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Video: Donna Brazile, Dorothy McAuliffe, Michelle Obama Rally at GMU in Fairfax for Hillary Clinton


Great job by Michelle Obama to a packed room at GMU in Fairfax. A few good quotes:

*”It’s not enough to just take a selfie”.
*”Virginia will make the difference in this election. Are you ready Virginia”
*Hillary Clinton “one of the most qualified people to ever endeavor to become President”.
*”When making life or death decisions a President can’t just pop off”
“In Florida, the difference was 6 votes per precinct. Those are real numbers You hear me?”
*On “birther” racism: “Barack has answered those questions … by going high when they go low”
*On Hillary Clinton: “I’m inspired by her lifelong record of public service … and yes, she happens to be a woman”
*On Donald Trump: “A candidate is not going to suddenly change once they get into office”

  • Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Denounces Trump’s Birtherism

    After Donald Trump’s event today where he refused to apologize for years of peddling a conspiracy theory that President Obama was not born in the United States and falsely blamed Hillary Clinton for it, Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke and the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus released the following joint statement:

    “For years, Donald Trump has led the ‘birther movement’ to delegitimize our first Black president. We wholeheartedly denounce Trump, his bigoted obsession with questioning the citizenship of President Obama, and his disgraceful attempt to hide from his role in spreading this lie. Trump has long been peddling this racist, baseless theory, and Americans will not buy into any last-minute attempt to sweep years of hateful behavior under the rug. Trump is Trump, and his treatment of our president and his normalization of hate and bigotry have no place in America and clearly display how Trump is unfit to be President Obama’s successor.”

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