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10th CD Voters Diametrically Opposed to Barbara Comstock on Issue After Issue


Courtesy of Project Vote Smart, Rep. Barbara Comstock’s vote ratings in a variety of areas include:

Clearly, these ratings do not reflect the wishes of voters in Virginia’s 10th CD. On guns, for instance, poll after poll has shown overwhelming (80%, 90%) support across Virginia for universal background checks and other commonsense gun violence prevention measures.  As for Planned Parenthood, polls have shown strong support for continued funding to that organization. On immigration, the vast majority of Americans (and presumably 10th CD voters) support comprehensive immigration reform, not the extreme solutions of groups like FAIR. Virginians also support environmental protection and clean energy, neither of which Comstock is at all serious about.

We could go on and on all day but you get the idea: Barbara Comstock may be the “representative” for Virginia’s 10th CD at the moment, but she is certainly not “representing” the district in the sense that she reflects her constituents’ views in Congress. IN stark contrast, LuAnn Bennett will actually represent the district when she’s elected. So, now all 10th CD voters have to do, assuming they want someone who actually reflects their views, is to choose LuAnn Bennett on November 8th. See, that wasn’t so hard. 🙂

  • Dave Webster

    Can LuAnn prove her extremely dubious claim she has created 1,000 jobs? Doesn’t the Bennett Group employ only 5 people? “As head of the Bennett Group, a real estate and construction company, LuAnn’s projects helped create more than 1,000 local jobs and generated millions of dollars in economic impact for the region.” http://bluevirginia.us/2016/08/video-bennett-releases-first-ad-highlighting-business-background

    • Is it really THAT difficult for Republicans to understand that a development and construction company can provide a LOT more jobs than just their immediate employees?

      • Dave Webster

        I realize that but she is claiming to have created 1,000 jobs that would not exist except for her company’s activities. When you hire a contractor to do some renovations you aren’t creating jobs if that contractor is using existing employees for the work.

        • Yep, she created 1,000 jobs. Now, perhaps you should spend your time looking into the literally hundreds of lies spouted by the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, and the nonsense coming from Barbara Comstock.

  • True Blue

    Comstock is a user; I want to see the 1000’s of jobs she’s created outside of the Clinton-hating or “peeping Tom” idea of having postal workers spy on citizens that she and Tom Ridge floated.