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BREAKING: Trump Raises Money to Benefit Comstock on Her Home Turf


From the LuAnn Bennett campaign:

BREAKING: Trump Raises Money to Benefit Comstock on Her Home Turf

Washington Post Reports Comstock Donors Host Trump at McLean Fundraiser to Benefit Down Ballot Rs

McLean – Later today, Rep. Barbara Comstock will financially benefit from a fundraiser being hosted by her supporters that features GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump himself. This while she continues her charade of selectively “distancing” herself from her party’s nominee and their shared agenda. Click here to read the full Washington Post article; excerpts and full text below:

Democrats say U.S Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va) is benefitting from the fundraising prowess of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump even as she tries to distance herself from her party’s controversial nominee.

Trump is headlining a high-dollar fundraiser lunch Friday at the McLean home of a donor to Comstock, the proceeds of which will be used by the state Republican party to help Comstock and other down-ballot candidates. . More than half of the two dozen Republicans listed on the invitation have given directly to Comstock’s campaigns.

Democratic challenger LuAnn Bennett has tried to paint Comstock and Trump as allies, demonstrating the challenge some Republican candidates across the country face with the self-described billionaire at the top of the ticket.

But through a joint fundraising arrangement, the state party will use dollars raised at Friday’sluncheon and other events to bolster their efforts to re-elect Comstock and her House GOP colleagues with voter outreach such as door-knocking and phone banks.

Through a spokesman, Comstock declined to comment on the fundraiser.

Comstock’s Democratic challenger, Bennett, said the fundraiser shows the congresswoman has selectively embraced Trump.

“Barbara Comstock is a political operative through-and-through,” campaign spokesman Robert Howard said in a statement. “She’s happy to use Trump to fill her bank account, yet refuses to tell the voters where she stands with him. She’s in line with her party and their presidential nominee and it’s time she admits as much to her constituents.”


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