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Thursday News: “Internet Troll” Trump’s “Vile,” “Xenophobic,” “Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 1. Note that David Duke and other “white nationalists” (aka, virulent racists) praised Trump’s vile immigration speech.

  • Video: Trump Chokes, Lies During Mexico Visit


  • Video: Hillary Clinton Speech at The American Legion convention in Cincinnati, OH (8/31/2016)


  • Dan Rather nails it yet again.

    Um. Wow. If anybody thought that Donald Trump would deliver a moderated speech on immigration, that ended pretty much in the first moments he walked onto the stage in Phoenix. He claimed it would be a detailed policy address, and yet from the start his tone was a seething, angry attack on what he described as a world of dangerous murderers and rapists who seem to be roaming “sanctuary cities.” Focusing on a few isolated and already well-documented tragedies, he painted the entire undocumented world with the casual brush of violence. This approach was punctuated by family members of those who have died paraded at the end. The crowd – nearly all white from the looks of the cutaway shots – ate it up with a hostility that seems in keeping with those who have flocked to Trump’s angry march through this campaign season. There was of course no mention of the de facto integration of millions immigrants already entwined in the fabric of our daily lives and economy.

    I expected a law and order theme, but not this level of searing rhetoric. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Trump feeds off his crowds and they were giving it right back. It was ultimate in the “Us vs. Them” mentality. Real Americans vs. others. I frankly saw echoes of the George Wallace speeches from the 1968 campaign.
    The applause lines seemed like ready red meat for this crowd and I am sure for those who regularly watch Fox News. They were names and anecdotes that frankly will be unknown to most Americans. That’s because Donald Trump’s America does not comport with what many voters see in their own lives. It was an attack on “thugs” and those on “welfare”. I suppose there was a structure to this speech. He would say “and 3”, “and 4” as if it were a detailed list of proposals, but any sense of order was swamped by a tsunami of rhetoric and tone.

    Going in there was a question, after a confusing and contradictory trip to Mexico earlier in the day, about the status of Trump’s wall. Trump said he would, without equivocation, “Build the Wall.” The crowd again went wild. And of course Mexico will pay for the wall – “100 percent. They don’t know it yet.” But by that point, even this news item seemed like an afterthought consumed by the overall tone.

    Of course along the way he slammed Climate Change – just because, suggested that Hillary Clinton could be deported, and told African Americans they should vote for him because “what do they have to lose?”

    But any details are beside the point. With a raspy roar, leaning over the podium, Trump delivered his message with glee – This is our country and we are being overwhelmed by hordes not fit to be in our country. He suggested that “These People” are well known to law enforcement and could be rounded up with ease. It was a line that seemed more in keeping with the culture of the old East Germany than the United States. “We have got to have a county folks” he summed it up. “Under a Trump Administration it’s called America first!”

    You could try to fact check this speech, but that is a fool’s errand. Trump and Clinton are not running for the president of the same country. The one who wins will be the one whose vision of America most conforms with reality.

    Make no mistake, this was a toxic mix of jingoism, nativism, and chauvinism. Many of you would like to think, not in America, not in our country could this type of rhetoric gain currency. But in other countries, and in other times in history, we have seen the impossible become possible to horrific effect. Trump is betting his political future on this idea – that there is a deep, tribal, and dark sea of the molten lava of hate and aggrievement. This volcano from below appeals to dangerous instincts- can it yield a path to the presidency and power?

  • Another extremist, along with David Duke, who LOOOOOVED Trump’s speech


  • From the Wason Center for Public Policy:

    Richmond voters say schools top issue for next mayor; poll shows dissatisfaction on city finances, cooperation

    Richmond’s next mayor should focus on fixing city schools and making city government work better, according to a new survey of voters by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.

    In an open-ended question, 35% of voters volunteered school-related issues as their top concern, with city finances next at 19%. Asked to rank a list of issues, fully 81% said fixing the schools was most important, followed by making the city government work better (68%), improving the relationship between the mayor, City Council and School Board (67%) and reducing crime (65%).

    “Richmond voters are clear on their priorities for their next mayor: education and a better-working city government,” said Dr. Quentin Kidd, director of the Wason Center. “The candidates who can convince voters that they will make the schools better and make City Hall work should be able to gain ground in this crowded election.”
    Eight candidates are vying for mayor in the Nov. 8 election.

    How some issues rated differed according to the race of voters surveyed. Black voters are more interested in seeing improvements in the Richmond schools (87% say it is a very important issue) than white voters (73%). Also, more black voters (79%) than white voters (50%) say reducing crime in the city is very important.


