Far-Right-Wing Extremist Endorses Far-Right-Wing Extremist


    I’m sure most of you already know how extreme climate-scientist-persecuting, gay-hating, immigrant/Latino-bashing Ken Cuccinelli is. If you want to learn more about Virginia State Senator Dick Black, see Sen. Dick Black (R-Homophobia): Polygamy “just more natural” than homosexuality ; What Is It With Loudoun Republicans?!? Dick Black on Spousal Rape, “Nighties,” etc. ; Republican Loudoun-sanity Continues: Dick Black Rails Against Gays in the Military ; VA Sen. Dick Black (R) Praises “Extraordinary Gallantry” of Syrian Armed Forces ; More Republican Insanity: Dick Black is Back!; etc. Anyway, given that these guys are (cuckoo) birds of a feather, it’s not surprising that they’d flock together…or that Cooch would endorse Black (see below; click to “embiggen”). The answer: let’s make sure we defeat Dick Black this year in his run for reelection to the Virginia State Senate.

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