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Dave Brat Officially Joins Trump’s Virginia Campaign; Eileen Bedell Calls Decision to Join “Disgraceful”


From the Bedell for Congress campaign:

Dave Brat Officially Joins Trump’s Virginia Campaign

Eileen Bedell Calls Decision to Join “Disgraceful”

Richmond, Va. (October 12, 2016) –  Eileen Bedell, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district, is appalled that Dave Brat not only has declined to pull his endorsement of Donald Trump, but has doubled down and joined has now officially joined his Virginia team.

“Not only has Donald bragged about sexually assaulting women, but as of this week, we have had over ten reports from a panoply of sources that he has acted on those words and sexually assaulted multiple women,” Eileen said.

Instead of pulling his endorsement like his fellow Republican colleagues who respect their party and its traditions, Brat has officially joined the Trump campaign as a committee member and is leading its Virginia efforts. Dave Brat doesn’t run away from those who brag about sexually assaulting women, he pulls them closer and joins their team. This is disgraceful and beneath the dignity of the office Brat is temporarily occupying.”

Ms. Bedell attended law school at the College of William & Mary and began her practice in central Virginia nearly 20 years ago. She has always focused her work on the representation of individuals and small businesses, helping them navigate the legal process and ensuring their interests are protected when it matters most.

As both a small business owner and a mother, Ms. Bedell lives the challenges Virginians face every day juggling the desire for economic security with devotion to family and a commitment to setting the right example for our children to follow in the future.  With the support of her husband and children, she looks forward to representing, fighting for, and protecting the interests of all the citizens of Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

For more information on Eileen Bedell, please visit bedellforvirginia.com and follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/EileenBedellforVirginia.

  • Dan Rather on Trump:

    Let there be no mistake, Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric calling into question the legitimacy of an election he looks increasingly likely to lose (perhaps by large margins) is a grave and gathering threat to the stability of our constitutional democracy. It is up to all patriots, regardless of party or politics, to reject this nihilistic development vociferously and without hesitation.

    I would hope that Americans are not seduced into complacency by the marble temples to our democracy in our nation’s capital. They may evoke the stability of a centuries-old republic, but they are but relatively recent additions to our national landscape – as is our entire democratic experiment when compared to the history of human society and government. We dare not tempt the limits of our political stability.

    Almost every change of government in world history has been accompanied by bloodshed. So too was the birth of our nation in revolution. But our Founders, flawed as they were, understood that stability amidst a vast geography and diverse polity required peaceful transfers of power. In 1800, before our national traditions had calcified, the young United States faced a severe test in a bitter and nasty presidential election. In the end, however, John Adams acceded to the will of the American people and turned over power to his archrival Thomas Jefferson. The history books call it the “Revolution of 1800”, notable for the peacefulness with which it transpired compared to the Revolution forged in war just a few years earlier.

    That precedent has been the rule in almost every election that has followed – even the most contentious one in recent times, 2000. There Al Gore, even in the face of a very controversial Supreme Court decision, chose to concede rather than step towards the cliff of an unknowable abyss.

    The most notable exception to these peaceful transitions is that of Abraham Lincoln and our bloodiest chapter of Civil War. We are nowhere near that level today, but Trump is stoking irresponsible talk of armed rebellion. And some of the quotes coming from his supporters at rallies should send terrors down the spine of all peaceful Americans. Some will argue that Trump is not alone in bearing the blame, that the Republican party has tried to delegitimize President Obama since his landslide election in 2008. The latest refusal to vote on his Supreme Court nominee is seen as a stark symptom of this recalcitrance.

    But there is a long way between political obstructionism and inciting violence. To his credit, Mike Pence tamped down talk of rebellion at a recent rally. However more is needed. Much more. I have a sinking feeling in my gut that with some fringe supporters we have already gone too far.

    But I remain an optimist and return to the lessons from back in 1800. Over the years that followed Adams and Jefferson built a friendship, largely through a remarkable correspondence. They both died fatefully on July 4, 1826, 50 years to the day of the Declaration of Independence. Adams’ family recorded his last words as “Thomas Jefferson survives.” In reality Jefferson had died several hours earlier, and there is some dispute about whether Adams actually said this famous sentence. But regardless, the spirit of reconciliation across political differences rang true. And I hope it still does after November 8.