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40 Major Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Be Disqualified for President


1. Trump denies climate science. That alone should be an automatic disqualifier for holding public office in America.
2. Trump actually tweeted, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Uhhhh…
3. Trump supports torture, which is not just wildly immoral but also illegal under both U.S. and international law. Again, automatic disqualifier.
4. Trump says he’d force the U.S. military to commit war crimes. Ditto.
5. Trump’s disgusting, disgraceful response to the Orlando shootings: “Combining conspiracy theory and narcissism, Trump’s response underscores he is temperamentally unfit for the presidency.” Ugh.
6. Trump’s an unrepentant and unabashed “birther.” Double ugh.
7. Now Trump’s going even further than mere “birtherism,” insanely insinuating “that our current commander-in-chief is a traitor, some kind of Muslim Manchurian candidate.” Triple ugh.
8. The Trump University scandal: Florida AG Bondi quid-pro-quo edition. Slimeball.
9. The Trump University scandal: “It’s Worse Than You Think”. Corrupt slimeball.
10. Trump’s economic ideas are so horrendous they would destroy the U.S. economy. No thanks.
11. Trump’s ideas on energy are beyond bad, into the categories of “completely nonsensical” and “disastrous.” Yeah…no.
12. Trump would threaten rule of law in America. The guy’s a tyrant wannabe.
13. Trump would seriously threaten freedom of the press in this country. Yeah, who needs a free press anyway? (snark)
14. Trump is a bigot: white supremacist edition. Sorry, no bigots should EVER be president of the United States.
15. Trump is a bigot: Judge Curiel/anti-Latino bigotry edition. Ditto.
16. Trump is a bigot: Latino immigrants are “rapists” and “murderers” edition. Ditto.
17. Trump is a bigot: anti-Semitic stereotypes edition. Ditto.
18. Trump is a bigot: anti-Semitic attacks edition. Ditto.
19. Trump is a bigot: anti-women/misogynist edition. Ditto.
20. Trump is a bigot: Pocahantas edition. Ditto.
21. Trump is a bigot: Asian-American edition. Ditto.
22. Trump is a bigot: ban Muslim immigrants edition. Ditto.
23. Trump apparently wants war with 1.7 billion Muslims. Yeah, turn 1/4 of the world against us – brilliant! (snark)
24. Trump has ties to the Mafia. Did I mention he’s a corrupt slimeball?
25. Trump “has a mental disorder that makes him a dangerous world leader.” ‘Nuff said.
26. Trump’s views on nuclear weapons are terrifying. If he doesn’t destroy the world via global warming…
27. Trump’s views on nuclear weapons are even MORE terrifying. Ditto.
28. Trump fiscal plan is “impossible.” Like most of his other plans.
29. Trump is almost incapable of telling the truth: “Pants on Fire” edition. Pathological.
30. Trump is almost incapable of telling the truth: “Four Pinocchios” edition. Ditto.
31. Trump won’t release his tax returns. The question is, what’s he hiding? No doubt, a LOT!
32. Trump didn’t pay taxes. Is anyone surprised?
33. Trump would be an environmental disaster, above and beyond global warming. Want the planet to be an uninhabitable ruin? Then Trump’s your guy!
34. Trump is utterly unqualified – in any way – to be president. Like, not even close.
35. Trump stokes violence, Part 1. The guy’s a thug.
36. Trump stokes violence, Part 2.  Yep.
37. Trump crudely – and cruelly – mocked a disabled reporter. And as an added bonus, zero empathy!
38. Trump’s disgusting comments about Megyn Kelly. There’s something seriously wrong with this guy in so many ways…
39. Trump’s appalling behavior towards women. He’s got major “issues.”
40. Trump has a love fest going with Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin. Why is this not surprising?

So here’s the thing; this could go on all day, but that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some major ones that could be added to this list. Feel free to mention those in the comments section. Thanks — and whatever you do, make sure you vote for Hillary Clinton this November!



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