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Wednesday News: Cheney Lies Again; Clinton Says She’s Sorry; GOP Plays on Racial Fears


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, September 9. Also check out Arlington County Board Democratic nominees Christian Dorsey’s and Katie Cristol’s opening statements at last night’s Civic Federation forum at Virginia Hospital Center.

*Dick Cheney tries to fool the public again (“The former VP is full of scary predictions.” Cheney’s always wrong.)

*Lawyers vow Kim Davis will violate court order and halt marriage licenses after release from jail (Well, then, back to jail she goes…it’s 100% in her court.)

*Hillary Clinton on Private Email: ‘That Was a Mistake. I’m Sorry’

*Why more debates are good for Clinton

*U.S. Solar Power on Track for Record 2015 as Utilities Lead Way (But not in Virginia, where Dominion Power has been and continues to be a major obstacle…)

*4 More Senators Back Iran Deal, Assuring Cushion for White House

*Former Israeli Nuke Chief Backs Iran Deal in Video (“Because if it fails, the risk for a nuclear Iran will only go up.” Bingo.)

*Your Lawn Is Giving Frogs a Sex Change (Yet another reason to get rid of lawns.)

*The Shutdown Sweepstakes (“Ted Cruz doesn’t just want a pointless showdown over funding the government. It’s a key part of his presidential campaign strategy.”)

*Scaring Up the Vote (“GOP presidential contenders are blaming Black Lives Matter for crime. It’s a desperate attempt to frighten white voters into supporting them.” Disgusting as usual.)

*Schapiro: Looking for a few good LG candidates (“Northam and Herring are shopping for a running mate for lieutenant governor – and there’s little doubt it will be a woman, minority or both.”)

*Sen. Tim Kaine introduces gun regulations bill

*Jim Gilmore’s presidential mantra: substance over speed (“Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore is running for president, but he says he’s just been too focused on setting up his campaign to… campaign.” LOL)

*Roanoke council members praise police rollout of body cameras

*Alexandria council votes to prohibit flying of Confederate flags by city (“A citizens committee will consider whether to rename streets named for Confederate military leaders.”)

*Audits paint bleak outlook of Richmond finances; $1B in fund transfers not recorded in a timely fashion

*UVa won’t release independent review of retracted rape incident

*Questions still remain over the death of Natasha McKenna (“Still unanswered is why Ms. McKenna was treated as she was, and whether a different approach might not have saved her life. The public now has a right to see the video of the incident and to hear more from the county’s sheriff and other top officials.”)

*Prosecutor will not pursue charges in death of mentally ill inmate in Va. (“Natasha McKenna died at the Fairfax County jail in February after being restrained and Tasered.”)

*Fairfax prosecutor rules inmate’s death an accident (Huh?)

*Nationals collapse in late innings, suffer another devastating loss to Mets (“Washington’s relievers needed to get seven outs with a six-run lead and could not hold firm, falling to the New York Mets, 8-7, in a game the Nationals had to have in front of their home crowd.”)

*D.C. area forecast: Hot again today, then showers and storms sweep away the summer heat

  • First, the Democratic nominees – Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey – both of whom I strongly support.

    Now, Republican Mike McMenamin – who I most definitely do NOT support.

    Finally, Green candidate (although she sounded a lot more like a Republican on taxes, affordable housing, investments in infrastructure, etc. in this forum) Audrey Clement:

  • Arlington Republicans should feel comfortable voting for either or both of these candidates. Everyone else should vote for Christian Dorsey and Katie Cristol.

  • Two Influential Virginia Women’s Groups Endorse Katie Cristol for Arlington County Board

    Arlington, VA — The Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus and Virginia Chapter of NOW have enthusiastically endorsed Katie Cristol, Democrat for the Arlington County Board.

    “Katie has been an advocate for women for more than a decade. On the County Board, she will be a champion for issues such as reducing sexual assault and domestic violence and making high quality child care more accessible that are critical to women in our community,” Virginia NOW President and longtime Arlington leader Marj Signer said of the endorsement. “Virginia NOW is proud to support her.”

    “I am grateful to have these endorsements and, if elected, will continue to advocate for policies that enhance women’s lives,” said Cristol. “In my advocacy in Arlington for inclusive zoning for child care centers and an improved community-based response to sexual assault, I’ve seen repeatedly that women’s issues are local issues.”

    Members of both groups have pledged their support and committed financial resources to help Cristol’s campaign to victory in the November General Election.

  • I’d say that happened a while ago, also combine insanity with evil (e.g., support for TORTURING people!) and you’ve got Dick Cheney – and his supporters, of course – in a nutshell. Dangerous.

  • My god, where do brain-dead freaks like Sarah Palin and the people who support her come from?