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Webb: Trump’s “Inflammatory Rhetoric” on Latinos Like Liberal Rhetoric on “Southern White Culture”


The hell? In what universe is there any equivalence between Donald Trump’s ugly, racist, xenophobic, demagoguery-laden, clownish comments on Latino/Hispanic immigrants and liberal “rhetoric” on “southern white culture” (e.g., liberals’ desire to see symbols of racism – and racism itself – disappear into the dustbin of history)?!? As for Webb’s comment that the Democratic Party has moved “way far to the left,” and how “that’s not my Democratic Party,” those comments are both bizarre and interally contradictory, coming from someone who is a social libertarian (pro-choice, pro-LGBT equality) and a self-proclaimed “Jacksonian populist” who has talked for years about the threat posed by rising income inequality (“the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, the middle class getting squeezed”). Other than those issues, where Webb IS on the “left” broadly speaking, what on earth is he referring to? If he’s talking about a Democratic Party that focuses more on working class people, which is clearly what he wants, then you’d think Webb would WANT the Democratic Party to become less beholden to corporate interests and more “left” leaning. It’s just a fundamental, internal contradiction in Webb’s rhetoric that cannot be reconciled. Finally, Webb really needs to stop with this “both sides” crap, as it’s intellectually dishonest and lazy, among other problems.

  • PassionateJus

    He has no constituency within the Democratic Party. There’s no way he can match the support/ money of either Sanders or Clinton. Both Sanders and Clinton have experience as Senators. And Clinton has way more foreign policy credentials than he does. Plus many Democrats are excited to elected the first woman president.

    I suppose he might do well in South Carolina, but, really, I don’t see his campaign going anywhere. How are comments going to excite Democratic primary voters?

    And he’s not a great VP nominee either.

    Maybe he’s just bored.

  • FreeDem

    I was a huge Webb supporter in 2006. By 2009 or 2010 I was unhappy, but recognized our state tended to elect more conservative Democrats than what I would be happy with. By 2015 he’s an absolute joke.

  • gzitver

    …if he had done well among rural whites in Virginia in the 2006 election. But he ran especially poorly in the far southwestern counties.

  • From Haskins’ Facebook page:

    making false equivalencies between people who oppose Confederate nostalgia and Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican comments and insulting as “far left” the very Democrats who fueled your 2006 Senate campaign surely is a curious way to run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

  • Gotta give Chuck Todd credit for this one, good job.

    Chuck Todd does a hit job on Donald Trump by ewillies

  • Quizzical

    Most of the interviewer’s questions were on foreign policy; I don’t think they would have ever gotten around to domestic politics if Webb hadn’t completely changed the subject and awkwardly volunteered a comment on Trump.  Webb is comfortable talking about foreign policy, but in this interview I didn’t think he had much to say that was new.

    I was happy to hear Webb mention the Remote Area Medical clinic in Wise and challenge Fox to cover it, but I don’t understand why he says that “both parties” have forgotten about the people who attend those clinics. (Certainly Webb seemed to forget them once he was elected to the Senate.)

    For the last 5 years, the two parties have had an ongoing fight about healthcare, and it’s been pretty clear who has been on each side of that debate. That also goes for the refusal by the Virginia general assembly to authorize the expansion of Medicaid.

    I can understand the political reasons why Webb wants to position himself as a centrist who can bring people together, but he’s not going to be able to do that on healthcare.  For example, is he going to pledge to veto any attempt to repeal Obamacare, or not?  There is zero chance that question will not be asked in the debates.

    Jim Webb is a legitimate war hero.  I guess he can identify which whomever he wants, but he really is not from the South and is not from Appalachia. His father was career Air Force and Webb grew up all over the country, and in England.