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Super Tuesday 2016: Virginia Presidential Primaries Open Thread


Today is presidential primary election day in Virginia. As usual, polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm, and you can vote at your regular polling location – WITHOUT having to sign any party “loyalty oath,” by the way. So make sure your voice is heard, whoever you’re supporting.

For my part, I’m going to be voting for Hillary Clinton, as I strongly believe she is the best candidate thanks to her vast domestic and foreign policy experience; her pragmatic progressive political philosophy that can actually build on the many accomplishments of President Obama the past 7+ years; her ability to win the general election this November and to hit the ground running on day #1 in the White House. While I like and respect Sen. Sanders, I don’t see his platform as at all realistic given the political realities of this country, and I seriously worry that if he were the Democratic nominee, we could lose the election to one of the far-right extremists, xenophobes, homophobes, etc. on the Republican side. Speaking of which, does anyone seriously think that Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz is any better than Donald Trump in terms of policy or even temperament for the job? If so, you must be smoking something strong, probably illegal in Virginia. Heh. Seriously, though, there are no good choices at all on the Republican side – even John Kasich is highly conservative by almost any standard, only SEEMING “moderate” in relation to the three extremists (or four, if you count freakazoid Ben Carson) who are the frontrunners for the John Birch Society’s…er, White Nationalist Party’s…er, GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination.

With that…what are you seeing and hearing out there? What’s turnout like in your neck of the woods? Who did you vote for and why? Feel free to add your observations in the comments section.

  • frankoanderson

    In a few cases I’ve heard that polling locations are down to one voting machine. So if that happens and you’re asked to put your ballot in the Republican machine, don’t worry: the ballots will still be counted separately regardless of which machine.

    • Why is it so difficult to hold an election in America, given all our technology (e..g, the ability to bank online)? Why can’t we all just vote securely from our computers, smart devices, etc., just like we do with almost everything else in our lives? In th meantime, we seroiusly can’t produce voting machines that, ya know, actually WORK??? Amazing…

      • Di Read

        Mah Gawd, that’s ridiculous! That’s also…

        …voter suppression. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    • frankoanderson

      Just to be clear, the voters are still voting in multiple booths with paper ballots — THEN they walk over and put ballots into the machine. So there’s no voting delays in this case. The ballots are coded separately so it doesn’t matter whether you put it into a D or an R machine; everything gets counted properly.

      • Another Scott

        I assume they can count the ballots properly no matter which counting machine is used for which ballot, but in my precinct in FFX Co there was a Democratic counting machine and a Republican counting machine (each with big signs).



        • Chris

          My precinct only had one machine for both parties.

        • notjohnsmosby

          You can program the machines to read dozens of different ballots. Remember, last year there were like 55 different ballot combos in Fairfax, but at early voting sites, there was one ballot reader for each CD, if that.

  • Di Read

    Good morning! Haven’t voted yet–Dearly Beloved and I will go to the polls after coffee and vote for Hillary about 10 a.m.. Hey–re the “no enthusiasm among young people for Hillary”–ABC-7 yesterday evening showed a long, long line of YOUNG PEOPLE snaking around the building at George Mason University, where Hillary was due to speak late in the afternoon. So much for “no enthusiasm.”

  • Quizzical

    Voted in South Newgate precinct, at Centreville H.S. No lines. The only way I could have gone through faster would have been to sprint from the parking lot to the check in desk.

  • Southern Liberal

    Polls have shown that Bernie fares better against Rubio and Cruz than Hillary does, which is one of the reasons why I’m planning to vote for Bernie after I get off work today.

    • Let’s hear about those polls after Republcans unleash a few hundred million $$$ of negative attack ads against Bernie. My guess is they’d look VERY different than they do now.

      • Pragmatic Progressive

        Precisely. That’s one of several reasons why I’ve decided on Hillary.

  • Andy Schmookler

    I’m about to go out and vote for Bernie, for reasons I’ve expressed here before and that I still believe are valid. But it does indeed look like the general election will be Hillary vs. Trump, and I’m completely ready to shift my support Hillary.

    Her victory over Trump is of YUGE importance. Even if there were no other
    reasons but these
    *gaining control over the Supreme Court ·
    *preventing the terrible things the Republicans would do if they controlled the whole government, all three branches
    *avoiding whatever embarrassments and nightmares the nation might be subjected to if Donald Trump became president

    it would be of vital importance to support Hillary
    against Trump.

