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Richmond Mayor’s Race Poll: Morrissey 28%, Berry 16%, Mosby 10%, Baliles 9%, Stoney 7%


This new poll is consistent with what I’ve been hearing for a while now, but it still boggles my mind that friggin’ Joe Morrissey – yeah, this guy – is the clear frontrunner for Mayor of Richmond with 69 days left. Yet CNU’s Wason Center poll finds that “Joe Morrissey has 28% of the city-wide vote in the crowded 8-person field for mayor,” and that “Morrissey has a commanding lead in 3 districts; to avoid a runoff, a candidate must win at least 5 of the city’s 9 districts.” Also, what’s the deal with Levar Stoney in fifth place, with just 7%, despite raising a s***-ton of money and being the clear favorite of Gov. McAuliffe? Part of is name ID; as you can seem from the second table, below, Morrissey is by far the best-known candidate, albeit a polarizing one in terms of favorable/unfavorable rankings.

  • These #s are fascinating, albeit with a high margin of error. The 6th district particularly jumped out at me, as Joe Morrissey leads there with 60% (!!) of the vote, ahead of Michelle Mosby (11%), Bobby Jones (4%), Jon Baliles (2%), Lawrence Williams (2%), Levar Stoney and Bruce Tyler each at ZERO. Wow.


    • As for the districts’ makeup, my understanding is that:

      District 1 is mostly white. District 2 is mixed race, middle class, educated
      (“The Fan”). District 3 is mixed race, the most integrated district, somewhat middle class (Tim Kaine lives there). District 4/District 5 (southwest/downtown) becoming more white. Districts 6,7,8,9 mostly African American.

  • Kindler

    So Morrisey has the highest unfavorables AND leads the race? Sounds like a vulnerable position to me, if Levar or someone else can gather some steam. Time for Dems to step up to avoid a major embarrassment…

    • He also has the highest favorables, mostly because he has the highest name ID by far but also because – believe it or not – there are a lot of Richmond voters who like him and/or think he’s fought for them…

  • dave schutz

    Sitting in Arlington and just looking at this news, it reminds me of what happened to the Reeps with Trump: one guy who was REALLY DIFFERENT, and had some backing, ending up the winner because the ‘reasonable’ vote got split among a number of candidates none of whom were willing to step aside for the greater good. Also sitting in Arlington – our Dems have done a lot to ensure that Dem nominees don’t benefit from this kind of situation by having instant runoff voting in our caucuses.