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Corporate Media Fail: “McAuliffe’s Bribery Convictions Tossed” Edition


Apparently, they have no copy editors at the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. Nor do they have editors in general. Or anyone who knows the difference between “Bob McDonnell” and “Terry McAuliffe.”

I mean, seriously? Nobody caught that enormous error before it went out in “dead-tree”/hard-copy version? Wow; and the corporate media wonders why it’s got credibility (and economic and other) issues.

P.S. Credit to the Free Lance-Star for issuing a prompt mea culpa (bolding added by me for emphasis). Still, though…how???

none of that excuses what was a massive and embarrassing error.

We failed to live up to the standards our readers expect. And for that, we sincerely apologize.

We are in the process of hiring additional editors who will help us do a better job of avoiding and catching mistakes. In the meantime, we’re instituting a new process for proofing our pages to ensure that our readers receive the quality product they deserve.

  • Joe Mancini

    Looks like Warren Buffett’s dollars are not going to copy editors. This is fairly typical a few years ago when Democrat Albert Pollard was running for the VA Senate, the FLS published a truly scary photo of a convicted felon identified as “Albert Pollard”. Needless to say the “apology” happened long after matrons ran screaming to the polls to vote against the monster.

    • Jim B

      Sounds more like there are some people on the staff that don’t like McAuliffe. Blaming software gets them off the hook.

      • Joe Mancini

        One thing you can be sure of is no one will lose their job over this.

      • Cynical Me says that was no accident. They know a good percentage of the rubes will now forever connect “McAuliffe” with “bribery”, no matter what the retraction &/or correction.

        They needed a way to bleach McDonnell so they made a convenient “mistake”.

        Hoping it’s otherwise, but still.

  • OrangeDem

    I’m convinced that Edd Houck would still be state senator but for the Free-Lance Star’s coverage of his race with Reeves. The reporter covering the campaign continually fawned over Bryce like she was writing for Teen Beat. And lately, the Sunday front page has featured a home schooling puff piece and a big story on the Katie Couric 2nd Amendment documentary “controversy”. Agenda much?