Friday News: Pres. Obama, Sen. Warren Endorse Hillary Clinton; “You can’t be...

Friday News: Pres. Obama, Sen. Warren Endorse Hillary Clinton; “You can’t be for and against Trump”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 10. Also check out Elizabeth Warren endorsing Hillary Clinton for President and her kick-ass speech blasting Donald Trump.

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    Former Virginia LG Bill Bolling (R):

    Yep, this about sums up what the GOP faces with Donald Trump as our nominee: “This year’s GOP is living with both its feet planted on banana peels.” – Larry J. Sabato

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    Video: “Slow Jam the News” with President Obama

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    LOVE this mailer by THE Donald…McEachin, that is. :)

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    Video: VP Biden addresses American Constitution Society Conference

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    Rep. Beyer Statement on Majority’s Anti-Climate Bill

    June 10, 2016 (Washington, DC) – Congressman Don Beyer released the following statement on his vote against the H.Con.Res. 89, which expresses the sense of Congress that a carbon tax is detrimental to the United States economy:

    “This resolution serves no legislative purpose other than to delay or derail action to mitigate anthropogenic contributions to climate change. Countless studies have found that our failure to address climate change will generate massive costs downstream, whether it’s agriculture disruption, sea level rise, keystone species elimination, disease mobility, or weather events.

    “Implemented properly, a price on carbon would help “internalize” the cost of carbon-intensive activities, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, and drive innovation and corresponding job-creation. Further, if the carbon pricing took the form of a cap and dividend, the revenue generated from the carbon pricing could be returned directly to working families.

    “On the minority side, we are ready to find solutions. If a carbon tax is something the majority simply cannot stomach, then surely there is common ground elsewhere for meaningful action.

    “We must stop backward-looking climate resolutions and focus on what we can do to meet perhaps the biggest challenge of our time.”

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    Video: Hillary Clinton speech to Planned Parenthood

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    Video: Romney rips Trump – “Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America.”

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    Video: You don’t get any more insane than Dick Black ranting/raving at a Donald Trump rally! LOL (Hint: “Marxists!” “no more religious freedom!” “treason!” “commies”)