Home Media Corporate Media Fail: “McAuliffe’s Bribery Convictions Tossed” Edition

Corporate Media Fail: “McAuliffe’s Bribery Convictions Tossed” Edition


Apparently, they have no copy editors at the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. Nor do they have editors in general. Or anyone who knows the difference between “Bob McDonnell” and “Terry McAuliffe.”

I mean, seriously? Nobody caught that enormous error before it went out in “dead-tree”/hard-copy version? Wow; and the corporate media wonders why it’s got credibility (and economic and other) issues.

P.S. Credit to the Free Lance-Star for issuing a prompt mea culpa (bolding added by me for emphasis). Still, though…how???

none of that excuses what was a massive and embarrassing error.

We failed to live up to the standards our readers expect. And for that, we sincerely apologize.

We are in the process of hiring additional editors who will help us do a better job of avoiding and catching mistakes. In the meantime, we’re instituting a new process for proofing our pages to ensure that our readers receive the quality product they deserve.

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