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Virginia State Police Captain to Join EW Jackson’s Call on “Islamic Terrorism & Anti-Police Movement”


UPDATE 4:52 pm: A blogger friend dug a bit and heard back from Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran, “He is not appearing tomorrow.” Also, from the Virginia State Police: “Capt. S.W. Lambert is not participating in Tuesday’s conference call. State police has requested that STAND reflect that on their Website and marketing materials.” Last I checked, STAND had not complied with that request.
I’ve got to run out, but I just saw this and was kind of flabbergated. Just to be clear, I’m not flabbergasted at crazy bigot E.W. Jackson planning to rant and rave on his weekly “national emergency” call about Black Lives Matter and “Islamic Terrorism” – that is what the guy does all the time, after all – but the fact that a Virginia State Police Captain will be joining him. Can this actually be legal? It certainly doesn’t seem appropriate, to put it mildly. Anybody know?

  • Robert hersh

    Why have a division dedicated to “islamophobia” when pretty much everyone hates you. Muslims are never happy and continually complain about the countries that allow them entry. That is why you are despised. By the way, the term “islamophobia” is a coined word which is being used in error. It insinuates that one has a FEAR of Islam. I have yet to meet an American that fears Muslims. DESPISE, HATE, PUTRID, LOATH, etc. are closer to how we feel about your attitudes. Most people, world wide wish you would rather you simply pack up and leave their country.

  • Anonymous

    When police demand to not be held accountable, and have an “us vs them” attitude, and shoot first and ask questions later, they should not be surprised that there is pushback. WHEN will they stop talking about “a few bad apples” and START talking about holding those “bad apples” accountable. The whole apple cart is rotten if the “good apples” look the other way when the “bad apples” do wrong. Then there are NO GOOD APPLES…they are ALL bad.

  • roccolore

    Liberal bigots hate cops…then beg for police protection for their anti-cop rallies, mosques, NAACP offices, DNC fundraisers…

    • Disgusting comment, but typical of right wingers and Trump supporters.