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Video: Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille Announces Write-In Campaign; Kerry Donley Endorses Him


Just a few minutes ago, Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille announced that he will run a write-in campaign for reelection, in spite of losing the Democratic primary in June to Allison Silberberg. In addition, his write-in campaign tweeted, “Thank you @DonleyforMayor for endorsing @BillEuille for mayor.” That’s a big one, given that combined, Mayor Euille and Vice Mayor Donley received 62% of the Democratic primary vote in June, versus Silberberg’s 38%. This should be verrrry interesting…and yes, I still think Euille can win. It will be particularly interesting to see how the Alexandria Democratic Committee handles this situation. I’ve definitely heard concerns expressed by Alexandria Dems, including one who emailed to say that Euille’s campaign could “tear apart the Alexandria Democratic Party and the City of Alexandria,” while making it “much more likely that Republicans will get a seat (or even…the majority) in our City Council.” We’ll see.

UPDATE 7:00 pm: The Alexandria Times reports that Euille “launched into a scathing attack on Silberberg’s record,” charging that her “view of public policy is to just say ‘No,'” and declaring, “I will not sit back and watch as a tide of naysayers take over the city. I will not watch our triple-A bond rating be jeopardized.”

  • alexdemprim

    Euille appears to think that because Frank Mann was elected mayor as a write-in candidate in 1961, he can too.  That isn’t necessarily the case:

    * Mann generally was the young (41) anti-establishment candidate, challenging a sitting mayor – not a defeated/discredited incumbent.

    * The incumbent mayor, Leroy Bendheim, was alleged to be in the pocket of developers – notably, he was accused of forwarding checks from a developer to council candidates.  That sounds more like Euille than the candidate on the ballot.

    * Mann ran a lightning campaign, declaring only 10 days before the election – and only about 8,000 votes were cast.  (Contrast this spring’s low-turnout primary, which nevertheless saw more than 13,000 votes – and Euille’s Hamlet-like indecision over many months, which probably has done him no good.)

    That said, Donley’s support for Euille quite frankly surprises me and will probably help some (although not as much as Euille may think – my vote for Donley in the primary was anti-Euille, not pro-development).  

    Also, Euille may need to explain his endorsement by Phil Cefaratti – who is running for council this year as an independent, but previously was a Republican.  (That certainly will make it harder to criticize Silberberg for finding GOP support.)

  • From Red Brick Town, which is doing a great job covering Alexandria political developments (better coverage than the corporate media…quicker and more thorough):

    …Since my victory in the primary on June 9th, he has been talking about this possibility. He never conceded the race. This much we all know. We also know that he has stated many times that he lost in the primary due to low voter turnout as well as due to the number of Republicans who voted for me on June 9th.

    First, it is the Mayor’s right to run although he and Mr. Donley and I signed a pledge that we would accept the outcome of the primary and not run from another party. Second, his assertion that there was low voter turnout is contrary to the fact that even the Office of Voter Registration and Elections said they expected far less than the more than 13,000 who voted in the primary. The total was a very good turnout for an off-year primary. Finally, Republicans voted for me, the Mayor and Mr. Donley. They did not just vote for any one candidate. They also gave generously to all three campaigns. Those are the facts.

  • followthemoney

    Who were Euille’s top donors for the primary?

    (1) Mark C. Williams – $5700 – An energy industry lawyer and chair of the city’s Industrial Developmental Authority (a fact which is rarely disclosed in his pro-Euille letters to local newspapers).

    (2) (tie) Perpetual Realty East, LLC – $5000 – Intriguingly, also gave $5000 to Donley.  Appears to be an office building developer – part of the Hoffman Companies – that hedged its bets.

    (2)(tie) Land of Opportunity LLC – $5000 – Located in the same building as Perpetual Realty East with the same registered agent, and also gave the same amount to Donley.  Sold the Hoffman Center Holiday Inn (2460 Eisenhower Avenue) for $17.7 million in May 2015.

    (3) Ashok Chauhan – $3003 – Doctor at Innova Hospital, but lives in Falls Church.  Three donations of $1001 each, which seems peculiar.

    (4) Martin L. Agem – $3000 – Donated office space at 1400 Duke Street – e.g., another real estate guy, who only acquired the building in March.

    (5) (tie) Michael C. Lindsay – $3250 – The principal of Lindsay Lexus.

    (5) (tie) Jack Taylor Toyota – $2500 – Another car dealer.

    (5) (tie) Austin Flajser – $2500 – President of Carr Hospitality, which owns various hotels in Alexandria.

    (5) (tie) Paul Haire – $2500 – Owner of Your Dog’s Best Friends.  The first entry on the list which doesn’t look suspicious – a genuine in-city small business.

    (5) (tie) Bradley S. Nierenberg – $2500 – President of RedPeg Marketing, another in-city business.

    Silberberg’s donor list looks very, very different.