Far-Right-Wing Extremist Endorses Far-Right-Wing Extremist


    I’m sure most of you already know how extreme climate-scientist-persecuting, gay-hating, immigrant/Latino-bashing Ken Cuccinelli is. If you want to learn more about Virginia State Senator Dick Black, see Sen. Dick Black (R-Homophobia): Polygamy “just more natural” than homosexuality ; What Is It With Loudoun Republicans?!? Dick Black on Spousal Rape, “Nighties,” etc. ; Republican Loudoun-sanity Continues: Dick Black Rails Against Gays in the Military ; VA Sen. Dick Black (R) Praises “Extraordinary Gallantry” of Syrian Armed Forces ; More Republican Insanity: Dick Black is Back!; etc. Anyway, given that these guys are (cuckoo) birds of a feather, it’s not surprising that they’d flock together…or that Cooch would endorse Black (see below; click to “embiggen”). The answer: let’s make sure we defeat Dick Black this year in his run for reelection to the Virginia State Senate.

    • So, Now Dick Black Is Comparing Women’s Groups To ISIS

      Dick Black is getting a lot of attention lately, and not the good kind. Today Emily’s List announced that the right-wing Loudoun senator has been placed “On Notice,” meaning he’s committed such egregious acts of terribleness that, for the first time ever, they’re adding a state legislator to their top-targets list.

      Black responded in his typically out-of-touch fashion, comparing Emily’s List to… ISIS. Yes, really.

      Dick Black: Come for the heinously offensive social views, stay for comparing a women’s group to an international terrorist organization.

      Where’d he learn that one, his buddy Scott Walker? The Wisconsin governor infamously compared union members to ISIS, and that sure worked out well for him.

      In Case You Missed It:

      Washington Post (Jenna Portnoy)

      First ISIS, now Emily’s List – Va. GOP senator is a popular political target