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After Orlando: When #Enough is Not Enough


UPDATE 6 pm: Great to see Sen. Warner join Sen. Murphy’s filibuster and call for action against gun violence! I’m also very happy to hear him acknowledge that “thoughts and prayers” are not even close to sufficient, that we need Congress to do its job.

Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) is referring to Sen. Chris Murphy’s filibuster, “refusing to allow the chamber to move on to other business until his colleagues do something about gun control.” So yes, it’s good to see Sen. Mark Warner, who has for years been proud of his “A” rating from the NRA, agreeing with Sen. Murphy that terrorists shouldn’t be able “to get their hands on powerful weapons,” but at this point – after Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, Charleston, Orlando, Chicago (almost every day, it seems like) and a million other mass shootings in this country – we need more active, aggressive leadership from Sen. Warner and others in Congress on stopping the scourge of gun violence.

  • Del. Mark Levine nails it:

    I’m tired of people lying about the Second Amendment. It does not provide the “right to bear arms.” It provides the collective right of people serving in the well-regulated state militia (i.e. the National Guard) to bear arms for that purpose.

    As the article below describes, that was the sole interpretation by legal scholars and the Supreme Court for more than 215 years until Scalia and four others came up with the illogical Heller decision less than a decade ago which declared that Scalia and friends get to decide all our gun laws, the American Majority be damned.

    Perhaps now that Scalia is gone, we will finally have a Supreme Court that respects the Second Amendment enough to READ AND REPECT ALL OF IT and declare the entire Amendment valid, including its dependent modifying clause.

    Because, my friends, the right for violent sociopaths to commit mass murder just isn’t in our Bill of Rights. We the People, through our elected representatives, do have the constitutional right to regulate firearms.