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Sunday News: McAuliffe Says 6 Debates Enough; Biden Edges Closer to Running?


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 20. Also see President Obama addressing the Congressional Black Caucus.

*McAuliffe: 6 debates are enough for Democrats (No, 6 debates are most certainly NOT enough for Democrats!)

*Joe Biden Edges Closer to Joining Presidential Race

*Poll: Americans widely admire Francis, but his church less so

*This is a climate-change nightmare: Droughts rage and fires burn, while evil ALEC and hapless Democrats dither (“No one is being serious enough and history will judge us harshly — especially since a green economy lifts us all.”)

*Boxer hits former Senate opponent Fiorina (“She’s the face of income inequality and the face of corporate greed … She makes Mitt Romney look like a Democrat.”)

*Donald Trump Tells Evangelicals He Handled Obama Ethnicity Question Better Than John McCain (The guy’s delusional.)

*Bill Bolling: What’s the deal with Trump? (“While many voters in the Republican base may like Trump’s brash style and demeanor, it totally turns off most other Americans, who would probably never support him for president if they had another, more viable, choice.”)

*Schapiro: Va. Obamacare fight is game of millimeters not inches

*Dominion says no ‘easy fixes’ remain to transport natural gas

*Expert: Military status misrepresentation costly for McCollum campaign (“False claims on a candidate’s resume or election materials – whether by misunderstanding, carelessness or deliberate deception – are rare in Virginia politics. But when it happens, like with Gary McCollum last week, it’s almost lethal, experts say.”)

*Our view: Tazewell’s blowback against wind energy (“Wind energy seems a completely good thing. If we can generate energy out of thin air, why wouldn’t we want that? It’s the ultimate energy independence; no foreign dictator can ever cut off our supply of wind. The notion advanced on the Roanoke Tea Party website that wind energy is some kind of nefarious United Nations plot is ridiculous on its face.”)

*What’s not to like about I-66 HOT lanes? Everyone can find something.

*Arlington board approves additional affordable housing

*Reasons Region should work as one (“All the leaders of all the cities of Hampton Roads pledge at least notional allegiance to that cause. Their practice, however, is a different matter.”)

*D.C. area forecast: Cooler with a refreshing breeze today; even cooler tomorrow with a chance of showers

  • Christie 3%, Kasich 2%, Santorum 1%, Gilmore/Pataki/Walker/Graham/Jindal all at less than 1/2 of 1%. LOL

  • Fiorina doubles down on her bull**** and right-wing extremism (e.g., willingness to shut down the government).

  • As I’ve said many times, Carson may be soft spoken and a great neurosurgeon, but other than that, he’s utterly bonkers, extreme, etc.

  • Another bigoted Republican, in this case the FRONT RUNNER for their party’s nomination for PRESIDENT in 2016. Amazing…

  • George Will is a purveyor of climate science denialism and other Big Lies. Now he’s attacking Pope Francis, one of the greatest and most respected people in the world. Why on earth does the Washington Post give this cretin George Will space on its editorial page?!?

  • Quizzical

    I thought that article was really unfair to McCollum. He had, in fact, been a Major.  After doing 8 years of active duty, and some additional years in the active Reserves, he left the active Reserve but consented to remain in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).  He could have refused to be in the IRR, but he did not.  Being in the IRR simply meant that his name was on a list, and that he was subject to being called to active duty by the Army in the event of a war, if needed, but otherwise he had no military duties and didn’t attend drills. The IRR is just a big list. The likelihood of being called up was very small, but not nonexistent. (See Korean War).

    Putting all his periods of service together – active duty, active Reserves, and IRR – that totals 20 years.

    So I don’t think he deserves to be crucified over having overlooked the fact that he was dropped from the list in the IRR.  

    I think McCollum and his consultants can be fairly criticized for lack of attention to detail and for political malpractice, but to headline it as a “misrepresentation” and then to compare him to someone who listed a doctorate degree on her resume which she didn’t have, is going way too far.