s retirement. Then he got to work to take his job.”)

*The economy is a Democrat: Why recent history shows the value of a progressive president (“When Dems control the White House, the middle class wins. And under Republicans? Not so much…”)

*Ted Cruz Is Trying To Gut The Clean Air Act And Repeal All Climate Regulation (This is simply evil.)

*Va. Gov. McAuliffe amends license plate reader bill, angers legislators

*Virginia senator speaking at SC Democratic dinner (“Sen. Mark Warner will speak at the party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner on April 24, a year after his Old Dominion senate counterpart Tim Kaine headlined the same event.”)

*McAuliffe reworks ethics bill, will veto Tebow, gun bills

*McAuliffe proposes tighter gift limits in ethics legislation (“The governor said his amendments include an aggregate cap of $100 annually per lobbyist or entity seeking a contract with the state, a policy he said his administration already follows.”)

*McAuliffe runs afoul of the feds (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe has never shied away from his reputation as a hustler. This week, he shrugged off the latest complaints of his aggressive style during his regular appearance on WRVA’s ‘Ask the governor’ program. ‘I pick up the phone, and I raise heck,’ McAuliffe said, likening his business strategy to his approach as Virginia’s chief executive.”)

*Balancing the tuition scales at U-Va. (“The larger payment from better-off in-staters will free up resources that the university gets from the state and elsewhere so that U-Va. can expand access to talented Virginians of more modest means. Sounds like money well spent to us.” Agreed.)

*Swecker takes helm of state Democratic Party (Good luck!)

*Toxic emissions in Va. increase 10 percent in 2013; Radford arsenal remains atop list

*A wind-chilled start to the weekend

  • I dare you to find anything Morgan Griffith says here that’s 100% true – not a Big Lie, a smaller lie, a distortion, something taken (wildly) out context, a double standard, etc. Good luck! (e.g., most international agreements for decades now have not been full-fledged treaties; Laurence Tribe is being PAID by Peabody COAL to spew their propaganda).

  • RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe kept his promise to Virginians to take concrete steps to reduce gun violence in Virginia by vetoing on Friday three irresponsible pieces of legislation that had been supported by the gun lobby.

    The three vetoed bills are SB 1137, SB 948, and HB 2009. They would have:

    Allowed concealed handgun permit holders to transport loaded shotguns and rifles in their vehicles on any public street, road or highway, regardless of local laws, which could have put local law enforcement in danger (SB 1137)

    Prevented the Virginia State Police from sharing information – including that which could convey a Virginia concealed handgun permit holder’s criminal background – about permit holders with law enforcement in other states with which Virginia does not have reciprocity (SB 948)

    Forced a local chief law enforcement officer to provide a certification or denial for the transfer of a machine gun within 60 days, thereby placing artificial timelines and undo restrictions on law enforcement as they seek to keep their jurisdictions safe (HB 2009)

    Lori Haas, Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, applauded McAuliffe for his proper use of executive authority in the interest of public safety.

    “Governor McAuliffe has indicated time and time again that he doesn’t answer to the gun lobby,” Haas said. “His vetoes this week convey that he knows that his job is to protect the people of Virginia from gun violence that is entirely preventable. We thank him for his decisive action to safeguard our families.”

    Added Coalition to Stop Gun Violence executive director Josh Horwitz, “No one in their right mind would want to put men and women in blue at a disadvantage when they’re out there protecting America’s neighborhoods. Additionally, the Commonwealth issues permits with an interest in protecting public safety, and there’s no reason we should disregard the safety of our fellow Americans in other states.”

    The Virginia General Assembly will convene for a session to vote on overriding vetoes on April 15. McAuliffe’s vetoes of SB 1137, SB 948 and HB 2009 are likely to be sustained due to an evenly divided Virginia Senate.

  • Quizzical

    David Kendall, the Williams & Connolly lawyer who represents Hillary Clinton, has written a letter in response to a subpoena, saying that the emails on the Clinton server, and all associated backup devices, was deleted soon after the work-related emails were turned over to State.  

    This just confirms what most everybody assumed before, i.e., that when she announced that she had chosen not to retain her emails, that meant that they were deleted.  


    Now most everybody is making another assumption, that when David Kendall says that the emails were deleted, that means that the hard drives were wiped clean so that the emails are not recoverable.

    At this point, nobody knows anything other than what David Kendall said.  The next thing we will probably find out, in a month or two, is that the hard drives in both the server and the offsite backup drives were physically destroyed and replaced with new drives.

    After seeing the lengths to which the Republican party will go to destroy Democratic politicians over the years, I don’t blame Hillary Clinton at all for taking such precautions. She will probably pay a price for it at the polls, but the price will likely be less than if a Republican Congress were to get all of her personal emails for review and leakage.