    But of course there are plenty of other reasons as well. I don’t think of her shortcomings as weighing nearly as much as some I know on the left do. And she obviously has some considerable strengths—her intelligence, her determination, her considerable capabilities. It is possible that she would make a great president, though I am not expecting that. But electing her over Trump – or any still possible Republican nominee – would indeed be great for the nation.

    If Hillary wraps this up in the coming weeks, as looks likely, I will focus my efforts on doing what I can to help her win.

    • Southern Liberal

      Same with me. If Hillary is the nominee, I definitely plan to shift my support to her.

  • Frank Garvey

    Voted in Arlington View (38) at 7:30 AM. I was the only person there. In and out in 2 minutes.

  • Photo: Long line to vote at Arlington’s George Mason University precinct. And yes, it’s pathetic that we only see lines like this for presidential elections, and not for the equally crucial mid-term elections for Congress, odd-year elections for governor and state legislature, etc, etc. Drives me nuts.


  • Former Virginia LG Bill Bolling (R):

    Donald Trump is simply bad news. His campaign of anger, hate and division will continue to incite unfortunate events like this. His nomination could result in the total implosion of the Republican Party. Should he somehow get elected, the consequences for our country could be far worse. If Trump is to be stopped, now is the time. Unfortunately, with the “anti Trump” vote still split between multiple candidates, the outcome may be inevitable.

  • Video: Rubio’s “small hands” comment shows he’s know better than Trump – can you even IMAGINE Barack Obama saying something like that?!?


  • frankoanderson

    Only the candidates who officially notified the State Board of Elections that they have withdrawn are taken off the ballot. Those who only *suspended* their campaigns will remain.

  • Another Scott

    Turnout was said to be good at Stratford Landing (Fairfax Co) today. I was #336 on the Democratic side at ~ 11:30 AM.


    • Thanks for the report. Any idea how many on the Republican side?

      • Another Scott

        I wasn’t able to check the numbers on the other machine. I couldn’t tell by the stack of blank ballots on the check-in table either. I think we’re generally a ~ 60D/40R precinct though. It’ll be interesting to see the final numbers tonight.

  • frankoanderson

    We heard that two Election Officers told a voter (who was casting a Republican ballot) “at least you’re voting for the right party.” Then they went on to complain about the Democrats getting illegal immigrants to register and vote. They probably thought they were speaking to the voter in confidence — but unbeknownst to them, she was a Democratic voter participating in the Republican primary.

    • So what’s going to happen to those Election Officers?

      • frankoanderson

        We’ve reported the incident to the Board of Elections. I don’t know what their response will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those officers will at the very least be barred from serving in a future election.

        • They certainly shouldn’t serve again — totally unprofessional behavior.

  • Video: Yet another Big Lie by Lyin’ Paul Ryan. This time, he claims that the GOP “does not prey people’s prejudices.” The only problem is, that’s wildly untrue, and has been true for decades now, since the former “Dixiecrats” left the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans; since the GOP employed its infamous “Southern Strategy” of appealing through “dog whistles” to racist whites; of Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater; of the Willie Horton race-baiting ads against Michael Dukakis; of the current frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination — and his millions of followers! And no, Lyin’ Ryan, in no way/shape/form is today’s Republican Party the “Party of Lincoln,” nor has it been the “Party of Lincoln” for several decades now.

    P.S. You can’t condemn Trump and also say you will vote for the party’s nominee, whoever that is (and it’s likely to be Trump). Total #FAIL by Ryan.


  • Glen Bayless

    We have had a slow trickle of voters at our precinct in Eastern Loudoun (Sugarland South 215)

  • True Blue

    A conservative friend of mine showed up to vote this morning without proper ID, and complained that she would have to go all the way back to her car to get it. She commented that we live in a small town, and didn’t the poll workers know her by now?

    What’s funny is that she likely voted for those who fought tooth and nail for that restriction! Or maybe she only wants Democrats to have to show ID?

    • More to the point, Republicans only want minorities to show ID.

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    I’m in a conservative town. At my polling place, I saw a lot of Trump campaign signs outside the building. Ugh!

    • True Blue

      I’m also in a conservative town, but no signs, no volunteers today at my polling place. First time in decades it was quiet; rather pleasant actually.

  • Exit poll: 60% of Virginia Dem voters want to continue President Obama’s policies. That’s a winner for Hillary Clinton, of course…


    • Brendan

      OR Bernie if you want to keep lobbyists and their cash out of the Party.

  • Former Republican

    My wife, my 18-year-old daughter and I just got home from voting. After going back and forth between Bernie and Hillary, I decided to vote for Hillary. I feel that she has a better chance of dealing with that obstructionist Congress.