    Summary of Key Findings
    1. Asked to name their top concern, 35% of voters say education is the top issue the next
    mayor should focus on, followed by city finance and budget issues at 19%.
    2. Voters are pessimistic about whether city government listens to them and is working
    to improve their neighborhood, but views differ along racial lines.
    3. Voters say honesty and transparency in decision-making are the leadership qualities
    they want their next mayor to bring to City Hall.
    4. Black voters are much more concerned than white voters about reducing crime and
    improving public transportation.
    5. Voters support financial incentives to attract new businesses and events; prefer to
    renovate The Diamond, or build a new stadium in the Boulevard area.

  • Video: Press obsession with Clinton “Optics”


  • Video: Joe Biden touts American labor, says he’s “so sick and tired of hearing people like Trump” talking down American workers — “this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he’s choking on b/c his foot’s in his mouth along with the spoon”


  • This guy’s a nightmare in Virginia’s 5th CD…

    Tom Garrett: Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Mini Me

    Last night, Donald Trump delivered a speech that demonized immigrants and reaffirmed the same divisive policies that would tear apart families, undo the President’s executive actions to protect DREAMers, and build a wall that Mexico will not finance.

    While the criticism pours in against Donald Trump, Virginians will continue to hear the worst of Trump’s rhetoric via his ideological mini-me: Tom Garrett, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. Tom Garrett and Donald Trump have a history of reprehensible remarks and policies on immigration that rival each other. Take a look for yourself:

    Garrett said that Trump “deserves a medal” on his anti-immigrant policies.
    Garrett fully supports Trump’s wall and agrees with his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.
    Garrett sponsored a bill in 2016 that would prevent Virginia from establishing sanctuary cities and supported other states terminating their amnesty programs.
    Garrett voted against a bill in the Virginia Senate that would have permitted in-state tuition for students with visas, saying it would open up a “Pandora’s Box.”
    Garrett called the DREAM Act “unconstitutional” and “stupid”.
    Garrett advocated for Virginia to adopt the same restrictive and racist policies as Arizona, which caused national outrage.

    “Tom Garrett is more interested in carrying out the poisonous agenda of Donald Trump than fighting for people in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District,” said Emily Bolton, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “The 5th District deserves a representative with the political courage to condemn Trump’s hostilities, not a loyal foot soldier who mirrors and celebrates them.”

  • New Hampton U. poll has Clinton up just 2 points in Virginia (see here). I’m not sure what to make of this, as it’s wildly different than three recent polls of Virginia showing Clinton/Kaine with double-digit margins over Trump-Pence. Looking at the “internals” of this poll provides a few hints as to why this might be the case, including a male-heavy sample (53% male in this poll; in 2012, males made up 47% of the Virginia electorate) and what appears to be a significantly older and more Republican electorate than in 2012. Again, not getting into “unskewing” b.s.,. just trying to reconcile this poll with the other three recent ones that were so much different…

  • Hillary Clinton Raised More than $140 Million in August for HFA and the Democratic Party

    Hillary Clinton had her best fundraising month of the campaign in August, bringing in about $143 million for Hillary for America (HFA) and the Democratic Party. HFA, along with the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) and Hillary Action Fund (HAF) began September with a combined $152 million in the bank. More than 2.3 million people have now donated to HFA and the average donation to the campaign in August was about $50.

    “Thanks to the 2.3 million people who have contributed to our campaign, we are heading into the final two months of the race with the resources we need to organize and mobilize millions of voters across the country,” said Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook. “Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric continues to drive voters away from him and the Republican Party and has created new opportunities for Democrats up and down the ticket. These resources will help us to register and turnout millions of voters to elect progressive candidates across the country.”

    About $62 million of the total raised was for Hillary for America while about $81 million was raised for the DNC and state parties across the country through the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary Action Fund.

    HFA began September with more than $68 million on hand, while HVF and HAF had a combined $84 million.

  • True Blue

    Sometimes it’s worth investigating what kind of alternate universe exists in Virginia: two articles on bull elephant caught my attention today; one insisting that the alt. right doesn’t exist, which anyone with a search engine should be able to find; and a second blaming government for the obscene price increase on epi-pens which are owned by one company, a private marketplace group.

    I’m still shaking my head about last night’s red meat rant to Arizonans and the subsequent loss of Hispanic support. My guess is that even though Kellyanne Conway was in Mexico to encourage diplomacy, Steven Bannon came on the plane to Arizona to inflame prejudices. The appearance of their candidate is one of split personality! Opportunity cost lost. . .

  • John Podesta Statement on Trump Campaign’s Hiring of Citizens United President David Bossie

    Today, Hillary for America Chair John Podesta released the following statement:

    “David Bossie is so craven and maniacal that in the heyday of the overreaching, Gingrich-era Congress, the top Whitewater conspiracy theorist in the House had to fire him for doctoring evidence. He has devoted his career ever since to trying to tear down Hillary Clinton. For months now, Citizens United has been acting as an arm of the Trump campaign, and this hiring of Bossie now makes it official. This is just the latest sign that Donald Trump has put the most extreme elements of the right-wing fringe in the driver’s seat of his campaign.”